”Its been two days now since I gave Owen my number and I haven heard from him…does he perhaps have someone else…..it will hurt if he does but this suspense is killing me ” Jake thought.

It was the weekend and he was lazing at home in his bedroom. Mrs Green was here with her daughters cleaning the house. She never had to cook for him only get groceries. He was a master chef himself, after leaving home for college he had to learn how to cook through online sources which he mastered in due time. He hardly visited home cause it was never warm enough for him to miss.

An idea pops into his head and he decides to bug Jules.

”Hey, Jules can you come over ” he bawled.

”Im on my way hun ” She said

Few minutes later, after Mrs Green had left he heard the door beeping. He went over to the camera box and found Jules punching in his door code. Jake was munching on a sandwich when she got in.

”Whoa, you got here super fast ”

”What!…..over the phone you sounded like you were about to bawl your eyes out …… did you just pull a prank on me? ”

”Oh sweetie ” he gobbled up his sandwich and strolled over to where she stood,pissed off, by the door. He hugged her.

”Its so good to have a bestie like you ”

” Yeah Im one of a kind…..I was about FaceTiming Hamps when you called ”

” He will understand ” Jake said and led her to the sofa. ” Do you want anything ”

”Ive been craving your spicy chicken wrap ”

”Oh girl, you always love to stress me ”

”Pretty please, Sweetie ” she pouted.

Jake went over to the kitchen and got the ingredients needed. Mrs Green had stock the groceries really well.

”Im stuck Jules ” Jake declared.

”With what ” Jules inquired

”Ive been thinking about Owen ”

”Whos that? ”

”The guy from that night ”

”Finally….. I knew youd spill ”

”He asked for my number which I gave…..and for two days now he hasn called ”

”Thought you guys met like …some weeks ago ” she asked.

”Yeah we did, I gave him then but he lost it…..so we met again at Joshs fashion week and I gave him again ”

”Why didn you take his then? ”

”I had an emergency at work and…wasn thinking straight so I gave him mine and rushed over to the office ”

”Okay….Are you the cunt? ”

”What…no. Im the top ”

e acting submissive though ”

”I told you I had an emergency at work….thats why I rushed out ”

”Ok…so hes a model at J-unique right? ”

”Yeah. He works there ”

” You could go over and say hi ”

”What if he has a boyfriend…or lost interest in me ”

”Youll never know until you ask….or.. I just thought of something….hell definitely be on Instagram ” She asked.

”Yeah. He mentioned that ”

”So just open an account and find him ”

” I think Ill do that ” Jake said

The spicy chicken wrap was made and they both ate and watched movies on Netflix. While eating Jake opened the account and searched for Owen and Jules just stared at him in awe.

”What are you doing ” she asked peering at his phone.

”Im searching for Owen ”he replied

”Do you know how many millions of people answer the name Owen ”.

e right. What should I do ”

”Just search for that J- Unique whatever, then scope their posts. Maybe just maybe youll see his picture and his photo will be tagged to his account ”

”Genius! ” Jake praised. After scrolling for minutes, he found Owen. simply_Owii

After lunch, Jules left for home and he sent Owen a dm. Lets have dinner if you are free.

Later in the evening, he got a call from Josh.

”Whats up man…..hows your show ”

He asked as today was the last day of Joshs fashion week.

”Its going super well…Ive got great news ” Josh spilled

”Okay..shoot ”

”Well….do you know Monneteni ? ”

”Nope ! ”

”Hes one of the best designers ever and owns the biggest fashion house in New York City ”

”Oh…..wow….thats great ” he said.

”I know you
e getting bored ”

Jake laughed.

”He saw your design for my company website and is hungry for it. Apparently his has been crashing and creators keep demanding an insanely high fee to rectify it. So I recommended you ” Josh said

”Whoa bro…thanks ”

”Get your butt over here…don keep him waiting ! ”

”Im on it ”

Jake drove over to J-unique, the underground parking lot was filled up so he had to park his car on the road side. He hoped the police wouldn give him a ticket. He got to the entrance and security was real tight, so he had to wait a little for Josh to signal them to let him in. Once in the building, he found Josh in the receptionist area. Josh led him to his office where Monneteni sat in wait.

”Mr Monneteni, this is Jake the guy I told you about. Jake, Mr Monneteni ” Josh introduced ”well Ive gotta leave now ”

Josh left the office and headed to his event. Monneteni had a dirty blonde permed hair, stylishly cut on the side. He wore a white v-neck chiffon long sleeved shirt with a black tailored trousers. He was hot. He was the kind of guy Jake had one night stands with, guys that oozed a high level of dominance that compelled him to bend over. Monneteni looked at him from head to toe while seated on Jakes office chair with legs crossed, he looked so dangerous.

”Hi Im Jake Hudson, its a pleasure to meet you ” Jake said

”Monneteni. The pleasures all mine ” He replied.

Jake went over to describe the beauty and benefits of his web design and the strength of his system software services.

”Wow. Thats impressive. Ill contact my lawyer and get back to you ”

”Okay….thatll be great ”

”Do you wear my brand, Mr Hudson ”Monneteni asked.

”No…..I have a designer whod murder me if I wore anyone elses brand ”

”Well now youve got to try mine…..lifes quid pro quo. Youve gotta buy something from my collection ”

”Ok…..I can buy just one right ? ” Jake inquired

”One outfits enough…..looking at you now the mechanics in my head has been running, winding up a design perfect for you.

”Dope ”

”Yeah. Your outfit would be made before my fashion week in New York, which is a few months from now. Do well to fly over and come get it ”

”Okay ” Jake nodded.

”Ive gotta go now….Ill see you in New York. Ill have my lawyer minus the cost for your outfit from your payment ”.

Monneteni exited the office.

Whoa hes sup cool… I wonder why Owen hasn called Jake thought.He checked the message he sent and it was still kept unread.

He was sneaking into the event hall when he bumped into Owen and the boxes he was carrying tipped over. Jake helped him stack them back up without realizing he was the one.

”Im sorry ” Jake apologized before raising his head to see Owen.

”Hey…hi Jake ” Owen greeted

”Hey ” Jake replied.

”Funny story but my manager confiscated my phone so Id focus more on the event, thats why I couldn call ” Owen explained

”Oh….I sent you a dm on ig though ”

”Really?…. sorry I hardly ever open dms on Instagram ”

”Are you in a relationship ? ”

”No!….Im not ” Owen affirmed.

”Okay….. can we do dinner, if you
e free ”

”Id love to….wait a sec let me offload these freebies in my locker ” Owen said and went over to the locker rooms.

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