Lets go fishing ” Owen texted Jake on a Saturday morning when Jake was lounging on the sofa watching a sports channel on Tv.

”I don know how to fish ” Jake texted back and called Owen.

”I could teach you and Ill pack some snacks so we can have a little picnic ” Owen said.

”That sounds lovely….what time do we leave ” Jake asked.

”Ill be at your house in 30 mins ”

”Whoa…thats fast…I haven taken a bath yet ”

”Ill come run you a bath ” Owen offered.

”Be prepared to be chained to my bed then ”. Jake warned.

” Ill wait outside and call ”

”Naughty boy ”

” You wouldn mind trying some pineapple pizza right ”

” Id mind…will there be a reward if I do ”

” Id love for you to know how good it is ”

”Okay….what would the reward be ”

”What do you want ”

”I want you to sleep over ” Jake said.

”Deal…you have to eat up like three slices though ” Owen teased.

”I pray I don puke ” Jahe texted back.

Owen had his sister prepare a picnic basket for him.

” you
e doubling my allowance for this ”Amelia stated.

” no problem ” Owen agreed.

” when am I meeting this so called boyfriend of yours? ”she questioned.

”Don say that hes super sweet….I love him so much ”

”You guys just met and you
e already loved up? ”

” we met …like..few months back ” Owen explained.

”You have to calm down bro….whenever you
e this excited about a guy they end up breaking your heart ” she warned.

” hes different ”

” the different ones hurt you the most ”

”How come youve never been in a relationship and you give talks like this ”

”Like they say bro…..coaches don play ”

”Just hurry up….Ive got to be there soon ”

Jake hurriedly took his bath and dressed up in a casual blue T-shirt and denim jeans. Couldn keep his boyfriend waiting. He strolled out of his house, met some neighbors on the way to the elevator and greeted them.

” Hi. Im Gina….I see you at the gym ” she said when he got into the elevator.

”Really….Im Jake ”

”Do you live here? ”

”Yeah. I live on this floor ”

” okay….My friend lives on the 30th so I came by to visit ”

”Cool ”

” Can I get your number?… you seem like a cool person ”

”I don think my lover would like that ”

”Im in a relationship too… we could be…just friends ” she offered.

”Okay….give me yours ”

Gina swiftly inputed her number on Jakes phone. The elevator door opened and they went out with him heading to the parking lot. He drove to where Owen stood waiting for him at the gate.

e finally here ” Owen said. Whenever they saw each other, they instinctively smiled cheekily at each other.

”I don think I took that much time pretty ” Jake cooed.

”Nah….help me put the stuff in your boot ”

Jake got down and they both put the two fishing rods, two coolers -a small one and a big one and a picnic bascket.

”Whats in here ” Jake said as he opened up the small cooler only to see worms skittering around.

”Jeez babe…..why didn you tell me ”

Owen was laughing hard.

”I wanted to see your expression…..it was worth it…and they say curiosity kills the cat ” Owen laughed.

”Seriously…what if one had stuck on to my thumb and sucked my blood dry ” Jake cried.

” whoa…those worms are harmless…they are just bait ” Owen explained.

” Im not touching those…it irks me ”

e such a baby ”

”Im just your baby ” Jake flirted.

”Cringe…lets go now ”

Owen punched the location of where they were headed into the gps. They were headed to horseshoe lake. A warm and quiet place where they could have a picnic and enjoy themselves. Theyd enjoy the beauty of the early morning sun as they fished at the pier.

”Seems like you forgot the pizza ”

”Thats the highlight of the day sweet…. I placed an order and it will delivered by 2pm ”

”Hmmmm… ”

”Lets go ” Jake started the car.

”How is college? ” . Jake asked.

”Its cool. I was able to finish my research that Ive been struggling with for a while now ” He said.

”Cheers to that ”

Owen turned up the music and pressed his phone while Jake drove stealing glances at him. Owen wore a short sleeved shirt with matching shorts. His hair was tied back and his earrings glittered in the early morning sun rays. He left two buttons unhooked and his thighs were in full display to Jake.

” what are you doing ” Jake asked

” Im chatting on the group chat with my friends ”

”Isn your shorts too short? ”

”No. its just right…why? ”.

” its distracting me ”

”Thats the goal babe…but focus on the road ”

”I should feel you up then? ”

”Fine… I brought a sweat shirt in case it gets chilly ”

He covered his thigh with the sweat shirt.

”How far down do we need to go ” Jake asked after driving for some time.

”Just a bit further babe…2km away ”

They arrived at horseshoe lake. Not much people were around even as it was the weekend.

” this place is beautiful ” Jake complimented.

” Right! … my dad took me here every weekend when he was alive ”

”Cool ”

” my dad was a very chill man, he always knew the trend and acted like a teenager even in his fifty years….. when I came out to him he was sad for a while which I understood being his only son and all…. but he accepted me and said hed support me as long as I was happy ”

”He seemed like a very good father ”

” yeah….and he taught me to be a fishing pro…you know ”

”Im ready to learn from the pro ” Jake smiled.

”Okay ”

”Thanks for this experience Owen….. my dad never cared about these stuff ”

”You are welcome babe ”

Owen pecked him and he began hooking the worms onto their fishing rods.

” how do your hands feel ” Jake asked.

” like something really tiny and harmless is writhing on it ”

” whoa….I could never ”

e my baby and Ill save you from the slimy critters ”

” You
e adorable ”

They sat on the fishing chairs at the pier with their fishing rods in the water.

” Ive been meaning to ask…. ”

”Go on ”

”Whats your sexuality ”

”Uhnm… ”

”Are you gay or bi ”

Jake momentarily paused.

”Ive loved guys all my life…I am gay ”

”Okay…I am too ”

”Youve never been with a girl? ”

”I tried once but could hardly get it up and when I did it wasn pleasurable at all… what about you ”

”Same here…back in college I tried with lots of sexy girls but it wouldn even come up… ” Jake said.

Jake and Kiki had never been intimate , he had pushed her off numerous times with claims of being busy. Shed always get mad about that thinking she wasn sexy enough and would storm out of the room. The last time she came over he noticed shed gotten bustier and wondered how she did it since her change was really obvious to whoever knew her. He had been on his way to a trip that day so she wasn able to pounce on him as she usually did. The only closure theyd gotten was an engagement kiss which she led. Theyd gone on dates too were Jake had to pose in pictures as a happily engaged man. Kiki always posted pictures of their outings on Instagram.

”Ok..lets take pictures ” Owen suggested.

”Im not photogenic though ” Jake replied.

”I don care…you
e my boyfriend ” Owen said.

They posed for pictures. Owens favorite was of Jake cuddling him from behind while he took their selfies. He took lots of silly and really good pictures. They left their rods at the pier hooked to a automatic fishing stick and went to the picnic basket. Owen spread out the blanket and began bringing out the food, the pizza man came over and though their hands were locked, Jake immediately withdrew his and Owen went over to get the pizza. He felt a prick hurt or maybe he was exaggerating. Maybe Jake had left my hand so i could go get the pizza .He shrugged off his thoughts…..definitely Jake was out right….they had eaten dinner in a restaurant together but there were just few people who occupied just two tables and it wasn weird to see two men eating dinner for all people would think was they were friends…. or business partners, but two guys out here having a picnic by the lake there definitely was something up if their hands were linked. Owen got the pizza and paid the delivery guy.

”Heres our pizza…..their pizza here is the best ” Owen praised.

He opened up the box of pizza.

” whoa….did you order for extra pineapple toppings ”Jake wondered spotting the fresh juicy fruit.

”No…. this is the way it always is ”

” I have to eat just two slices right ” Jake bargained.

” no… I said three ”

” come on its my first time …please babe ”

”Okay fine… ”

”My pretty boy… we can share the two right? ”.

” Nah….you get to eat it all by yourself like the big boy that you are ”. Owen stated.

The pizza smelt really good and Jake hoped it would be as good as it smelled.

”Did you pack bannana milk ”

” no….I never knew you liked it. My sis always stocks up on it though ”

” shit….here goes…. ”

He picked up a slice and munched on it with his eyes closed.

”It doesn taste so bad but the pineapple is sickly sweet…why did they use over ripened ones ” Jake asked.

” I told you it isn so bad and its best when the pineapple is over ripened ”

”Sweet and savory is a no no for me ” Jake stated.

e a nice blend for me ”Owen said.

Makes me wanna puke Jake muttered to himself.

”Did you bring ice cream…. the weather is getting hot cause of summer ”

”No….theres beer though ”

” hand me one ” Jake said and Owen gave a can to him which he downed in seconds.

Jake barely managed to finish the slice, the pineapple was very sugary and the pie was spicy worst combo ever he thought.

The other slice kept staring at him and the pineapple on it kept on doubling in his head.

He ate a sandwich to get himself ready for his second piece.

” Do I have to finish it ”

”If you can its fine ”

” Ill just have a bite then…. ” Jake said and bit on it. ”…on a second thought, real men finish what they started ”

”Wow….bravo… you did it….Im so proud of you ”

”Really….its feels like Im in kindergarten and I just wrote the number one for the first time ”

Owen giggled.

”Lets go back to fishing ” Owen jeered.

”Well stay a while and head back its getting late ” Jake noticed.

They were able to catch three fishes-two rainbow trouts and one catfish before leaving for Jakes house.

” do you want dinner? ” Jake asked.

” nah…Im stuffed….You? ”

” I just wanna eat you ”

” crazy dude ” Owen laughed.

Jake drove them back to his house where they spent the night together.

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