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Chapter 5 First encounter

I was one of those fans who referred to themselves as Scotts wives. We even had a group chat which Emily was also a part of, and at this time that group chat was seriously boiling.

I suddenly got energized and super active.

”Are you still there ” Emily called out.

”Oh, yea Im still here ”.

”We need to confirm this rumor, because most people who support the Scott x Mandy ship are mocking us saying their ship is real and I can stand it ” Emily said angrily.

”Geez, come on, Scott baby hasn confirmed that hes a thing with Mandy yet so lets still have hope ” I said trying to be pessimistic.

”Come on girl, you know him as well as me that he will never come out to verify or deny these rumours. There have been countless rumours like this and he has never made a statement about it in the past ” Emily stated.

”Then thats good ” I said finally. ”Everything has always worked out fine before, and all fake rumours in the past were later exposed right? ”

”Right ” she affirmed.

”So all we need to do is wait ” I continued. ”We would have to wait till the truth comes to light because for all we know she must have faked those pictures and sold it to the blogger for some cheap clout ” I said trying to convince Emily but mostly myself.

”But what if its true ” Emily said while pretending to cry. ”Does that mean we are no longer his wives? ” She added.

”Come on girl, nothing can separate me from my darling. Besides Im his original wife while the rest of you are wannabes ” I said and we both burst out laughing.

”Don be so confident my dear friend, Im the original not you ” Emily said and I could tell she was smirking. I could actually tell all the facial expressions she has made throughout this phone call. I knew her too well.

”What ever you say Madam original ” I said trying to mimic a French accent. ”Catcha later dearie Im really tired ” I said with the intention of ending the call.

”Ok dear, well talk later. Byeee ” she said stretching the words before ending the call.

Now, I was on my bed no longer feeling sleepy but was very hungry but too lazy to get up. I was still thinking of the post. What if the rumours actually turn out to be true, then what? Its not like I could actually marry Scott in real life or even get to see him. He was just a guy who I had saved hundreds of his pictures on my phone and written fanfics about in my head. I hated when reality hits me. I should probably go eat something. I managed to go downstairs and I found the pastries Uncle Dran had put in the fridge so I had those first. I sat on the kitchen counter and devoured my truffles.

”Well look who decided to come eat something ” Uncle Dran said while walking to the fridge to get something from it. I wasn in the mood to entertain any conversation so I remained quiet while eating. He turned to me sensing something was off.

”Are you ok dear ” he asked concerned. ”Im fine ” I said briefly. ”You don look fine ” he added. I was not in the mood for this back and forth. ”Honestly Im fine ” I replied quickly. He came closer to me and poked his head close to mine. He did that whenever he wanted to get information from me. He knew I found it uncomfortably annoying but he did it anyway.

”Are you ready to talk now ” he said. I just frowned.

”Now spill dear, whats bothering you ”

”Ok ok Ill talk. You know about my crush on Scott, so.. ”

”This is where I just walk away ” he cuts me off.

”What? Why? ” I asked.

”Boy drama. Im not gonna listen to you complain about boy problems. Here I thought it was a serious problem ” he said while chuckling.

God, I was super pissed. ”You were the one who asked. Jeez i didn force this conversation on you ” I said frustrated.

”Ok, calm down. Im sorry ” he said but still smiling. ”So what happened ” he asked but this time with a serious tune. ”Im not telling ” I stubbornly replied.

”Oh, come on. Do I have to beg to get the gist now ” he said playfully.

”I guess you could do that ” I replied feigning annoyance.

”Come on now, what happened ” he said again sounding serious. I was tired of the back and forth so I just told him everything. He just stared at me while I vented and didn say a word. When I was done he gave a long sigh and held my shoulders firmly.

”I can believe you are this mad about a man that doesn even know you. Girls these days are just weird ” he said shaking his head.

”Seriously? ” That was all I could reply. I stood up suddenly and Im sure it frightened him. I planned to head to my room to avoid this conversation. He said he wanted to listen but hes just calling me delusional to my face. I get the fact that Scott doesn know me or knows about my obsession with him, but I feel like I had the right to get jealous. Yes, I was super jealous.

Uncle Dran pulled me back to face him so I could listen to what he had to say. ”Listen dear, you claim you love this Simon guy right? ”

”Scott ” I corrected.

”Ok Scott ” he chuckled before he continued to speak. ”So if I ask what you loved about him what is your reply going to be? ” Before I could answer, he continued talking. ”Hes smart, handsome and all that right? But all those things are superficial. Love is beyond all that ” he said while patting my shoulders. I could understand what he meant. I was just a fangirl. He doesn even know me, but the way I was taking things, I was probably becoming a toxic fan.

”Look, if you really like him, you should be happy for him and wish him well. If he really likes this girl you
e talking about then good for them. Don get yourself worked up over nothing ” he said smiling at me. I smiled back as I made sense of his words.

e probably too idle thats why you have the time to be angry over others relationships ” he said jokenly. I scoffed at him while I brushed his hands away from my shoulders.

”Go out into the world and meet guys, I can assure you that this Steven guy will be a thing of the past ” he said when I attempted to walk away.

”Scott jeez ” I turned back to face him and corrected.

”My bad ” he said smiling. He was probably doing this on purpose.

”Thanks Uncle Dran, but you didn have to remind me that Im single ” I said rolling my eyes.

”Someone has to ” he said smirking.

”Not like you are any different, single Pringle ” I said in a mocking tune. He picked up his slippers and threw them at me which landed right on my head.

”The truth hurts old Dran ” I mocked. ”Put yourself out there cause you
e getting too old ” I said as I dashed to my room as I could feel that he was looking for something to throw at me.

I got back to my room and I gave a lot of thought to what Uncle Dran said. I was a true fangirl, so I should be happy for him. That was what I decided to do. Ill be happy for him. I was too tired to think now so I went to bad. Hopefully, Ill be clear headed by tomorrow.

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