The Last Chance

Kingdom of Shinguki

Ext. Royal Palace(Training Grounds)- 4 Years Later


”My lord, The King has asked for your presence in the court. ”

Ivar(While Practising)

”I have told you so many times you can call me by my name. Don care about formalities in front of me. ”

”And why is he calling for me now? ”

(Says so and breaks 15 stacked iron shields one upon another)


”Its because the time has come for the 17th pact committee meeting. ”

”I don know the exact reasons.

Besides, You have reached the maximum level of your power already. You have been breaking 15 since the last 6 months. It would be better to participate in court activities now. ”


”Yeah, I am thinking of that too. ”


”What are you thinking of proposing in the pact meeting this time? ”


”Its all a bluff. They did it only to let us all 5 meet all with a task of proposing something as the report. All they do is accept nothing at the end. If they wanted to let us 5 meet, why with responsibilities then. ”


”Don be so harsh all along. ”

”5 of your 16 proposals were accepted, which is fabulous. Don you know there used to be only 1 resolution for 6-7 years before you guys came.

Thats an achievement. ”


”For how much more time are you gonna brag about that thing? You know I don give a shit about the pact. ”


”You still have to join it, whatever you may say. ”


”I know, nonetheless its fun to meet friends frequently. ”


”Lets move on then. ”


Kingdom B

Int. Royal Court

Hina(Happily to Sakura)

”Whaaaaat? The time has come. Lets move on quickly. ”


Kingdom C

Int. Royal Court

King Helios

”Its happening after a long time, isn it? Aren you happy? ”


”Yeah I am, its been a long time lately.

6 months indeed is a long period. ”


Kingdom E

Ext.Royal Court


”I know you already have your bag packed. When are we moving then? Tonight or tomorrow. ”


”Yeah, I have. Where is it helding this time? ”


”At your hometown, Land A. ”


”Is it so?

I am ready to move this very instant. ”


Kingdom A

Int.Royal Court

Queen Eris

”Although its a formality, but Take care of all the necessities for me. ”

”I know you will. ”

”They will be coming here after all that for the 1st time, I am excited. ”


”Ofcourse, my lady. Where are you planning to hold this summit. ”

Queen Eris

”As its happening for the first time in Land A, I am thinking that the memorial(King As) would be perfect. ”


”Yeah, it would be a perfect place. ”

Queen Eris

”Lets begin preparations then. ”


Ext.Outskirts Of Land A- 2 days later

(Scene : Ivar And Bashira are on their way to Land A)


”Hows it feeling coming back home? ”


”It feels good. I can express it though It would have been more great if they(Parents) were with me. ”


”It would have been, indeed. Care to tell me some stories you had here? ”


”Stories? We didn have much. Afterall we were just 10-12 years old that time

I have already told you whatever I have done here. ”


”Is that so? Well then,

Do you have some now? ”


”How come you always find such types of questions? I don have any. ”


”Dummy. Don forget to show me your home you used to live in and have a ride around the area. After All, I am coming here for the first time. ”


”Yeah, sure. ”

”She said our houses were built as they were in the past.

Though I don think it will feel that great. ”


”Don worry.

You never fail to impress me, do you. ”


..(looks Outside)

”Hey, is that from Kingdom C?

Guess what, Rehan is arriving at the same time.

What a coincidence. ”


”Are you sure? I can see the sigil properly. ”


”Its them. I am sure of it. ”


”Lets head together then. ”


Int.Royal Court- Day Before

(Scene : Jean and Kaiden arrive at the Palace, Eris and Deyja welcome them.)


”Welcome back Jean, I guessed you will come here first. ”


”He was in a neverseen hurry when he heard it would be Land A this time. ”


”It was grunted. After all, its my first and natural home. ”


”Your resting room is all ready. ”

Jean(Cheered up)

”Fuck the formalities. I have come here after a long time. I will be exploring the palace and area first. ”


”I told you. Its never seen, at least for me. ”


”Yeah, yeah, we will. ”

”Whats gotten into you, I have never seen that part of you too.

Rest for a while and then we will. ”


2 Days Later(Day After When A was seen)

Int. King As Memorial- Morning

Queen Eris

”Its nice to meet again. I can tell how excited I am to show the land we were able to build in whole this time.

Don forget your houses too. ”


”As am I to see you guys too. ”

Queen Eris

”Well then, for formalities, what is there to discuss about the pact? ”


”About it, I was thinking of roaming the whole area to relive some memories. ”

”As of the meeting, we will say we came to no agreement this time. ”


”Ohh, so you do have some memories here. ”


”There must be something to be told at last. ”


”But that would be wrong and immoral, we can do that. ”


”We are going to do that. Its been long since we came home. ”

(Bashira passes a smile to Ivar)


”I will not be able to tell a lie to the King. I am supposed to give a report. ”

Queen Eris

”Don worry, I will handle it. Lets go and have a tour then. ”


”Will you be able to go, you are a Queen now after all? ”

Queen Eris

”I have maintained a disguised personality to roam around in the city as a normal person as I used to. I will be all fine. ”

”Lets go now. ”

(Scene : All 5 of them with their secretaries go and are having a tour in the city. Its not as developed as other nations considering it being built from scrap but Commander considers it as an impressive restoration of the whole nation. Everybody is impressed by Eris and Deyja as they visit their house too.)

Kingdom B

Int. Royal Court- Hours Earlier


”My lord, an escort from Land F has arrived.

He says the matter is important for life and death. ”

King Harald

”Life and death, huh.

Send him. ”


”Good Morning, my lord.

Thanks for giving me your presence. ”

King Harald

”Whats the matter, say it. ”


”Its a direct request by the king. ”



”To The Leaders of Alliance Nations currently in a pact, I would like you to hand over Queen Eris or be ready for a war. You have one month to think about it. Its better to hand me over to the queen or be ready to see the wrath of the kingdom of mine. It will be a war of revenge. ”

King Harald(Raged)

”You bastard daring me to war and saying its a request. How dare you. Don you know what we are famous for? As per handing over Queen Eris, why does that usurper want her? What business he has with her. ”


”Thats what I don know of. ”

As per being it a request, just consider my words you haven seen a warrior like him. Your army for which you are famous is nothing in front of him.

King Harald

It will be seen on the battlefield. He has dared to challenge not only one but all 5 nations at once. What is this kingdom(F) having to challenge the might of us, you fool. Just tell your king to be ready for the war.

(Escort is leaving the court)

King Harald

Wait, your king wants a message of reply for either a war or we are handing over the Queen, doesn he?



”Guards, behead him. Reward him for the bravery he showed in front of me. ”

”That proposal of war was nothing but just a kid wanting to play around with his dads. ”

(Soldiers circle him up and behead him instantly)

King Harald

”Do the preparations of marching in Land A with half of the soldiers unit this very instant. We will reach there by tomorrow.

Its a matter of the reputation of the Alliance now. ”

”Send an escort to each of the nations now that our army will be arriving for support in Land A and I will be arriving too with them. ”

”Lets show this bastard the wrath of the Alliance. ”

……..THE END…..

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