Owen kept on feeling giddy as he got into his room and lay in bed. He was too happy to sleep and it deserted him despite how tired he was. He opened his Instagram to check the message Jake had sent him. He found it after scrolling almost through fifty messages. He admired Jakes profile picture which was of him at a beachside with sun glasses on.

”Lets have dinner if you
e free ” the message read and his heart fluttered. This was the first relationship he was excited for. He happily followed Jake back.

”Hope you got home safe. Have a good night with sweet dreams of me ” Owen sent to Jake as a text message with an heart emoji attached.

He got out of bed and strolled to the shower, had his bath then fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow with a smile on his face.


A few days later, they went on a dinner date in San Diego, at an italian pasta restaurant.

”Tell me about yourself ” Jake inquired after they had secured a table. The restaurant was littered with few people in engrossed conversations as they ate.

”Im Owen Moore from San Diego and Im 25… I have a baby sister, Amelia and we live together …I love traveling and eating good food. Im in college, an hotel management major and you know Im a model ”

”Yeah I do. ” Jake affirmed. ” What about your family…like your mom and dad ”

” My dads…dead and I have no memories of my mother ” Owen shared.

”Sorry bout that ” Jake consoled.

”Nah …its cool ” Owen shrugged.

”My mom died from leukemia five years ago ” Jake stated.

”Sorry ”

”Yeah…Im Jake Hudson, 27 from San Jose…. ”

” whoa….thats were Silicon Valley is ” Owen amazed.

” yeah….I worked there for a while after college before establishing my own firm ”

”Thats cool….genius ” Owen complimented.

”…..and I have a father and an elder brother

”Im sure you go vacation with them ” Owen asked

”Nah….they prefer being together ” Jake said without me he whispered to himself.

” too bad they don know how fun you are to be with ” Owen Cheered.

” I guess…. Ive got quite the charm… whats your sister like? ”

” shes annoying like every little sis. Shes in final year in high school and has an healthy obsession on Korean guys ”

”She sounds interesting ”

” Yeah. Her rooms full of kpop posters and I find myself rapping in a language I don even know due to hearing their songs consistently ” Owen shared.

” thats lovely ”

” it is …..Until she bad mouths me in Korean language ”

” Yeah…superb ”Jake teased.

”You sure have a knack for teasing people….youll be a great match with my sister ”

” so I hear ” he giggled.

The waiter brings over the menu and they order.

” so…..youve got friends right ” Owen asked.

” Yeah. Ive got two….Jules and Josh ”

”Whoa…..three js ”

”I never thought about that…..Jules my bestie and Josh is my buddy ”

” cool.. ”

”Funny fact we never hung out all three of us ” Jake said.

”Why ? ”

”They just never got along ”

”Ok…..some people are like that ”

”Yeah ”

”I have three friends ”

”The guys with you that night? ”

”Yeah. They are fun to be with ”

”I could see that ” Jake said reminiscing how much Owen smiled the night they met.

The waiter brought over their pastas and meat balls. Owen had ordered extra spicy while Jakes was mild.

”Isn yours too spicy ” Jake asked.

”I prefer it this way…growing up I got used to it cause my dad was a spicy food lover ” Owen said.

”Thats pretty cool ”

Jake watched Owen gobble it up in awe, he could never handle spicy food. They finished dinner and walked to Jakes car together.

” would you like to come over ” Jake asked.

” Id love to ”

Owen was wowed as he got into Jakes Condo. It was at the middle floor of the building. Owen strolled to the terrace that held an astonishing view of the city.Jake popes his head through the terrace glass.

” your house is so cool ” Owen complimented.

”Thanks…Ill make some coffee ”

”Ok ”

The house was elegantly designed. The walls were painted grey and the floor rocked royal blue tiles. On the walls he saw a picture of Jake and his dad smiling heartily. In the picture, Jake was wearing a graduation gown and held on to some certificate. On another it was with the lady hed seen at the bar. There were some art pieces around too.

Jake arrived with the coffee and sat on the sofa. ” Your house is cozy ” Owen complimented.

” yeah ”

They drank their coffee in awkward silence

”The pictures on your wall are beautiful ”

” thanks….thats my dad ”

”He has a great smile ”

”That was the first time he smiled that much for me…..I was the best graduating student so while I was called onstage to receive the award, he tagged along and received it with me…it was the first time I felt affection from him…. ”

”You must have been so happy ”

” I was ”

Jake placed his cup of coffee on the table and kissed Owen. He lay down and placed Owen on his chest and they made out for a while.

”Should we do it ” Jake asked.

” You ask that after turning me on ”Owen chuckled.

Jake cuddled Owen to his bedroom. Owen left later on as he had early lectures the next morning.

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