[Daily Quest is now Available.]

A robotic voice of a girl, resounded within my head.

Wasn this the real world, of course, this wasn a dream since i can feel the aching pain in my body.

I could see a Quest window floating beside me. While confusing as it seems i slowly opened the Quest window.


[Daily Quest: New Player]

Swing a sword, 1000 times,Progress: (0/1000)

Run, 20 km, Progress: (0/20km)

Push up, 1000 times, Progress: (0/1000

*Reminder: Incompletion Of Daily Quest will result of a punishment.

A Quest appeared out of the Quest Window, i confirmed the contents of the quest.

”What the hell is going on here?! ”


Chapter 1: Struggling Player

[December 12 2029]

EverDale a popular VRMMORPG game with over 1billion players world wide.

Lvl 45 Player, Rank E Adventurer, Park Jin-hu.

Rank E Adventurer, No matter what quest he does, his rank always stayed at Rank E.

Jin-hus skills was that of new player, his movements are dull, has many openings and has a weak attack power.

Basically his just bad at this game.

”Heya- Gib me all your money lad, all else imma kill yah ”

Jin-Hu in reality and in game isn that much of a different, in reality Jin-Hu always gets bullied and extorted, treated like trash.

For Jin-Hu EverDale is his life, with no one to turn to he spends most of his time in the world of Everdale.

But reality isn really what you expect it to be, even in game Jin-Hu is considered trash, always treated as lowlife, players trash talking him cursing him.

In the end of the day Tiredness, Depression, Anger, Sadness, stress overwhelmed him.

”What should i do?! ”

Jin-Hu wanted to change.

Feeling physically and mentally tired, Jin-Hu decided to sleep.

[Searching for suitable host]

*Result: (1/ 1000000000) Compatible Host.

*Male: Park Jin-Hu, Age 17, Location ~~~~~~.

[Preparing System]

The room that was covered with darkness was illuminated with the morning sun, a ray of light hit his face.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw his messy room.

”Uh~~What time is it ”

Jin-Hu checked the clock

”7:03 am ”

After checking the clock, Jin-Hu washed his face and made breakfast and began to prepare for school.

On the way to school Jin-Hu, noticed a few of his classmates ganging up on a girl

”What should i do ”

Jin-Hu thinks that saving someone from bullying would be good, as he doesn want anyone to encounter what his been into.

”How bout you come with us it will be fun, will make you feel good ” said by Kim Min-Su a Highschool delinquent, his also the one that bullies Jin-Hu.

The girl stared at Min-Su with a fierce look while her hands cross.

”Get out of the way pig, Quit wasting my time ” the girl said with an annoyed look.

Annoyed from what the girl said, Min-Su snapped his arm flung to the air his hand formed a fist and approached the girl.


I blocked the attack with my face, i don know how i got here.

Did my body just moved on its own?!

Surprised by someone appearance, Min-Su was startled.

”What the f*ck are you doing trash ” Min-Su shouted in a irritated voice

Looking around we may have attracted attention, but looks like Min-Su doesn have a plan on stopping.

”Min-Su lets stop right here were attracting attention ”

I was surprised when someone stopped Min-Su, but it helped me from the trouble im getting into.

”F*ck, ill get you later trash ” Min-Su and his gang left

Watching me from not a far away distance was the girl i saved.

Her eyes shot trough my body, her eyes saying such pity doesn exist.

While i was treatin

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