Its been two weeks now and Owen couldn stop thinking of the ethereal night hed spent with Jake. He got turned on by thoughts of Jakes and how passionate their intimacy was. He frequented the bar as much as he had free time hoping to bump into Jake but to no avail. Other guys tried to hit on him but he brushed them off. Jake had monopolized his body.

The next day after the night spent with Jake, theyd woken to the ring tone of Owens phone. His manager had given him a call which he missed as he was not fast enough to get his phone out of his trouser discarded the previous night.

”Good morning ” he greeted Jake with a smile.

”Morning pretty ” Jake replied.

Owen stared at the hottie sharing the bed with him. He had a bulky chiseled body with glowing white skin. He stared at how Jakes chest heaved at every breath he took. His eyes drifted to Jakes pink lips and he knew that if he suckled on them just right enough theyd turn a bright shade of red. Jakes hair was messy and Owens ass throbbed at the hot sight in front of him. He wanted to lean in and kiss Jake but he couldn do that cause this was clearly a one night stand unless Jake was willing to get to know him.

”Id love to get to know you ” Owen boldly asked

”Im Jake. Whats your name ” Jake stated

”I can believe I slept with a guy whose name I didn know ” he chuckled

”Thats how hookup works pretty ”

”Yeah….I forgot, thanks for bursting my bubble ” he giggled. Owen had never really been a fan of hookups but Jake had charmed and enticed him digging out the lust buried deep inside of him. ” Im Owen. Can I get your number? ”

”Sure ”

Jake called out his digits and Owen typed it in and at that precise moment his phone rang again.

”Excuse me. Ive gotta run…..Ill call you ” Owen hurriedly dressed up and dashed out of the room.

Owen had not saved Jakes number that day as his manager had called the moment he was about saving it. He had a shoot out of town that day so he had to leave hastily.


Jake had been so preoccupied with work as he had a rush of clientele. His company Cyber Shield covered System security and web designing. Lingering thoughts of Owen had been brushed off by the workload he had to deal with.

Today, he had to visit Joshs fashion house known as J- unique. Josh was also a friend hed met in college theyd been roommates. They had watched sports together and talked about stuff and bonded over the years. Josh was a fine guy with dark hair and puppy eyes. He had this beautiful set of eyes that whenever he pouted for someone the person got compelled to do his bidding. Lots of college girls had pooled around him and Jake back then. While Jake easily brushed them off, Josh happily embraced them. Josh and Jules were the only friends he had but they never got along with each other. Jake theorized that they were enemies in their past lives who had shot each other to death and giggled inwardly whenever it crossed his mind. He was much closer to Jules than he was to Josh. Josh didn know he was gay. He never told him cause their fathers were acquaintances and he didn want to risk the chance of him tipping his secret off.

Joshs fashion house sold unisex clothes and hosted runway shows. Majority of the clothes Jake owned, he bought from Josh.Josh was at the entrance waiting when Jake came up from the underground parking lot.

”Whats up man ” Josh asked

”Ive been good ” Jake replied

”How was Oakland ”

”It was great and a big success ” Jake shared.

”Good to hear. I expect you to purchase a whole line ”

”Sure ” Jake said.

Josh led him into the hall for the event. The front rows facing the stage was reserved for vips which Jake was a part of. If he wasn a vip he would have had to stand through the show as it was packed with people and most were standing.The show began and the instrumental of BTS Butter filled the room. The female models began cat-walking in gorgeous outfits. Jake spotted Owen when the male models began pooling in. Owen was hard to miss cladded in a perfectly tailored black suit that fit his tall lean physique. His hair was let free which accentuated his pretty face.

Jakes thoughts wondered to the beautiful night hed spent with Owen. He had woken at dawn to use the restroom and when he got back he just stared at the sleeping Owen. His hair had discarded messily across his face and Jake had arranged a few strays. Owen felt so perfect for him. He went back to sleep.

The next morning, Owens ringtone woke them up and he watched as Owen sleepily got his phone out of his trouser that was discarded on the floor. He yawned so cutely then looked through his phone before placing it on the bedside table. Owen crowned bedroom sexiness with his messy long hair and toned chest. Owen turned and they were facing each other. They exchanged greetings and had a little chat. Owens phone rang again and hed hurriedly put on his clothes and dashed out of the room. When he left, Jake tried to sneakily leave but Jules caught him at the exit.

”Boo ” she spooked and Jake didn even react. ”I don get why you
e sneaking out like a thief ”

e such a baby…..Ive gotta go ”

” first tell me how your night went ”

” it was fine Jules and yours ”

”Come on …spill the deets ” she whined

”There are no deets to spill Jules, it was your typical one night stand with no strings…. ”

”Im sure you wished for more. Im rooting for you guys and I can feel you
e hiding something…..just so you know hes the hottest guy youve ever been with ”

”What about Henry ”

”Why are you mentioning that horrible cheat ”

”Im leaving now Jules ” he said and left the bar. Henry was his ex that kept on looting money from him till he finally cheated and they broke up.


After the show, Jake strolled to the parking lot to get his car. His secretary called him about an emergency so he fastened his pace. He stopped in his track when Owen shouted his name. He turned and saw him jogging over to him.

”Hey ” Owen said

”Hi. You were terrific up there ” Jake complimented

”Thanks…..Uhm the other day I lost your number. Id have really called though ”

”Its cool…I saw it as a fling ”

”I know it seemed so…But I really did want to know you ”

”Okay… shit happens ”

”Did you come to find me? ” Owen asked.

”No….but lets say fate played a hand in us meeting again…I was invited by a friend ” Jake replied. He felt at ease talking and flirting with this guy.

”Whoa I thought youd missed me so much you hired a detective to find me ” he joked

Jake laughed.

”You have a wild imagination ”

”Can I have your number again. This time I won lose it ”

”Yeah ” Jake gave him again.

”Are you on Instagram ”

”No…Ive really got to go now. It was nice seeing you again, Pretty boy ” Jake said and got into his car and drove off.

Owen immediately saved the number on his mobile with happiness.

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