Ext. Land of Okyot – AfterNoon

[Its the 2nd day straight that this giant mass of stone is still visible in the sky. The only difference being that it is much closer now. it can struck this place at any moment. Evacuation of country is being done at its full pace. As its covering the whole sky(very large in Size) , People are currently moving to Allied Nations who are providing the refuge to people of land A. It is estimated that asteroid will cover whole part of Okyot.

Int. Headquarters of Allied Nations – After Noon

King Bradford

Well so , What are the updates regarding the evacuation? Elaborate it well.


We are doing at our best provided, My Lords. Still , I would request that you may expand the vehicles availability as there are still many residents in main area. Asteroid is expected to crash any time. Also, Our king has decided to stay there till the last resident leaves.

King Bradford

Don expect too much. That was the best I could provide. Though I don know of other 3 here. Also , What the hell is up in your Kings mind.

(Other 3 Kings Agree To him at the Same Time Nodding Their Head)

Deyja(with despair)

But sir (to everybody) , with due respect. You can still provide us much more assistance in it. There are many people still in face of death.

King Harald

So what, its all because of your kings own foolishness. He on his own decided to spread the countrys wealth in common public and not to take further the infrastructure, military or transportation.


But sir, you are expected to provide us assistance during the times of emergency as per the pact.

King Harald(Harshly)

Don teach us politics, boy. If you don know, we all agreed to provide assistance to each other but only military assistance. Its a matter of natural disaster and so we are not binded to help you by any means. Nevertheless reminding you, we have already provided 50-60% of our countrys transportation and refugee permission out of sympathy and respect.


Still sir!! If you may consider my request. It will do the evacuation more conveniently and efficiently.

King Bradford

Well boy, how much of your people are already evacuated?


About 60-70%. And because we have lack of transportation, they are residing at the border camps of each of your country and couldn reach the further camps.

King Bradford

60-70% you say, huh! Still you are saying to expand our transportation services. In just a day, your more than half of population is out of country. What else do you want.

King Alfred

And don forget, evacuation isn the only thing. We have to manage our own country and your people at same time. Major revenue is from transportation for each of the country. Also, its baseless to provide you more transportation considering more than 70% evacuation is done already.

King Harald

If you have anyone to blame, blame your king. The most fierce king once and then changed out of the blue. If he had made his countrys progress primary rather than peoples welfare the most, you wouldn be facing this situation today.



And what is in his mind staying there till the last resident is there. He is the one who must know that everybody can be saved in this type of catastrophe and even if they will be saved considering current evacuation progress, its sorta pretty foolish from him.

I hadn expected it from him.

King Alfred

Boy, I think its pretty clear by now that we will not be extending transportation services as you wished. But even though we are not making it less at the same time even though 70% evacuation is done. Does anybody here disagrees?

(Each King Agrees With king Alfred

Meeting was called off for the day)


Ext. Land of Okyot – NIGHT-DAWN

[The Asteroid has picked up the maximum pace and it is Hot Red. Evacuation is still not Completed yet. Many people are still in process of Evacuation and there is a lot of confusion and ruckus between people.]



The Asteroid Finally Crashes On The Land in the midnight and has devastated Everything beneath it. Temperature released was so high that some humans and animals are melted straight Away. There are some people seen to be burning and all Black. There seems no chances of them of being survived. The Crash has destroyed all buildings and infrastructure too. Land A has been made flat.

Ext. Outskirts of Okyot- Morning

[The Fire Has Somewhat Settled Down as it was the outermost region of impact. But still there is nobody here to be seen alive too.]

(Angle Shifting, But suddenly some rocks are being pushed simultaneously) .

A Boy comes out of debris firstly.


Hey Guys , where are you all?

Eris(All feared up)

Hey Rehan, is it you? Come and help me lift this cart remain. Fast

(Rehan rushes and helps Eris escaping.)


Thanks for that. Where are the others?


I just got up too. Look out for them in other direction.

(Rehan finds Ivar trying to save Jean)


Hey Ivar, whos it beneath this rock?


Its Jean, and this rock is too heavy. Cut it out and help me get him up.

(all 3 of them together take out the rock as Jean isn able to move well now and Ivar and Rehan help him)

(while retreating , they find Hina and Eris too.)


Are you both okay?


Yeah , it wasn that much trouble.


I cant figure out that why we were thrown so far by crash and here are my parents. Hey Ivar, are your parents fine?


Well, when I got up, I found Jean under a rock. After then, I met you guys. Still have to look out for them.


I can hear someone at the moment calling for help. We will be having to lookout for ourselves.


Don waste any time. We don have any at the moment.


Guys, I still don think Jean can move by himself. Wound is pretty deep.


Don care about me. Leave me here.

I will be resting for some time.

I am sorry I couldn be of any help.


Don think too much, Jean. You will be all right too.

(All of them seperate and start looking for Ivar and Hinas parents. Hina being closest to Jean in case of any help. Catches a sight of him eating a piece of debris. Hina rushes to him. Seeing her, others gather up there too.)


Gross. It was Horrible


What are you doing, mofo/jerk. Do you even realise that you are eating a damn rock which has just fallen off on us from outer space.


”Sorry, But I seriously don know why I ate that. All I remember is I was craving for something to Eat. All of a sudden I hold the rock and put it in my mouth. It was the worst thing I have ever eaten in my mind. ”


”Of course, It would be the worst thing you would have eaten. After all, it was a Piece of rock. ”

Jean (Replying)

”Leave it, the main quest

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