In His Grasp

Chapter 6

Chapter five

She had so many questions but didn know where to start from, she opened her mouth to talk but no word came out. He had changed, become more handsome, looked more mature than the last she saw him but what worried her was the fact that her heart skipped seeing him.

She thought she had gotten over him like he left her for six years but her stupid heart didn get over him.

”You!!!! ” He came to look for her but seems like fate was on his side as he just met her without stressing himself out but what was she doing in his brothers house?

Was the question he wanted to ask but the voice behind him made his words get stuck in his throat.

”Babe, you shouldn have waited outside for me, ” Rachel spoke behind him cheerfully.

”Sorry sir, welcome in, ” Ariana said stepping aside for them to enter.

”Good evening, ” Rachel greeted her while walking in and she just forced out a smile.

She was feeling this pain she couldn explain. For six years she has never dated anyone because he was her first love and didn think anybody else could take his place but he moved on like she never existed.

He had a girlfriend and a beautiful one at that.

”You are married, ” her subconscious mind reminded her breaking her heart more.

”Aaron, ” Wilson called out walking through the door and he turned to face him.

”I thought you changed your mind after missing yesterday, ” he added and Aaron smiled.

”No, I only missed my flight due to unavoidable circumstances but Im here, ” he responded and turned to face Rachel.

”This is Wilson the best battler in the whole world, Wilson, this is Rachel…, ” he paused and looked at Ariana who was still at the door digesting everything that was happening.

He really didn know how to introduce Rachel and not hurt Ariana.

”My girlfriend, ” he finished his statement still looking at Ariana but she faced everywhere else apart from him.

”Is my brother in? ” He asked.

”Yes, in his room, ” Wilson responded.

”Is she his wife? ” He pointed at Ariana hoping it wasn true.

”Yes, she is just simple thats why you didn know immediately you arrived, ” Wilson told him.

”I need to see my brother first but we have a lot to catch up on, ” he told Wilson.

”Im just here we will talk, ” Wilson told him and walked outside.

He saw the car walk in and only came to greet the visitors but he had things to do before it gets dark like making sure everything is okay around the compound.

”Ill be back, wait for me here, ” he told Rachel then rushed up the stairs.

Once gone, Ariana closed the door and moved to the living room.

”Welcome, have a seat. What should I offer you? ” Ariana asked her with all the strength she could master as she was trying to fight back the tears.

She was only seventeen when they started dating back them and he was the best thing that ever happened to her.

For the two years they were together life was so sweet for her but she woke up one morning and she couldn reach him on the phone.

Everyday she went to the spot they used to meet till she got tired and stopped that was when she found out he had left without telling her a word and six years later he is back and he happens to be her husbands brother.

What was she going to do?

”What about your plan of leaving? ” Her subconscious mind asked and she sighed inwardly.

”Im fine, thank you, ” Rachel responded with a smile and she nodded.

”Im cooking inside, make yourself comfortable, ” she told her, walked to the kitchen, locked the door and allowed the tears that had taken everything in her to stop them, to flow.

”You are here smoking, don you know its bad for your health? ” Aaron asked snatching the Cigar from Aces hand and he didn do anything to him.

He took the bottle and the glass on the table next to him and poured himself a drink.

”Sorry for missing your wedding, ” he apologized thinking it was the reason for his bad mood.

”Im not married, ” he responded casually.

”Your wife is downstairs, ”

”I just fulfilled dads last wish, ”

”You shouldn take it on her, ” Ace looked up to him.

”Adviser, do you have an interest in her? ”

”What? ”

”I haven done anything to her, at least not yet. Shes a good cook so allow me enjoy my meals before you start getting worked up on what Ill do to her, ”

”Shes a woman, respect her for that, ”

”I don think you came all the way here to tell me on how to treat her. If that is the reason you came back to the country then go back because it won work, ”

”When did you arrive? ”

”I sent you a message on the time my flight will be landing. I also told you to come over at the house for a family dinner, ”

”I didn see it, ”

”Mom didn tell you? ”

”I forgot, ”

”I have just reminded you so lets go, with your wife, ”

”Do you want to run my life for me? ”

”Whatever way you take it no problem, Im waiting for you, ”

He sat on the bed waiting for him.

”I never said Im going anywhere, ”

”I said it on your behalf, ”

”Go and tell her to put on something worth a Deluca woman because she is not going to embarrass me as I think if I will be going or not, ”

”Whats her name? ”

”I can remember but its not important not like Im planning on calling her name anyway, ”

”Were clothes bought for her? ”

”Wilson was instructed to, Im not sure, ”

”Be serious, look at it in this way. Sooner or later you will need a companion and an heir start rehearsing on how to be kind to a woman, its the only way you can get one for yourself, ”

”You are still talking in here? ”Ace asked getting up.

Aaron got up and headed out.

”Be fast, ” he said and locked the door behind him.

Walking down the stairs, Rachel was on the couch watching the program that was running when they arrived.

”Are we going with him? ” Rachel asked on seeing him.

”Yeah, where is she? ” He responded then asked.

”In the kitchen. Babe I think she is not okay. When you left, she ran to the kitchen and locked the door, she hasn come out since then, ”

”Seems like being shy is one of her character traits. We are going with her to, will you help her dress up? ”

”If she allows me, ”

”Let me get her for you, ”

”She locked herself in the kitchen, ”

”Ill knock if it doesn work out then Ill get the kitchen keys, ”

He knocked on the door several times but she didn open so he went to get the keys from Wilson who came in with him.

”Did you arrange for her clothes? ”

”Yes they were brought before she arrived, ”

”Can you take my girlfriend to her room? ”

”Babe, pick something for her to wear, she is coming, ” he instructed and once they were gone he opened the kitchen door walked in and closed the door behind him.

Ariana was so engrossed in her own world that she didn notice that the water she had placed on the fire was boiling and someone was in the kitchen with her.

He walked behind her, wrapped his arms around her then put off the fire.

”Let me go, ” she spoke coming back to her senses and freed herself.

”What are you doing here? ” He asked and she chuckled bitterly as fresh tears found their way out.

”Leave, ” she instructed even though she wanted to yell, her voice came out low and cracked.

”Can we have time to talk? ”

”I don want, leave, ”

”Right now, we are going to the family house for dinner but we need to talk, ”

”About what? Maybe you leaving without a word or you coming back with a girlfriend? Which one? ”

”You getting married to my brother, thats what we need to be talking about. Im only in a relationship and I can end it for you but you are married to my brother. Who should be angry between us? ” He arched his brows.

He had all the rights to be angry and not her. She was the reason he left in the first place, she was betrothed but he never thought it could be his brother.

If only he knew they would have talked and he would have taken her back but things have gone so far.

Here she was crying yet she didn wait for him.

”Im not going to any dinner, ” she rejected and he wasn surprised, she has always been stubborn, it wasn something knew.

”Rachel is picking something for you to wear from your closet, ”

”Im not going anywhere, ”

”Ill carry you there if need be, ” he moved closer and whispered into her ears and his warm breath that fanned her cheeks scattered her brain.

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