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Chapter 4 A True Fangirl

”Good Lord! Can you please knock ” I yelled angrily.

”Jeez, don be so grumpy dear, I got you pastries ” he said dangling what he had in his hand. I was so angry and frustrated. First, because he didn knock before entering. He never knocks and we always argue about this, but he always claims hes not used to it. Secondly, I was really tired and wanted to sleep. I hated it when my beauty sleep was interrupted.

”You didn knock ” I finally said to him.

”Oh ” was all he said.

”Seriously, I could have been naked ” I said rubbing my head with my palm as it was aching now. He just smiled mischievously which was really creepy. ”Don worry Ill knock next time ” he finally said. ”Since you are not in the mood Ill just put this in the fridge for you ” he added and made his way out. ”Thanks ” I said, while he just smiled back and left.

Finally, I could have a good rest now. As I closed my eyes my phone began ringing close to my ears. My ring tone was freaking loud that it could make your soul jump out of your body. I liked that it was loud so I could hear my phone ring in case I misplaced it, it was easier to find that way. But in this moment why did I think it was a good idea to keep my phone close to my ear. I checked the caller ID and saw it was Emily. I would just call her back later. I muted the call and closed my eyes. But my phone kept ringing. She called the fourth time, so I decided to answer as it could be an emergency.

”This better be important ” I said immediately I answered.

”Come online immediately ” she said hastily.

”Whats this about ” I asked lazily.

”No questions, just come online on IG ” she said. I did just that and immediately all my drowsiness disappeared.

”What!!! This can be legit or is it ” I asked in panic.

”Im not sure if it is, but everyone online is talking about it so it could be ” Emily replied.

As I looked again at my phone, I shaked my head in disbelieve. A big blogging page had posted pictures of Scott wilson on a secret date with Mandy the daughter of a big politician. Well, they have been rumored to be close, and some people may ship them together, but I refuse to believe that he would actually date her. Their personalities from what I saw online was polar opposite. He was calm, gentle and pure while Mandy on the other hand was a proud obnoxious young lady. I do believe they might have had some interactions but I will never believe those interactions are anything near romantic. Scott was my celebrity crush who I often daydreamed about. He was smart, hardworking, handsome, tall and most importantly super rich. He was every girls dream. He and his two friends made up the triple gang, which was a gang of the three hottest men in the city. The triple gang was made up of Scott Wilson, Richmond Wayne and finally Anthony Williams. From what we know, these three have been best friends probably since birth.

These three families were a part of the five most influential families in the country, with the Williams family being the largest and most influential. They were the aristocrats and the top dogs in the nation and their fame also spread abroad. Their businesses was also unrivaled in the business sector, and their main branch were all located in X city. X city was the most famous and populated city in the countries capital. It was mostly refered to as the city of opportunities, which was why alot of people including me, moved here to try to make a living. The cost of living was really high as well because of its popularity. It was a big city and alot of celebrities and big names based here including the Wilson, Wayne and Williams family. There were a lot of reserved areas which was for only the rich and influential. Uncle Dran may not be a billionaire but he was able to secure a house in one of the good areas.

The Wayne family was a big name in the entertainment world. Wayne entertainment was an agency which signed some of the biggest singers in the industry. Seven years ago, they dived into the movie circle and have done so well. One of their greatest movie achievement was in the movie ”Hope ”. It won so many award and I even starred in it. But as a random student though. Richmond was the third son of the Wayne family and he was pampered by his older brothers as he was the last. Every one knew how promiscuous Richmond was and there were a lot of scandalous news about him and various super models and actresses. But this does not change the fact that he was a heartthrob hence making him eligible to be part of the triple gang.

Then, the Wilson family was a big family name in the business world. They had conglomerates in different continents and was still expanding. They started off as a food company and later expanded to manufacturing all kinds of things, but mostly consumables. They had the biggest food brand in the country. Their goods ranged from canned beverages to packaged perishable goods that were well preserved, down to even snacks and pastries. They made all types of snacks and they even had several restaurants where they made fresh and expensive meals. By how big their business was, it was expected that their restaurants would be a 5star Michelin type. The Wilsons also had big hotels in top cities and all of these made them really popular. It is possible that every family if not all had probably eaten something from the Wilson brand. Scott Wilson who was my favorite among the triple gang was the sweetest type of guy. I didn know him personally, but from what Ive seen online and what Ive heard, hes really kind and gentle. He was like a the light in the triple gang. His personality was the exact opposite of them. He had never been in a scandal, except from dating rumors which in the past has been proven to be wrong, and he helped people alot. Like the several donations he has made to orphanages and refugee shelters. He was an only son with six big sisters and a younger sister. From what I could see, their family was pretty harmonious. He was like the perfect guy and I loved him so much.

The last member of the triple gang was Anthony Williams. The Williams family could well be said to be the biggest family in the country. It was actually a royal family with big businesses all over. The family had so many branches but Anthonys branch was the main branch. So this is how it works, the very first Mr Williams had three sons, his first sons family becomes the main branch while his other sons families becomes the sub branch. So when the first son has his own sons, his first sons family becomes the main branch and his other sons families becomes the sub branch and that is how it has been for centuries. All of the branches were actually doing well and it was a pretty big family but it still had its own internal strife. Like you must have guessed, Anthony was from the main branch and he was an only son with a younger sister, so he was destined to be the head of the family after his father. The Williams familys main branch has always married into other big families and this was to make sure the power they held in the country was unrivaled, so business arranged marriage was kind of like a thing they were known for. Even the branch family could not escape the fate of arranged marriages. The Williams family was into many businesses but their major business was in the technological sector. With how the world has evolved and developed technological, this was one of the best sector to dive into. They had a big tech company that manufactured all kinds of technological inventions ranging from phones to refrigerators and so on. They even started manufacturing their own brand of cars. They also had connections in the politics of the country as their family had a lot of influence and grass root connections. They owned most of the big resorts and estates in the country. Anthony was a genius and was very competent. He opened a winery at the age of 19 because he had the hobby of tasting wine. It is said that he loved the smell and taste of wine. He opened it then, just as a hobby but who knew his little hobby will actually become one of the biggest winery in the country. He also managed his familys businesses now and he runs it so well. He also decided to grow his influence by diving into the entertainment industry. He had invested in most of the big movies Wayne entertainment had produced and he is a man who doesn make losses. As competent as he was, he was my least favorite in the triple gang. He was known to be particularly rude and a complete narcist. It was also a known fact that he hardly recognized people except from his friends and families. There was a time when a famous actress who he had sponsored a while back approached him in an event. She probably wanted to boast about the fact that she knew him personally and get all the hype and probably a ship with him but he actually didn even remember who she was or how he met her. He just dismissed her like she was a begger and She was completely embarrassed. He was known for his rude and cold personality. Yes he was really goodlooking but my Scott beats him hands down in my heart. His fan base was significantly bigger than the other two and he was mostly regarded as the cold prince or the leader of the gang.

I didn care about how popular his fan base was or how influential and handsome he was, because to me, Scott will always be the best, and I continue to support Scott until he outshines Anthony in the hearts of the other triple gang fans.

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