I Reincarnated Again

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Opening his eyes, what greeted him were tall dark tree, almost branchless, standing erect as if wanting to pierce the blood-colored, leaking sky.

That sky looks familiar to him, especially the crack on it.

”Was I reincarnated again? Oh common, give me a break… ”

Those were the words that came out of his mouth right after he woke up. It was an unamused utterance. An unusual reaction for someone who was given another chance to live.

I, Link, can tell that this world was a different world from the world I came from just a moment ago.

”I was reincarnated again, ” he mumbled.

Like most of the time when he reincarnated, after opening his eyes, an influx of memories that originally did not belong to him had come uninvited.

He grimaced. ”Ugh… ”

That reaction was not from someone who was in pain, but someone who had enough of this curse called reincarnation.

It didn take long for the memories of the previous host to be part of him. It was one of the inheritances he left after leaving this world.

”It seems I reincarnated in one of my parallel bodies again. This time Im in the body of Grey Baluster.

A question came to his mind.

I was wondering if Grey would reincarnate also after he died?

Sad to say, the answer to that question would never get known because only those foolish gods and goddesses knew about it. They were playing with human lives like they were something for their amusement.

But if I were obliged to answer that, through experience, I would say… yes he did. He reincarnated as me and I reincarnated as him. We become a new one. Maybe the real me was a cluster of different memories. And me as Grey awakened such memories in my deaths door.

Though, that was only his own speculation.

According to his memories, it seems Greys childhood crush chose someone rich, strong, and a popular person.

”Hmm… ”

After his crush dated someone not him, Grey was heartbroken. As a result, he immersed himself in liquor to the point that it was as if he lost his main reason to live.

”If I was there I would smack his head and tell him to moveon. ”

Just kidding. I wouldn do that. I would be one of those background characters who would not mind about other peoples business.

One night, in a pub, a friend recommended him to become an adventurer as it was a shortcut to becoming wealthy if he was lucky.

”It seems in this world, you can learn any type of skills or abilities when you pay a master and ask them to teach you their inheritance techniques; either spells, weapon arts, or hand-to-hand combat. ”

”So, hypothetically, money means strength. The wealthier you are, the stronger you will become. But of course, it also depends on your growth potential. You can also buy Skillbooks to learn magic abilities, but then again they cost lots of money. ”

Grey was only 17 years old and only in his third month of the second year in a Might and Magic high school.

It was a school that nurtured future warriors in the city. I frowned. A deja vu feeling assaulted me while remembering Greys memories.

Nonetheless, although Greys face was undeniably good looking, he was in fact an old-fashioned person.

A goody-type of person who by first glance you could tell that he was the type of person who is afraid to break a curfew. Someone who would hesitate to kill an insect. His hairstyle… It was as if his medium-length hair was part of his scalp.

Following his friends recommendation, he enlisted himself as an F-rank adventurer.

Spotting him standing for already an hour in front of the mission board, some B-rank adventurers realized immediately what he was hesitating about. It was most newbie adventurers mistakes. They thought they could right away take a mission with high rewards.

In the guise of help, they approached him and offered him a chance. They asked him to party with them. They told him they were doing a B-rank mission which gives a lot better reward than an F-rank one.

”With his current mindset, he agreed with that. ”

Their mission was to kill an Earth Ghoul. A B-rank monster. A difficult enemy.

”The idiot agreed without even bother noticing the danger he was in. ”

”It seems their destination was around this area. ”

Coming here was the most foolish thing he ever did. A day after they entered this forest, they were attacked, but not by Earth Ghoul, instead, by Earth Wolves. Earth Wolves were a pain in the ass. They never stopped chasing you as long as you were inside their territory, and they would come with their pact, overwhelming their target through sheer numbers.

The group of 7 people could only manage to kill a few of them until they realized that their effort was in vain.

They retreated, and on their retreat, everyone realized that they could not lose their trail unless someone was offered as a sacrifice.

”Among all of them, there was only one person who was most suited to that task. ”

And yes, they chose Grey as their bait.

They pushed him down. After falling to the ground, the Earth Wolves immediately came to attack him.

Grey was so frightened. But perhaps that wasn yet his time to die, he subconsciously triggered a basic tier fire magic in his hand. His unwillingness to die subconsciously summoned it. The twigs on the ground, around him, were lit from that minuscule fire.

Seeing the fire, the Earth Wolves hesitated to attack because they are weak to it.

He got lucky and avoided becoming their meal, but in the end, he still died of hunger after losing his track in this Dead Forest.

As someone who was not a veteran in hunting inside a forest, he had no idea of what to do in that situation.

”Pathetic loser. An idiot. ”

He looked up and screamed to the sky.

”Damn it! Let me die in peace! I don want to be this idiots replacement! ”

He knew they were watching.

Nonetheless, there was something in Grey memories that shocked him. He learned this world was very identical to that world. According to how the memories of Grey portray this world, it was the same world to that world where many humans from his original world were summoned. In fact, this world was the world where he first transmigrated and murdered by someone who hate transmigrator.

”I was sent back here? ”

As he was in shock, a sudden appearance of translucent bright rectangular box appeared before him.

[Welcome, host]

Seeng that, he sighed, snorted, and whispered: ”There you go… ”

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