He walked into the bar with the neatly wrapped parcel in hand.The parcel had been delivered while he was on a business trip and Mrs Green, his cleaner had helped him wrap it up. He just got back from Oakland and the beautiful scenery of San Francisco and the spring air welcomed him home. He strolled to his favorite seat at the far end of the bar. The sofas in the bar had high backs and were curved in a circular way for those located at the edge with beautifully crafted glass tables placed before them. The sofas at the middle were low and also circularly styled with low glass tables. There were high stools positioned opposite the bartenders counter where different types of alcohol were displayed in a glass cupboard behind the counter and some fruits sliced up in a transparent cooler on the counter. The dance floor had a rainbow designed carpet on it. Jake sat down hoping she wasn too mad at him for missing her party.

Seconds later, Chico the bartender came over to take his order as people were not much yet and he was a regular. He ordered scotch on the rocks and Chico left. He saw her step out of the back room cladded in a red flayed dress complimenting her red hair. She was petite and pretty.

”Oh Jules, you look so pretty…..you
e literally glowing ” He complimented.

”So all the years youve known me Ive been ugly? ” She asked

”Nah sweetie…..Sorry I missed your birthday party and surprise engagement ” he pleaded

e my best friend Jake and you missed two special moments in my life ” she whined

”Forgive me sweetie ”

”Youll be forgiven after I see my gift ”

Jake handed her the parcel which she gleefully unwrapped.

”Is this what I think it is ” she cheerfully asked

”Yeah. Only five were made in the world and my sweetie gets to keep one. Happy birthday ”he chimed. He had gotten her a chanel limited edition bag.

e forgiven. Thanks so much…..Im sure it cost a fortune ”

e welcome….nothing I couldn manage ” he assured.

She giggled ”How was your trip ”

”It was a success. You know I literally rushed

over here from the airport ”

” Awn, I love to know that Im special….and yes cars are parked in hangers ” she added sarcastically.

”Oops she caught me….I stopped by home to get your gift for a second… ”he laughed ”so when do I get to see the ring ”

”Oh you mean my karat embroidered diamond ring…sure Ill show it to you ” she said with pride.

She playfully raised her left hand like she was styling her hair so he could get a peak at the ring.

”Whoa….Hamps got you a beauty ” he complimented.

”As he should ” she proudly said

Jewels bar was a gay bar owned by Jules. She named it so cause she saw the LGBT community as beautiful jewels glittering happily in the world. He and Jules had met at college, surprisingly finding themselves leaving the library at the same time a few evenings in a row. They bonded over dinner after reading and a beautiful friendship bloomed between them. Their friendship got stronger when they found out they were both from San Jose.

A group of college guys come bursting in , giggling and making jokes. Their voices were heard as the music was turned on really low. They sat at the table opposite his and Jules excused herself and crossed over to chat with them. While Jules went over, he saw the most angelic looking face at the said table with shoulder length blonde hair. He smiled like an heart breaker with sparkling blue eyes. He had rows of piercings on both ears with a straight pointy nose and luscious pink lips. Jake found himself lost in this beauty who seemed to be in his early twenties.The guy would be 510 and wore a black sweater shirt that hugged his sculpted body. His eyes kept lightning up as he laughed at whatever was said at his table. Jake found himself laughing along.

Chico brought his drink.

”Seems like you forgot me ”

”Sorry bout that. There was a customer who just went through an heartbreak with a scammer boyfriend ”

”Thats crazy. Hurry back and hear some more ”

”Oh sweet torture ” Chico whined and went back to his counter. Jake chuckled, bartenders just had to listen sob stories and give encouraging words.

Jake turned back to his beauty and found him staring right back at him. Jake was getting tensed so he shifted his stare. He snuck back and the guy was still staring at him and sent him a wink. Jakes eyes strayed away again when Jules came to join him.

”Those guys helped clean after the party last night ” she heartily said

”Thats sweet. So how cliche was your engagement ”

Jules laughed for a pretty long time. She had always told Jake how she wanted an out of this world proposal. But Hampson had just made it simple by planning with the staff who had the place redecorated and knelt down when she walked in awe. Jake had seen it all from the video she had sent to him.

”It was just the right dose… ” she noticed Jake peering over her head for something or someone. She turned in the direction he was looking and saw the pretty boy he was looking at. Jake found it hard to approach anyone he found attractive she wondered if hed finally man up.

Jake knew he was gay when he was 15 and high school. When his friends fawned over girls with long legs and pretty faces hed been into guys and had a crush on his Science teacher, Mr Dallas. Mr Dallas was a very attractive and attentive teacher who always taught his classes heartily and enlightened it with jokes. Jake was too scared to ever confess his feelings and later on, Mr Dallas was transferred. He started having problems with science class and that was when Dean started given him lectures.


Owen had come out to hang with his friends after an hectic day at work and college. It was one of those days when he got a call for a shoot and had to leave amidst lectures. He was with his friends Gilbert, Stephen and Kelvin. Gilbert was the loud mouth who kept on making not so funny jokes and Kelvin would laugh the loudest. Kelvin had a crush on Gilberts for some years now. Stephen was always engrossed in his phone but still managed to contribute in conversations. The bar owner had come over to thank them for helping clear after her party. The reason they had helped clean was because Gilbert was hitting on one of her staff. While she spoke to them, the hairs on the nape of his neck stood. It usually did whenever someone was intensely watching him. He scanned the bar and played with the stray hair that dangled in front of his eyes. He finally caught who was staring at him. It was a guy who sat at the opposite of their table. Damn. Is he hot he thought . The guy was talking to the bartender who brought a drink to him. The handsome guy had short wavy brown hair and warm brown eyes .He had thick brows, a Greek nose with a perfectly chiseled chin and plump lips.The smile he gave to the bar man was way too illegal and Owen wished hed smile at him that way. He seemed to be in his late twenties. His skin glowed even in the dimmed sea blue light of the bar. Love at first sight his heart hollered.

The bar owner had given them free beers.

”Lets play truth or dare ” Gilbert declared after downing his beer.

”Sure ” Owen said.

He swiftly sent a message to Stephen.

”Once its my turn, dare me to kiss a random stranger ” his message read.

Stephen eyes widened and he mouthed who and Owen just shook his head with a smirk on his face .Stephen was a cute and tall guy whose one true love was his phone. Kelvin was Owens best buddy and the first friend he made in college before they turned to a group. Kelvin had a petite statue and Gilbert was sure to tease him as he was bulkier.

Owen glanced back at the handsome guy and they locked eyes for a fluttering moment again. The bottle pointed at Stephen and he was dared to pole dance with an imaginary pole for two minutes. It was super hilarious as he twirled. People stared at him, giggled and some took videos.

The bottle finally got to Owen.

”I dare you to kiss a random guy ” Stephen speedily dared.

”Dare accepted ”Owen said with a devilish smirk on.

He stood up and adjusted his shirt. He then strode over to Jakes table. He bent forward with his face a few inches from Jakes and whispered.

”Spare me your lips for a bit ” He then rushed Jakes lips. He first pecked the soft lips and seeing how responsive Jake was, he slid his tongue and they kissed passionately. Jake tried to take control but Owen was already in the lead. Owen tasted sweet and addictive as Jake gained on and nibbled on his upper lips which was savory. As they kissed they opened their heated eyes and stared at each other. People were pooling in and were staring at them.

”Should we continue this elsewhere ” Jake asked.

” ”Sure ” Owen asked out of breath.

Jake stood up, held Owens hand and led him to a room, the bar had a semi guest house attached to it. He noticed that Owen was a tad bit taller than he was.They got into the room and Jake backed Owen to the wall capturing his lips. Their hearts raced as their tongues tangoed, both fighting for dominance.

His lips were soft and tasted like vanilla ice cream in a very hot summer. The one that awakened your toasted senses after a tan bath. His heavy breath fanned my lashes ” Owen thought

”This stranger was making me feel stuff Id never felt before. My stomach keeps doing all sorts of flips. His lips are so addictive, they taste like an exotic wine freshly brewed that gave that bubbly feeling in your throat ”Jake thought

Jake slid his hands onto Owens ass and squeezed it while Owen unbuckled his shirt. They later on managed to undress each other. Jake felt his rock had abs and his hand trailed down to his beautifully structured waistline and squeezed. His hands traveled up to his nipple with a pink tip. He pinched it and could feel his arousal. His leg brushed Owens arousal and he could feel the wetness. His was already up but he wanted the guy to be hot and ready too. He nibbled on his neck and left kisses on his ears. His hand trailed down to his ass, soft and ready for him. He shoved his hand through the boxers and fingered his ass, the guy was writhing against him.

” come…into…me ..now ” Owen moaned.

” you
e not ready yet ”

” I am ”

”Ive got quite a load Im not sure your ass can carry….feel me up ”

Owen touched Jakes erection and it was standing up and strong like a rod. Owen gave him a handjob and the guy kissed him on the lips. ” damn he wanted this stranger to ** him so bad ”

”Ah… what are you doing ” Jake said as he was about to cum.

”Im getting you ready ”

Jake took him to the bed and topped him and they made out for a while. The guest rooms were always loaded with Sheaths messily arranged in the cupboard next to the bed. Jake took one out and pulled it on . Their moans of pleasure rejuvenated through the whole room.

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