Do you like pizza ” Jake asked when Owen returned from the locker rooms.

”Yeah. I really do. Ive been craving some pineapple pizza ” Owen said

”Seriously….you like that stuff ” Jake asked in disbelief. Hed never met anyone who did.

”Yeah…..its yummy and real juicy too ” Owen explained.

”How can you enjoy a fruit on pizza….I can just imagine the sweet juices oozing out…..massive cringe ” Jake shuddered.

”Its really great….have you ever tried it before ” Owen questioned.

”No…I just can ”

”Do try…. you can picture a scenario in your head where you
e munching on your pizza with pineapple juice in hand lazing in a tropical island ”

”I seriously can lie to my brain like that…once that I had to take some medicine, I coated it in chocolate and tried to swallow but before it could get to my throat…the chocolates taste was barely there so I threw it out ”

”So you
e in the gang of medicine scaredy cats ” Owen laughed.

”Whats that… ”

”People who are scared of taking drugs…my sister grinds hers and takes it with milk… ”

”Thats the perfect way dude ”

”My father would say that way the power of the medicine reduces ”

”It still works though ”

They strolled out of the hall to where he parked his car. Luckily his car was ticket free. phew.

Jake drove to his favorite pizza place -Big Peas. It was pretty late so not much people were in the restaurant. Big peas were famous for their pizza and burgers, everyone in San Francisco knew them as they had established a few franchises across the city and the fact that they operated late too. The interior of the restaurant was designed with a red checkered wallpaper with different pizza toppings designs plastered on the four corners of the room. The counter had just one staff who was a part timer, since it was ten oclock and day workers had clocked out. There were two chefs in the kitchen. The restaurant had fancy plastic orange chairs with metal legs matched with black tables.

”What pizza toppings do you prefer ”Owen inquired as they walked in.

”Pepperoni and mushrooms ” Jake said.

”Yeah…the average Americans favorite ” Owen said.

Jake smiled.

”Ill go order….grab a table ” Jake said.

”Uhm…I can finish an entire serving though. Order yours and we can share ”

”Ill just have them make our different toppings in one serving ”

”Thats great. ”

He watched Jake leave and stared at how firm Jakes butt was. He had those kind butts that bulged out in any shorts he wore. Jake got to the counter and Owen noticed that the female staff there kept throwing seductive glances at Jake who smiled back at her. Owen felt a rush of possessiveness, he wanted Jake all to himself. He wondered if Jake was bisexual cause most bi guys enjoyed being with girls more and he felt he couldn compete with a girl.

Jake left the counter and was walking over to Owen but the female staff kept staring at him. Owen rolled his eyes in annoyance.

”Sorry bout the delay…the pizza will ready in 15 mins ” Jake announced.

”Its okay ” Owen said pretending to be focused on his phone.

” How was work today? ” Jake asked.

” it was so stressful….I had to walk five outfits ”

” whoa…thats a lot ”

”Yeah….how was yours ”

” I signed a good deal with a client today ”

”Congrats……today did you come to find me? ”

” Technically no….. but Im glad I bumped into you ”

” So you
e brutally honest… ”

”Do you prefer sugar coaters ”

”Can a guy dream ”

They both laughed.

”How have u been since then ”

”Ive been well. Juggling between work life and college ” Owen exclaimed.

”Wow…college boy ” Jake commented.

”How have you been? ”

”Ive been great…been preoccupied with work ”

The staff brought over their pizza.

”Mr Hudson heres your order ”

” do you usually address your customers by their names? ” Owen inquired.

”Im a regular here. We
e cool….shes Meg ” Jake said to Owen.

Meg rolled her eyes at Owen and scrunched up her face.

” Mr Hudson well be closing in 30 minutes ”

”Ok Meg, well be done before then. Please bring over two cans of soda ” Jake said.

Meg nodded and walked over to get two cups.

”Sorry bout that…..she seemed so flirty ”

”Well she chose the wrong guy to flirt with ”

Owens heart flipped in joy. This statement from Jake meant he was either gay or he was interested in him.

They ate in silence and Meg brought over their sodas. When they were done Jake paid at the counter and tipped Meg with the change.

”Whos that guy Mr Hudson ”

”Hes a friend of mine ”

”He seems over protective ”

”He sure is ”

Jake exited the restaurant and Owen was by his car staring into the sky.

”The sky looks extremely beautiful today ” Jake said startling Owen.

”Yeah….it sure does…look extraordinarily beautiful this night ” Owen said staring at Jake.

Owen stared back up.

”Are you in a relationship? ” Owen asked hopefully.

”No ”

e single and Im single…..what should we do about it ” Owen asked

”Lets date ? ” Jake declared.

”Yeah….we should ”

Jake pecked Owens lips. He had found his guy but he doubted Owen would be willing to fit his plan.

”Thank you…..Ill drive you home ” Jake said.

”Okay ”

They got into the car and Owen punched in his address for the GPS. Owen lived in an apartment.

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