use for his notes anytime he is running low. The magic is complex but anytime he is stuck or didn understand something he will turn to System. Her explanations are sometimes just as incomprehensible as what he sees on the page but somehow still helps. Kean knows that the book alone is enough to return to his clan. Having the abilities of the last dragon on his side would be a legend.

As Kean studied and took notes on the grimoire it started to feel as if he were unraveling something divine. Days quickly became weeks as he devoted himself to a strict schedule of study in the morning, in the afternoon exercise and combat training in the evening. System even opened a portal way for him to return to the field of flowers anytime he wanted to get fresh air and bathe in a pond that suddenly appeared. As weeks become months papers litter the ground around the space Kean carved out for his research. System having provided him with a table and chair made from a material that seemed pure darkness and looked like an absence in the universe. System was adequately impressed with the level of dedication Kean had to studying and understanding the tome she had given him.

”The power in that book requires more than just reading… studying will not be enough… ” Systems says, her voice more pained than usual.

Kean looks up from his stack of notes and sets down his pin. His time with her has allowed him to gleam some of her subtle emotions. He could tell she had something on her mind that was bothering her for the past few days but didn want to press the ancient dragon on a subject she didn want to talk about. There have been a few times he could hear the conflict in her words as if she were struggling to find the right thing to say.

”Oh so what do you suggest? ” Kean asks.

”Application… apply what you have learned in trials. ” Systems says as she starts coughing. ”I will create challenges for you to test… they will test your abilities and your understanding of my magic. ”

”Okay, what kind of trials? It already feels like just learning this magic is a trial. ” Kean responds.

”You have taken on this challenge better than I could have hoped… However, the trials will be designed to break mortals. ” System says in a wheeze. ”You wish to take the power that creates Gods… you must be tested as a God. There are no shortcuts to power… and all comes with a price…I will once again place your survival in your hands… I will not guarantee it. Before you go… prepare. ”

”You are not giving me a lot to go off of here but okay. ” Kean says. ”Will I need my weapons? ”

”Yes, but nothing more. ” System responds.

Kean stands and walks over to his bag which he hadn used in months. The contents of the bag were all organized neatly on the ground beside it. He changes his clothing to his combat armor which is a white enchanted long coat with a bandolier across his chest and a second across his waist. The enchantment magic circle is stitched on the back of the jacket and makes the garment lightweight but far stronger than a regular coat.

His outfit is tailored heavily for winter combat so while he would have blended into the snow covered mountain he will stick out anywhere else. He takes his war machete and whetstone to properly maintain the weapon. He then checked on his revolver which he always keeps in pristine condition. He would have been running low on ammunition, but System provided him with enough to arm a small nation for his combat training. He takes out his stamps and puts the small case in one of the pockets of his waist bandolier. He doubles then triple checks his equipment and nods.

”Okay, System I am ready. ” Kean says. ”Lets see this trial of yours. ”

”Once you leave my Reality Crucible you leave my protection… I will not intervene should death find you in my trial… but know that I will deliver your body to your family… and your soul to Batri. ” System says.

”I am not dying any time soon. ” Kean says.

”I hope not. ” System says as a portal opens up in front of Kean. ”Go through. ”

Kean is always ready to face death. His clan and his Goddess prepared him for the day he would have to face a world that is cold and dangerous. Kean does not hesitate as he steps into the light and feels the sensation of time and space bend around him. He steels himself for whatever he is going to see on the other side.

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