Chapter 19: Another One Who Likes to Get Beaten

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Everyone was talking about this in Class Seven and the class was bubbling with endless chatter.

“Is it true that a transfer student is coming to our class?”

A girl complained, “Then wouldnt the student sit beside me?” Other than the seat next to her, no one dared to sit in another empty seat.

“Maybe itll be a handsome guy?”

“Come on, the news is all over the place. Its a girl.”

A sneer crossed her face as her lips twisted in irritation, “And its someone who has something to do with Qin Youjiaos family. But, as the eldest young lady of the Qin family, Qin Youjiao passed the examination and got into the top class. What about this one?”

“Its a rumor, but she might be some relative of the Qin family.”

Another girl gloated, with a strong sense of superiority in her tone. “Even the school belles family cant avoid poor relatives.”

“What do you think the transfer student looks like?”

“If shes from the countryside, it would already be good if she has regular features.”

At this moment.

Pei Yunge, who was being discussed by the entire class, had just pushed open the office door and did not expect to meet the original male protagonist who had left a deep impression on her.

Cheng Zihuais appearance was really charming. Handsome to a fault, even wearing the ordinary school uniform could hardly conceal his outstanding demeanor.

However, what left a deep impression on Pei Yunge was that Cheng Zihuai had an engagement with the original female protagonist.

To make Qin Youjiao angry, he deliberately treated the original female protagonist well in front of everyone, but when they were alone, he would not let the original female protagonist have any wishful thinking towards him. He had even hit the female protagonist for Qin Youjiao.

And Cheng Zihuai had many pursuers, so the original female protagonist had suffered a lot of humiliation. In the end, all she got was seeing Qin Youjiao and Cheng Zihuai together lovingly.

When she thought of this, Pei Yunge narrowed her eyes, a dangerous expression on her face.

At this moment, Cheng Zihuai turned his head as if he felt a gaze behind him.

The moment he saw Pei Yunge, a trace of surprise flashed past his eyes, but soon he felt that this girl seemed to be a little familiar.

“Pei Yunge?”

Even Cheng Zihuai, the original male protagonist who was always calm, was in disbelief.

But it was just for a moment.

Cheng Zihuai frowned and remembered what Qin Youjiao had told him yesterday about how Pei Yunge had thrown a tantrum and asked the Qin familys brother to let her transfer schools.

And, it was mostly because of him.

“Do you really have to come chasing after me here?” There was a touch of sarcasm in Cheng Zihuais tone.

Who knew that the girl in front of him swept her pair of excessively beautiful eyes over him indifferently. Instead of responding, she ignored him and went to the form teacher of Class Seven.

“Excuse me, are you Mr Wen?”

Mr Wen looked at the exquisite and charming girl in front of him and felt slightly surprised. “Are you the new transfer student?”

“Mm,” Pei Yunge replied lazily.

At this moment, Cheng Zihuai, who was ignored, regained his senses. Pei Yunge came to find the form teacher and not him?

He did not know why, but he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Pressing his lips into a thin line, Cheng Zihuai remembered Pei Yunges excessive enthusiasm towards him from the past and turned to leave.

At this moment, the form teacher could not help gossiping.

“Do you know Cheng Zihuai?” After all, he was the top student across all of the third-year cohort!

“Mm.” Pei Yunge lowered her eyes. The corners of her eyes were slightly red and it seemed like she had stayed up late for a long period.

“How do you know each other?”

The form teacher seemed interested, but Pei Yunge suddenly sneered and said in an ambiguous tone, “The mental hospital.”

The form teacher was speechless. Yes, he knew that this student had just come out of the mental hospital.

The bell signaled the start of the day.

Class Seven was bustling with noise and excitement. As they waited in anticipation, some people gloated, “Here she comes, the school belles relative. I heard that shes another one that likes to get beaten.”

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