I can talk to everything

Chapter 2 Give me five bullets !


No one wants to use their own life for a night of red roses.

Ordinary people naturally don want to.

But for Frank, its obviously not a problem.

I saw Frank smiled slightly, ”What if I play five bullets? ”

”Five bullets? ”

Red Rose narrowed her eyes and looked at Frank in surprise.

Five bullets, that is already an act of courting death.

Usually, no one dares to play with a bullet.

Now to challenge five bullets at once, or not be so crazy.

”you sure? ”

Hearing this, Red Rose was intimidated by Frank instead.

”What do you say? ”

Frank just looked at the red rose indifferently.

In those casual eyes, there was no trace of panic and bravery at all.

Its like, full of confidence.

Red Rose paused for a moment, then grinned and showed a good-looking smile, ”What an interesting man, if you dare to play with five bullets and not die, you can do whatever you want. ”

”Even if you make me your long-term partner. ”

”Then … reload. ” Frank tapped the table.

”How many? ” Red Rose asked more uncertainly.

”Five. ” Franks expression did not change, as if everything was taken for granted, very casual.

”Really five? ” Red Roses heart trembled inexplicably.

This guy is really bold.

Since she made this game, no one dared to play a bullet.

Unexpectedly, this man dared to play five directly!

To put it badly, if you play less than three, there is still a half chance of survival.

Play five, it is no different from courting death!

”Really. ” Frank raised his mouth slightly, looking at the red rose, ”What? Are you afraid? ”

”What am I afraid of! ” Red Rose snorted softly and stopped talking nonsense.

I saw that she opened the revolver neatly, and then loaded the bullets one by one.

A full five, no more, no less.

When finished, she slid the revolvers wheel, which snapped shut.

No one knows, if this shot is fired, there will be bullets.

If hit.

Then Frank will die.

Red Rose handed the revolver to Frank.

Frank took it, then pointed the gun directly at himself.

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