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A dance ?

It was 7pm. Alec parked outside Gwens house.It was like a mini mansion. It was beautiful. There was a small rose garden in the back and he noticed a dog lying in the compound. It looked quite frightening so Alec decided to keep his distance. He still had clear memory from his childhood when a dog took a huge bite off his butt .Hed never forget.

He waited and waited . She was delaying him .He decided to get out of his car and face the dog and knock on the door.As soon as he stepped out , the door opened. Gwen stepped out. She stood at the porch and waved at him.

” Gwen Barkley… ” Alec found himself saying her name. She was in an emerald green gown. It held her body tight but not too tight . There were two slits on both sides of her hips , they revealed her long toned legs. Her skin was like honey and it shone underneath the porch light. She slowly walked towards him…she was taking her time. Alecs mouth was dry. He didn know what was happening but all he knew was that he wanted her right then…be it in the car ..in the house…or on that very compound.

” How do I look. ” Gwen twirled around . ” Am I attractive enough. ” she emphasised on the word attractive. Her gown was an open-shoulder and it revealed her cleavage.Alec swallowed…he swallowed hard. His eyes were fixed on her chest.Gwen followed his gaze. ” I think Im not showing enough boob…am I right ? ”

Alecs eyes widened. Not enough ….what did she mean? If she only knew the torment he was facing. ” Lets go. ” Thats all he could say .He opened the door for her .She was about to get in when he held her by the arm.He looked at her closely.Her long curly hair was fixed in a perfect bun.He preferred her hair let down.

” Whats the matter? ” Gwen wondered why hed stopped her. He came closer and she noticed his attention on her hair. Was it not good enough ? Shed spent nearly an hour on it.His hand found its way to her hair.He undid her bun. ” Whats the matter with you?! Do you know how long I spent on that? ”

” You look ravishing with your hair like this. ” Alec spoke. He was so close…too close. She could feel his warm breath caress her cheek.She held her breath.

” Id love to stay this close with you…but… ” Alec moved back. ”We
e running late. ”

” Mr . Reinster ! Mr .Reinster!- ” There were reporters everywhere. They were flashing pictures . The lights were blinding .Gwen was almost certain shed go blind. Shed never been this nervous. She didn like pictures..infact the only pictures of her in her house were those of her childhood and now she was being photographed from all angles . She felt un comfortable. As if Alec read her thoughts , he put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer .He led her to the hall but she stopped him at the entrance.

” Whats the matter ? ” Alec asked.

” Nothing. You go in without me . Ill follow. ” Gwen had a playful smirk on her lips.

” But- ” she placed her finger on Alecs lips.

” Ssssh….. don ask questions. ” she said. Alec looked into her hazel eyes. She had eyeliner on and it made her eyes pop even more than they already did. She really looked like a seductress. He was afraid Mr.Grey would really fall for her.

” Thank you for coming , esteemed guests. I welcome you to this years ball. ” Mr.Yang was the host . He moved around the hall occasionally , making sure he set the mood . ” Everyone please be seated and lets begin this event . ”

The chatter soon died out and only mumbles were heard. Alec had a VIP seat and he was nearly at the front. He kept looking back to see if Gwen had arrived but she hadn . He was getting anxious.Did she back out on the plan? Or maybe some perverts noticed her and were troubling her? After all..she looked extremely hot. No…he couldn leave the matter to his thoughts .What if she was in trouble? He was about to rise from his seat when the door opened with a bang.

The room was silent . Only the sound of Gwens heels could be heard.All eyes were glued on her. She kept her chin up and pushed her hips out as much as she could. She swayed her body and tried to look as sexy as she could. Shed read a lot of novels and watched a lot of movies so she was hoping she was using her knowledge well. The murmurs around and the lust filled air was a sign that her move was working.She strutted steadily all the way to the front and took a seat opposite Mr.Grey. All eyes were still fixed on her and Alec was no exception. Hed asked her to seduce one man not a whole room filled with them!

Mr. Yang cleared his throat and looked away from Gwen when he met Mrs. Yangs devilish glare. ” Now that…uh…everyone has arrived ..lets begin. ”

The event was boring to Gwen . There were some speeches , awards , some entertainment. She tried her best not to doze off. The occasional whispers from the men seated next to her kept her awake. She almost burst out in laughter when she heard some of the things these guys said. ” Ill show you the world , baby, just give me a chance . ” ” What do you want? A car , a house , an island? I can give anything…Just give yourself to me. ” Oh, how she wished she could record this . She would watch it every single day.

Gwen was awoken by the sudden music and the spotlights in the hall. She saw people make their way to the ballroom.Before she could look any further, her vision was obstructed by a dozen of men. They surrounded her each asking for a dance. Dang! She had no idea she had this much market. I mean , she knew she wasn bad looking but still she didn expect to stir so much trouble. She observed each of them carefully. They were all handsome ,no doubt. They were all bickering like kids over candy.

” Ssssh… ” She closed her eyes. They all fell silent. Gwen liked to be in control.She slowly opened her eyes and pointed at one of the men. His eyes nearly shot out of their sockets. ” I want to dance with… ” she moved her finger from him to the next and the next and the next until her finger paused.They all followed the direction to Mr. Grey who sat at the opposite table. He lifted his brow . He couldn hide his surprise.

” I want to dance with you , Mr.Grey. ”

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