In His Grasp

Chapter 3

Chapter two

”Abraham Hicks, ” she read the name again.

Abraham was the best fashion designer in the United States and her inspiration to, she always dreams of being like him someday and he was actually the one that designed the gown.

It wasn a waste after all, it was just unfortunate that she didn know earlier, she won have cut it.

Not having her things in the house, her day was boring as she spent it watching programs and just when she was ready to prepare lunch her phone rang.

Why was she calling her? Ariana left the phone ringing and headed to the kitchen, she hadn gone there since she arrived yesterday and if not because of the hunger she was feeling then she would definitely not go in there.

Walking into the kitchen felt like walking into a different world all together, she knew even if she works all her life, she may never be able to afford anything in that house.

Opening the fridge there were all kinds of food stuffs some that she has never heard off before.

She sat on the kitchen table trying to think on what to cook, she may love trying new things but that guys cold attitude scared the living daylight out of her, what if he decides to kill her one of this fine days, she should leave before then.

”Good afternoon how are you settling in? ” Wilson asked walking into the kitchen and she jumped down from the table.

”I can complain, what will you like to have for lunch? ” She responded then asked.

”Don worry about me. Do you have any qualifications you need in getting a helper? ”

”I don need a helper, Im fine, ”

”Ill give the message. We have two gardeners who come every weekend to clean the compound. They were here yesterday, ”

”No problem, I don want to be nosy but which office do people go to on a Sunday? ”

”Maybe he has an urgent thing to deal with but he doesn go to work on a Sunday, ” he responded.

”Thank you, let me prepare something to eat, once its ready Ill let you know, ”

He bowed and walked out.

Heaven knows how long she has been waiting for a credit alert in her account that she had to call Ariana to confirm but unfortunately the bastard didn pick up.

Kinda had promised her boyfriend that she would be sending him some money for his upkeep and also she needed money to change her closet.

All her life her dream dream has always been to be a model and she was slowly heading towards that making her to always want to still occasions with her fashion.

With the message she got this morning, it could be a good opportunity for her to meet some prominent men who would be of help in her career but looking at her clothes, none seemed to give her the credit she was dreaming of.

She took her phone again and dialed Arianas number three more times but she still didn pick.

”Aaaargh!!! ” She screamed in frustration as her mom walked towards her.

”Whats the problem? ” Her mom asked sitting beside her.

”Can you imagine Ariana isn picking my calls? Mom she hasn sent any money how am I going to get a dress for the gala this weekend? ” She asked angry.

”I think we should call her tomorrow, ”

”Mom her duty there was to get money for us what went wrong mom? ”

”Maybe they are still in their honeymoon, ”

”Isn that the perfect place to get us as much money as possible? Give me the address, Ill pay her a visit. I don think they are going for a honeymoon, ”

”Give her space, don visit her just yet. I saw that guy and I don think he is easy to deal with, ”

”No problem, I will deal with him. Mom if I impress people on that day, I may get a job to model for any of them, ”

”How are you going to go in? ”

”Im someones date. I need to look my best and I saw a dress online I want to order, ”

”Ok, let me get the address for you but keep a low profile don do anything irrational, ”

”I can handle that mom, Im going to help her get what we want, ”

As her mom walked away she also headed to her room to change and pack few things.

After serving the food in dishes, she served herself then walked to the living room to continue watching her program as she ate.

She felt someones presence in the room and the first thought was Wilson.

”Have a seat, Ill serve you some food, ” she spoke standing up and as she looked back she froze.

She wasn expecting him this early, now her freedom was taken away again.

”I need it in my room, ” he responded and walked past her taking the stairs.

She wiped her sweaty palms on her dress then wiped away the drops of sweat on her forehead and went to the kitchen.

She placed the dishes on a tray and went to his room to meet the door slightly open.

She pushed the door open and he was facing the window but the smoke from his cigar could be seen.

She placed the tray on the table near the door and started admiring the room, his room alone was the same size as their entire house.

It seemed like a house inside a house. This morning when she entered her room, she thought she had seen it all but it was just the beginning.

He got up, walked to the table, opened the dishes, served each dish in a plate and handed to her.

”Eat, ” he instructed coldly.

”Huh!!! ”

”You are not dumb right? ”

”At least not dumb enough to poison you when we are the only ones in this house and I would be the first suspect, ” she responded facing down.

”You are talking to me? ”

She took the plate and ate the food.

”Sit, ” he pointed at the couch in the room and she sat as he served his food then walked with it to his previous seat.

When Linda arrived at the Villa, the guards didn allow her in as they didn know her and she didn have an appointment.

She called Ariana almost ten times and when she finally picked, Linda was fuming in anger.

Ariana had just left his room after watching him eat and getting downstairs her food was already cold, irritating her. Her ringing phone added to her frustrations that she had to pick it.

”So you finally resurrected. Tell this guards to open this damn gate, ” Linda yelled over the phone and she had to remove the phone first not to spoil her eardrums.

”Linda, we don have guards and secondly Im not home, ” she responded.

”Do I look stupid to you? Of course I know everything that has been happening at home and where you are, tell them to open this gate, ” Linda was slowly losing the little patience she was left with.

”Ok, give me a minute, ” she hanged up then rushed up the stairs back to his room.

”My sister is at the gate, can you instruct them to open the gate for her? ” She requested standing at the door and he didn reply, he just took his phone and made a call.

”Let her in, ” he instructed on the phone then dropped it.

”Thank you, ” she appreciated then rushed downstairs wanting to meet her before she gets in but couldn make it as Linda had rushed towards the door angrily.

She had spent half an hour at the gate begging them to allow her in but they didn , she has never felt this embarrassed all her life.

”What are you doing here? Or maybe you finally want to take your place? ” Ariana asked but Linda was busy admiring the house and the thought of handing all this to her sister, started paining her.

He can be the devil but enjoying all this wealth would be a worthy compensation, she thought to herself and smiled.

”Its good you still know its my place so I came to take it back. How dare you ignore my calls? ”

”What do you want to say? ” Ariana asked back.

Linda walked past her and noticed the dish on the table. She walked closer and had a taste. It was amazing that she couldn help but eat everything even though the food was cold.

”What are you doing here? ” Ariana asked again.

”So this is the reason you aren picking my calls and you even forgot what brought you here? ”

”Its funny how one forgets the plate that once fed her, ” Linda added and chuckled.

”Its a good thing you are back, Ill just pick my things and leave you here, ” Ariana told her and as she turned to take the stairs Wilson walked in.

”I didn know you have a visitor, ” he commented.

”Im Linda, her sister. I came to visit her for few days, ” Linda introduced herself shocking Ariana.

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