Mr. Smith walked out of his study room to the living room, he meet his secretary and his children chatting

”When did you say that he will be coming, ” Mr. Smith asked looking at his secretary

”I think they are already on their way sir, ” she replied simply

”Have you called him again to confirm, what if he changed his mind or maybe something came up and he couldn make it anymore, ” Mr. Smith asked worriedly

”I don think there is a problem sir, his secretary informed me that they will be coming soon. am sure he will surely come, ” she added trying to make him calm down

Just then they heard the sound of a car and went outside to check, Jason came down first followed by Lucas

”Wait a minute, I think I have seen this guy somewhere, ” Sandra said trying to get a clue on where she has seen them before

”Me too, but can just figure out the place, ” Steve added

”Welcome sir, ” Mr. Smiths secretary greeted not sure of the one that is the CEO himself

”This way please, ” she added as they led them to the conference room where Mr. Smith was already waiting

They shook hands and exchanged pleasant greetings before sitting down, seeing the confused look on Mr. Smiths face Jason decided to do a proper introduction

”Eem… Mr. Smith, this is my friend Lucas and Lucas this is Mr. Smith ” Jason said

”Oh, my pleasure to meet you, sir, ” Lucas said bringing his hand forward for a handshake, but Mr. Smith pulled him to a huge instead

”My instant just told me to do this, ” Mr. Smith said and they both smiled

”Why do I feel like we have met before, ” both Lucas and Jason said at the same time looking at Mr. Smith

”Hey did you have to say whats on my mind, ” Jason joked as he hit Lucas lightly

”I was about to say that before you rushed and said it, where could you have known him from, your base in Paris remember!! ” Lucas replied teasing him

”You are right, I probably have mistaken him for someone else, though he looks like one of my investors ” Jason replied as they laughed

Mr. Smith looked at them and smiled, they are just too cute like Bryan and Bryce, ” he thought silently as tears built up in his eyes, He wiped them immediately not letting them fall

”I should live you two to talk about business, ” Lucas said and stood up

”No there is no problem you can stay, ” Mr. Smith replied

”No need for that, I will just hang around ” he added and left


He walked towards the corridor and saw Sandra pressing her phone, he walked up to her

”Hey, ” he said slowly

”Are you guys done already, ” Sandra asked wondering what he was doing out here when he was supposed to be in there discussing business

”I am not the one thats here for business, is my friend Jason and am Lucas, ” he said looking more closely at her

”Alright, I am Sandra by the way, wait… Why do you look so familiar, ” she asked and Lucas smiled

”You are the girl that stood up against Richard at school the other day, and am the guy that was sent to the principals office that same day, ” Lucas replied

”Ooh, no wonder why you look so familiar, did you mind if I give you a tour around, ” she asked looking at me

”Sure, why not, lets go already, ”Lucas said as he pulled her hand…They got to a door and opened it

”Wow this place is so big, ” Lucas complimented

”I know right!! Thats why dad made it a family….. She stopped and looked at him then smiled

”A wait, ” Lucas asked

”Nevermind, lets check the gym ” she replied and they head towards the gym

”Wow, everything I need is here, wait… does your father come here? ” he asked

”Nope, just for me and Steve ” she replied as they went to different places in the house checking out many things and Lucas wouldn stop complimenting, then they went to the pool

”Holysh*t, the view is just too perfect, ” Lucas said looking around the places

”I know right, Thats why I love swimming here almost every day, ” she replied as she bent and touched the water

”You wanna swim, ” she asked

”I would have loved to but I didn come with any… He was still saying when Sandra cut him off

”Don worry, you can just borrow some of Steves own, ” she replied, he looked at her surprised

”Alright, am in then, ” Lucas replied

”Yes, ” Sandra shouted

”Whats that for, ” Lucas asked confused

”I have always wanted to swim with someone, but Steve is too boring, just wait here I will be right back, ” she said and rushed in immediately

Within some minutes she was already back, with the wear and her bikini

”You can change in there, ” she said as she handed him the wears and went to change hers also

Lucas finished before her and decided to wait for her to come out

Immediately she stepped out of the changing room, Lucass mouth dropped as he stared at her,… To him, he has never seen anyone as beautiful as her

It was now that he noticed her curves, her perfect br**st, her pink lips, and she has a perfect backside. He was still lost staring at her that he didn know when she walked up to him

”Are you gonna stare at me instead or come join me in the pool, ” she said snapping him out from the imagination world

”Uh…ooh… Alright..coming ” he said as he jumped into the pool with her


Richard went into his car and closed the door roughly

”That son of a bitch, its all his fault, if it wasn for that Lucas, Jason would have still signed the contract, that fool. I will so deal with him ” he thought as he brings out his phone and called someone

”Hey, Richard, ” the person said

”I have a job for you, ” he replied instantly

”Wow, I love you, baby, whats the job all about, ” the person asked

”I want you to follow someone and find out everything about him, when I say everything, I mean all. not even a single clue should be left behind, ” he said as he folded his fist

”Alright, send the persons picture, ” the person said

”Done, check your phone, I already sent it before calling you, I need solid information that can take him down ” he replied with so much anger

”What!!! Isn this Lucas, why this boy of all people, ” the person said making Richard wonder what he was talking about

”What did you mean, did you know him, ” Richard asked

”Every gangster knows his father, you can be serious, his father will hunt you down no matter what it cost, I will advise you to let the guy be, ” the person said making Richard wonder why a spy will be so foolish to fear another person

”Listen, Jerry, are you doing it or not? ” Richard asked

”Are you out of your sense, his father is a drug Lord, forget the fact that he doesn dress nice but that guy is f*cking dangerous more than you think, he is a highway thief that has never been captured before, trust me you don wanna mess with them, ” Jerry said, anyone close would know that he was afraid Even at the mention of Lucas fathers name

”F*CK off Jerry, you are a coward, am Richard brooks, no one mess with me, ” he said and ended the call, he called another person

”Hey Chelsea, ” he said

”If its about the meeting cancel it cause I can make it today, ” she replied

”Not about that, have got something special for you, ” he replied

”Nothing from you is special, so go straight to the point, ” she replied coldly

”Ok fine, I got a job for you, ” he said

”Details, ” she said sternly

”Check the picture I sent to your phone, I need that guy Down, ” he said and waited for so minutes

”Why, ” she asked instead

”It shouldn be your business, gather every piece of information about him, and bring them to me, then I will decide on when to kill him, ” he said

”Well, I will disappoint you this time, I can do that, ” she replied

”What do you mean, why can you do it ” he yelled into the phone

”Richard is obvious you don know who you are messing with, killing that boy is like setting this city on fire, just find someone else I can take that risk bye, ” she said and ended the call living Richard frustrated

Arghhhhh….. I must kill you myself no matter what it cost Lucas, ” Richard shouted and drove off



Jason was already done with Mr. Smith and decided to go look for Lucas when Steve appears behind

”Hey Jason, ” Steve called out to him

”And you are, ” he asked looking at the guy

”Am Steve, Steve Smith, ” he said with a smile

”Steve did you by chance see Lucas, ” he asked instead, his not the Talking type

”Sure, hes at the pool, come on following me, ” Steve said as he walked out, Jason followed immediately. Getting to the pool they saw Sandra coming out from the water

Jasons breathing quickened for some minutes as he opened his mouth wide, staring at the creature that just stepped out of the pool

”OMG, ” he shouted


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