Chapter 12: How About You Stay Beside Third Brother?

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If it was the case, he could simply chase all of them away!

“Is there anything here that would make me want to stay?”

Pei Yunges casual rhetorical question made Qin Lang freeze up completely.

“Ill go and pack my things.”

Before waiting for Qin Lang to think more about her words, she calmly left the room.

Almost instinctively, Qin Lang stood in front of Pei Yunge and his brain churned as he managed to come up with a quick excuse. “Geer, your application to stay in school wouldnt be approved within the next day or two. How about you wait a little longer?”

Pei Yunge furrowed her eyebrows.

What Qin Lang said was true, but she did not want to stay at the Qin family either.

Seeing that Pei Yunge was silent, Qin Langs eyes brightened up. Then he said with a pitiful tone, “Besides, itll be Grandpas birthday soon. How about you wait until Grandpas birthday is over…”

Everyone else who saw Qin Lang acting like this was in disbelief!

Was Third Young Master… pleading with Pei Yunge?! They never saw him doing anything of the sort towards Elder Young Miss like this before!

On the side, Aunt Huang, whose hand was almost snapped, was in a daze from seeing what had happened! She hurriedly said, “Third Young Master, just now, this luna… Pei Yunge almost killed Elder Young Miss. How could yー”

“Shut up!”

Qin Langs eyes were filled with a biting coldness as he thundered, “Butler, write Aunt Huang a cheque with three months of her pay. She is to leave the Qin family!”

The butler regained his senses and replied quickly, “Yes.”

However, everyone else felt a chill run up their spines.

You had to know that Aunt Huang relied on the fact that she was Qin Youjiaos babysitter in the past, so the three young masters had always given her some face in the past. However, right now, Third Young Master didnt say anything and fired her straight away!

And it was because of Pei Yunge?!

And in that moment, Aunt Huangs eyes also widened. her voice was panicked and sharp. “Third Young Master, Im helping Elder Young Miss! Dont you dote on Elder Young Miss the most?! This woman is just an outsiderー”

“Just who is an outsider?”

Qin Lang interrupted her as his expression fell. “Geer is my biological younger sister and is the Qin familys true Elder Young Miss! The Qin family doesnt need a servant that shows attitude to their masters!”

Hearing this, every servant that had bullied Pei Yunge in the past couldnt help but shiver slightly.

What was going on?

A while back, the young masters had even sent Pei Yunge to the mental hospital because Qin Youjiao was pushed down the stairs! However, now that things had happened again, the one that was punished was Pei Yunges close aide?

Wasnt this slapping Qin Youjiao in the face?!

“Third Young Master…”

Aunt Huangs expression fell sorrowfully as the panic started to overwhelm her.

“Butler, call the security officers over. Now.”

Qin Lang didnt even spare her another glance, simply turning towards Pei Yunge as his attitude changed completely.

“Geer, the second floor is too noisy. Theres still an empty room beside Third Brother on the third floor. How about you stay beside Third Brother?”

In fact, Qin Lang simply didnt want Qin Youjiao to approach Pei Yunge again, just in case she was being mean to his Geer. Besides, if Geer stayed in the room beside his, they could mend their relationship faster.

Pei Yunge didnt even notice Qin Langs careful and nervous expression as she looked up a little.


She had just taken over this body, so it was true that she didnt have the ability to leave. She could only wait till the approval of her application to stay in school, then return them her accommodation fee before moving far away from the Qin family.

As for the rest of the people present, none of them dared to believe what they were seeing was real!

In the past, Qin Youjiao had asked for the room on the third floor as well because the room had great lighting. However, Qin Lang rejected the request every time by avoiding the topic.

Yet, he was giving it to Pei Yunge now?!

There was even a sense of hoodwinking. Alarm bells rung in the servants hearts, realizing that the statuses in the Qin family would probably change from then on…

Qin Lang followed Pei Yunge upstairs. However, after he walked into Pei Yunges room for the first time, the bright smile on his lips disappeared in an instant.

Geer… She lived in such a place?

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