Owens ass felt sore as theyd had a night full of ecstasy. They woke up at noon and lazily cuddled on the bed. Owen felt at peace but his stomach kept croaking in hunger.

”Im really hungry. Should I order food? ” Owen asked.

”I can whip something up for you if you don mind ” Jake offered.

”I don mind at all ” Owen declared.

”Breakfast in bed coming right up ” Jake said and left the room.

Owen screamed inwardly, he was getting breakfast in bed from his boyfriend. His other exes just ordered food for him from wherever they banged and left before he could have a bite.

Jake made Bacon and cheese toast accompanied with a tall glass of orange juice.

”Whoa….this looks so yum ”

”Not as yum as you though ”

”Baddie ” Owen giggled. ”This really good though ”

” yeah Im one of the best chefs in the city ”

”Damn Im lucky ”

”You sure are…..won your sister be worried as she hasn heard from you today ”

”Shell be fine.By now shes at the gym with her friends… ”

”Okay….so thats were you get your babies from ” Jake said and groped Owens chest boobs and Owen giggled. Jake played with Owens hair as few strands kept falling on his face.

” I really love your hair ” Jake complimented.

”…..Aren you hungry? ”

”If youll feed me. I am ”

”Ahhhhh ” Owen said and Jake widened his mouth.

He fed Jake some toast and gave him a drink of juice and sealed it with a kiss.

”Ive gotta head home now… I have lectures by 2….. when next I come well grill the fish together ” Owen said.

”Ok….I have to make a business trip to Walnut Creek this evening ”

”Oh…..when will you be back? ”

”Ill be back in three days ”

”Ill miss you ”

”Ill miss you too….you can take the fishes home though ”

Owen stood up and strolled to the bathroom door.

”I wanted us to eat it together but never mind ” Owen pouted.

”Therell always be another time babe ”

”Yeah….Ill take a shower and run ”

”Should I join you? ”

”Im in haste so no….another time ”

”Ouch babe…I see what you did here ” Jake chuckled. ”Ill make it up to you when I get back ”

”Okay ”

Owen left after showering. Jake had his secretary, Janelle come over.

”Hows everything at the office ” he questioned.

”Great….Maverick is doing a real good job ”

Maverick was his company manager.

” I hope you guys are not slacking behind my back ”

”No sir ”

”You sent all the documents Id need right ”

”Yes sir ”

”The flight? ”

”Its been booked and yours leaves by six ”

”Okay…..call Mrs Green to clean the house before Im back ”

”Ill do that sir ”

”Your haircut suits you ” he said noticing her hair.

She had cut her in a short bob with fringes. Her black hair was the darkest hed ever seen. She was a competent secretary he was lucky to have work with him. Earlier on he had noticed that she had been trying to hit on him by dressing corporately seductive but after Kiki stormed his office in visit one day shed backed down. Kiki was sure to glare her down in Don mess with my man ” stare.


Gilbert had finally started dating Zoey the staff from Jewels bar and he was taking the guys out for introductions. Owen wondered how Kevin would feel about this. Unrequited love hurts like hell when your crush falls in love with someone else right in front of you. Gilbert hosted them at a barbecue restaurant where you grilled your meat and he proudly showed Zoey his grilling skills. Kevin remembered the first night hed seen Gilbert work the grill.It was the first time they met and Owen and taken him over to Gilberts house. He had worn a short sleeved shirt and his strong arms bulged out and he grilled so professionally making the fire blast out and cool down. Hed smiled at him and given him a taste that clouded Kevins senses as the best hed ever eaten.Hed gone over to assist Gilbert in the meat grilling. Hed fallen for him that night and after that always joined Owen so he could meet him. Over three theyd gotten closer and Kevins feelings grew stronger.

Today Gilbert would grill for his lover. The girl with the long black hair with blue streaks of dye. She was really beautiful and he could see why Gilbert fell for her. Hed drown himself in alcohol but he had never really liked it. He kept watching them acting loved up with Gilbert casting smiles at Zoey and trying to teach her to grill and when hers got burnt he complimented her.

”Its really nice to meet you guys and Gilberts told me a lot about you guys…..especially Kev ”

”Oh…he did ” Kevin said.

”Wow…Gill…wow…you didn even mention me ” Stephen said.

”How could I… we hardly ever talk with you always hooked to your phone ”

” let me clear the air guys Im learning the mechanics of every game I play…..Im not a teenage boy obsessed with games…you know ”

”We know you
e a man…boy ” Owen said. ” how come you didn talk about me ”

”Oh you guys are getting me wrong…..he talked about all three of you ”

Gilbert went and hugged her from behind.

”You don have to show us how loved up you are…..spare single I and Kev ”

”Get loved up too…..it won be a surprise if you dated a robot ”

”Well do you guys know Siri ”

”Whoa whos she ”Owen asked

”You seriously don know who Siri is? ” Gilbert asked.

”Uhm…..dude seriously I don ” Owen said.

”Shes my girlfriend…..and I hate the fact that you guys bother her with your silly questions all the time ”

”Lets ask Siri if you really are her boyfriend ” Zoey suggested.

”Shes resting now. ” Stephen covered and they all laughed.

”Youve been quiet Kev…whats up ” Gilbert asked.

”I don feel so good….Ive gotta leave ” Kevin said.

”Oh….should I come drop you off ” Gilbert offered.

”No…Ill be fine on my…. ”

”Ill drop him off ” Owen said ”Zoey it was really nice meeting you ”

”Yeah you too…I hope we all get to hang out like this again ” she asked and watched how Gilbert stared at Kevin with worry in his eyes.

”Yeah….bye ”

”Bye guys Ill leave after eating the good meat ” Stephen said.

”Bye see you in school ” Kevin said to him.

They both exited the restaurant and waved for a taxi.

”I guess hell never see me so its best to give up now ”

”You never told him Kev…..you should have ”

”I didn want to lose our friendship…. we were really close but hell never see me as more than just friends ”

”Im so sorry you have to go through this….. ”

”Its cool…. Ill hit the gym ”

”Ill tag along… I haven had time to go there in a while ”

”Well youve been loved up…. Whats your boyfriend like ” Kevin curiously asked.

”Hes really sweet ”

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