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Chapter 3 The Triple Gang

Vivian Amberson, Mr Drans ex-wife from his second marriage. I had totally forgotten that she was also an old classmate of his. She was probably the worst woman on Earth and she knew that as well. God she hated me and she made it so obvious and so did I. The feeling was mutual.

”Oh Anne, you
e here ” she said with a disgusted look on her face

”Where else would I be ” I said back with the same expression as hers.

Probably not here, Im surprised our dear old Dran still has you around ” she said eyeing me up and down ”or do you warm his bed now ” she said but now a little loud that those around were able to hear her. She arched a slight smile when she noticed she had gotten a little attention. I honestly do not know why she always felt I was romantically involved with Mr Dran, like there was no way that could possibly happen between us.

She was dreaming if she thought I was going to be embarrassed by this false statement of hers. I had no reason to be panicked or ashamed as it was obviously not true.

”What is it to you what happens on his bed or are you thinking of coming back ” I said looking her in the eyes, ”oh wait, I heard you got pregnant for another womans husband and he abandoned you when things went South and you even lost the child, poor thing you must have been so sad and alone but I don think our Dran will want you back because you have been in too much scandalous incidents ” I said loudly while faking a sorry face. I watched as her faced turned sour as she was thinking of what to say and I wasn going to let her have a breather before I attacked again. ”I could help you talk to him if you want because everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance ” I said with a slight smile and she looked up to face me ”but ” I continued, ”I doubt if he would want back a thief who stole from him and slept with his secretary ” I said. People who were around started whispering to themselves and I could see she was about to explode. ”But Dran is quite considerate and he might accept you back if you are sincere enough ” I added with a cocky smile waiting for her to finally explode.

”Who do you think you are to judge me, you are nothing but a shameless little wench who has nowhere to go ” she said fumming with anger. ”You homeless little thing, you think you are special now that you have managed to climb up to his bed right, you will be abandoned by him just the same way your family abandoned you ” she said with a wicked smile as she stared at me menacingly. She probably thought she had hit a nerve by mentioning my family but this is nothing I have not heard before. ” So? ” I asked her as she looked at me confused. ”So what if I was abandoned by my family, at least I have people who still care about me unlike you who has no one. You keep talking about climbing up someones bed, you probably think everyone is as narrow minded as you and would sleep her way through every hardship she comes across ” I said looking straight into her eyes. ”shameless ” I added and before I could say more Mr Dran intervened I dragged me away. So apparently, he apologized to the guests who witnessed the whole thing and scolded me for being rude to a guest but he secretly praised me cause that witch had it coming for a long time. Classic old Vivian Amberson, as thick skinned as ever, she still stayed for the whole event and acted like nothing happened. She probably couldn afford to leave because she would definitely be hunting down a new prey. She was an attractive woman but if I were a man I would probably not get involved with her because of all the things she had been involved in, but like they say, most men tend to think with their lower half.

I went to my room to rest while also thinking of possible responses I couldve shot back at Vivian. I was not satisfied with my response to her. I felt I shouldve been more insultive but I also felt bad for mentioning her dead child. God I was having mixed feelings. I should probably sleep cause I was super exhausted and I didn even get to eat.

It was morning and I was really pissed by how trashed up the whole place was. I owed Mr Dran my whole life but I would rather die than clean up this mess.

”Pretty pleaseee ” he said pouting. Like why would he even think that was cute. He was too old to be trying to look cute and at this point I found this very frightening and uncomfortable.

”Im not cleaning this place and you can convince me otherwise ” I firmly said as I walked over to the kitchen to try to make us breakfast. He followed me and continued to annoyingly ask for my help. The whole kitchen was a mess, it was as if there was a tornado in here. I walked over to the fridge to find out some items were missing

”Good Lord! You brought thieves to this house Uncle Dran ” I said in a really frustrated tune ”half of the fridge is gone and its probably the work of that Vivian ” I said smaking my lips

”Stop blaming Vivian for everything Anne ” he said while picking up an apple.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed two eggs from the messed up fridge.

e you making ” he said while feasting on the apple in his hand

”Omelette ” I said briefly, ”and you didn wash that ” I added.

”So are you gonna clean the place ” he said with a mischievous smile.

I remained silent as I didn feel the need to answer. I made the omelettes and served it with coffee. He actually kept pestering me the whole time and I guess he finally realized I wasn going to help so he called Aunt Tilly over, our neighbors helper. She often came over to help clean the house whenever I wasn around. She did get paid adequately but she was an advanced lady. When she came over later, I helped her out. So in the end I still cleaned up even though I had sworn not to. I could see the sly smirk on Drans face when he saw me cleaning the balcony on his way out. I scoffed at him when he waved me.

”Don worry, Ill get you a lot of pastries on my way back ” he said with a broad smile.

”Make sure you get enough, and get extra chocolate truffles ” I said but not looking at him.

I sure loved pastries especially chocolate flavored ones. I actually loved anything that was chocolate flavoured. I ate chocolate too much as a child that it affected my teeth. My mom banned me from having them, but I still did though, but secretly.

We finished cleaning and I went up for a long nice bath. When I climbed up the stairs to my room I felt like I could just die. I almost gave up half way but I managed to get to my room. After an hour and half of soaking in the bath, cause well, I actually slept through the whole thing, I got up and got dressed. Just my casual shirt and shorts, nothing too fancy. I went down to the kitchen cause I was feeling hungry. I made noodles since that was like the quickest thing to make. I wasn even done preparing the meal when I heard my phone ringing. I wanted to ignore it but when I saw the caller ID I jumped up to grab my phone. It was Martin, my friend and kind of like my agent and manager.

”Pick up faster next time ” Martin said impatiently from the phone.

”Yes love I will, I won even let it ring before I do ” I replied teasingly. ”Sooo ” I added.

”We got a new gig girl ” Martin said excitedly ”I can believe you got this famous after acting like a ghost, if we knew about this I could have gotten you alot of ghost roles ” he said jokenly.

I wasn really concerned about his lame jokes so I went ahead to ask about the gig. Apperently I was going to be in a commercial but I was going to be in it with Mira.

”Can I reject ” I asked even though I knew I shouldn .

”Are you crazy girl, it was really hard to get this spot and you want to reject it ” he said sounding pissed. ”why is that ” he added after adjusting his tune of voice.

”Mira is mean, I don want to put up with her again cause the shooting of Endless was pure torture ” I simply stated.

”So you are not doing this just because of one mean girl, you have got to be kidding me. I didn go out there working my ass out for you to be ungrateful and get too comfortable just because of a few new Instagram followers… ” He kept at it for almost two minutes. I was honestly not listening to what he was saying as I was busy downing my noodles.

”Chill bro, I was just kidding ” I cut in before he had a heart attack.

” You better be ” he said finally. ”we need money you know and alot of exposure ” he added.

Martin was a really nice guy but he could be a little mean sometimes. We have been friends for a long time now and he became my agent. He works really hard and he just has this believe that Im going to be super famous and thats the only reason he works with me. He can get paranoid sometimes but he really does a lot for me.

”So when is the shooting ” I asked sounding interested.

”Next week ” he said shortly. ”I won be able to pick you up so youll have to go on your own. Ill send you the location ” he added.

”Ok thanks baby ” I said while swallowing my last bit of noodles.

”Stop talking to me with food in your mouth ” he shouted from the phone.

”God! Your gonna make me deaf. You stop calling when Im about to have a meal ” I said and ended the call.

Martin and I were pretty close but we could never have a normal conversation. He was loud and crazy.

After my little meal, I was really exhausted so I went back to my room for a proper rest on a bed. My bed. As I was about to go off to dreamland, Mr Dran barged into my room screaming

”Baby girl, look what I got you ”.

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