Just another extra

Chapter 2 Giving up just because of one mean girl?

I saw him standing in the rain through the window. He was soaked to the skin but he kept shouting my name. ”Isabel ”. I could hear the crack in his voice as he struggled to call out my name in the cold rain. He was never a fan of the cold but there he stood, shivering just for me. I ran downstairs. To him, the man Ive always loved, the man I hated to death, the man I wished I had never met. But I still loved him like a fool. If I was destined to be a fool, then Ill gladly be one just to be with my Eric. I will stay with him even if I know my heart would be broken again. This is my choice. As I came closer, he called my name but this time like a whisper ”Isabel ”, I ran to him and engulfed his wet cold lips with a kiss. Would this really be my happily ever after, or will history repeat itself.

”And cut ”. The director yelled.

”Perfect perfect ” everyone in set said to one another. ”Endless ” was finally over, and it was a pretty challenging movie to shoot with a lot of stunts scenes involved. Mira who played Isabel quickly grabbed a napkin and wiped her lips as she frowned. John who played Eric looked at her with disgust also as he murmured ”its not like I wanted to kiss you too ”. She scoffed and walked away. Everyone in the set were really happy as the series which took four months to shoot was finally over. I was relieved myself cause I didn have to face that annoying Mira anymore and I could finally sleep properly. Ha what happy thoughts I was having.

Oh, by the way, Im Lora Anne, a successful actress orrr you can say soon to be successful actress. You probably thought I was the main character in the drama right? But that was played by the spiteful Mira, but I also played a pretty important role by the way. I played the maid who dies in episode 1. Buttttt i keep appearing to guide our dear Isabel in the drama. Like I was present also In episode 5, 8 and 16 which was the final episode. Spooky right? It may not be much to you but I got a total of three scenes and multiple mentions throughout the entire movie cause the death of my character was the foundation of the story line and it built the love story of the main characters. At Least this time I was not some random extra who just sips coffee in a scene, cross the road, or says ”yes sir ” in an office scene. I probably have more fans now cause this series is really popular and some people are just fans of dead people in movies, I think. Ill definitely become a famous respected actress and not just another extra.

Ahh!!! What a stressful day. I had thought that after the shooting of ”endless ” Ill have all the time in the world to myself. But this is the exact opposite of what I had imagined. Why the heck am I still so busyyyyy. Mr Dran was planning a little get-together with old friends and he needed a chef, an organiser and event manager. He said it was a little get-together so he could have probably done everything himself and ordered takeouts or something but the irony of it all was that this get-together was anything but small. It was practically a group of old classmates who would come together and boast about how successful they are in their careers, marriages and bla bla bla. Since our dear Mr Dran was hosting this time, he had to show that he was not some small fry. He needed to hire workers and fast and he did. Unfortunately the agency he hired disappointed him and he needed a quick replacement and what other replacement could he have found if not his trusty, indepted, broke Lora Anne. Yes ME. I could cook, decorate and all that. I owed Mr Dran lots of favours and he guilt me into helping him out. If not for the extra cash he promised I would never slave myself like this. Yes I owed him alot but my guy has got to pay up for my services cause I was literally doing alot, and there is nothing a little extra cash can make me do. God I regret this. There I was busy like a bee while all our lovely Dran did was check out his outfits which were by the way so gorgeous. He had a really nice dress sense. He was handsome too butttt he had bad luck when he came to relationships. Every single relationship he managed to land himself in ended in a disaster. After four failed marriages before the age of 36 he felt that maybe he wasn compatible with women so he tried the same gender for a change cause his fraud relationship councellor adviced he did that, to see if he was the problem and not the women. He was offended at first because hes whole sexuality was questioned but he went along with it in the end. Sorry to say but this was the worst relationship flop he ever experienced. This was how it went. To start his sexual discovery journey, he went on tinder and swiped right on some pretty hot guys that were obviously tops. Like why would you swipe left on macho guys when you know you used to believe you were straight and if you wanted to bend a little you would obviously wanna be a top. So why would you swipe left on only obvious top guys. He probably didn understand this enough though because he has only been interested in women. So he talked to a couple of them but bonded with this particular guy named Clark. It was like a bromance kinda bond to our dear old Dran, but he was on tinder swiping, and our beloved Clark wasn looking for another bro but wanted to get laid. So they set up a first meeting and it was at Clarks house. I for one felt it was kinda shady but who am I. Im just a squatter feeding off of Dran, so my opinions doesn mean shit. He actually went over to Clarks. It was supposed to be for bonding as Bros like Dran had imagined but that was not what happened. Clark actually wanted to get laid on first meeting and he was a dominant top who tried to force himself on Dran. It was a man to man battle and that was when Dran realized that gay dudes don just talk and accompany each other like normal pals. He didn even imagine that he was gonna kiss the guy. Like what the heck was he thinking when he went over. Long story cut short, he realized he was totally not gay and he had severe trauma from that incident.

Sooooo back to the party arrangements, I had to decorate Drans garden cause that was where he planned to host his guest. I had a little help from my trusty sidekick Emily. Ok I had a lot of help from her. Thankkkk God she was here or I would definitely had perished. Emily was my best and childhood friend. She was my knight in shining armor, the light In my darkness, my book of wisdon, my magic… Yea you get the idea. She was in town so she came to help. I had to grill lots of beef and chicken. I made chicken salads and fried rice. Dran had some Asian friends so I made dumplings, pho and some roasted asparagus to compliment the meal. Getting the place decorated was super stressful. His house was not the largest and the most spacious in the area but it was indeed large and spacious. He had a lot of antics which he loved to collect and keep in his house. He collected valuable paintings, vases and even ancient Asian calligraphy. He loved stuffs like this and he wouldn stop showing them of. His garden was going to be the main spot for his guest so more work was put on the arrangement of the garden, and the inside was decorated as well as most guest as you know it are quite nosy and curious and would like to stray away from the actual gathering spot and inspect the house. Mr Dran didn want anything looking less so I had to redecorate the inside as well. I was super pissed as I had double work to do. He could have just had the party inside then, but then again Ill have to decorate the garden because those curious minds would still wonder there so either way I was doing both anyways. Why can people just stay where they are supposed to be and not go wondering around other peoples houses. They would probably be looking for what to complain about or antics that are fake to sound Mr Dran out, because thats what most of them do when they attend this sort of get-together. They just try to elevate themselves and bring others down and I still don know why they still meet up because they obviously don like each other. Speaking of wondering about, I don have the right to complain about that because if I go to someones house, I too would like to enter into every room and see whats in it. I remember the first day Mr Dran brought me to his house, when he went out to get food my curious mind had led me into all his rooms and going for a little sight seeing in every corner of the house. But I had done it quickly because I knew he would return soon. He probably noticed because I maybe kinda left some hints as I was not as careful as I had thought. He didn say anything about it though. Thinking back, he was really my savior. He took me in and cared for me so thats why he exploits me into doing his biddings and is a total jerk about it but I really appreciate him.

It was finally time for the so called get together and the guests started arriving. I wanted to hang around just for the food though, before heading back to my room to rest. Emily had already gone home and she was really exhausted too. I was at the door to welcome guest when I suddenly saw her. Vivian.

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