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Chapter 6 First Encounter 2

In the blink of an eye it was already time for the shooting of the commercial. Martin called me early in the morning and reminded me to be in the venue on time. He sent me the location so I took the subway downtown then later took a taxi to the location. The location of the shooting was in one of the Wilsons family supermarket. I was super excited as I was having a feeling that I was probably gonna run into Scott. Actually, I fantasized all morning about running into him. He won probably just randomly be in a supermarket owned by his family chilling, but I imagined it anyway. I also visualised different ways I would react if we saw face to face. I should probably be calm and pretend not to know him so hell be comfortable, but he wouldn believe me cause who in this country doesn know Scott Wilson. I could probably just bump into him or something and pretend to break my leg, then hell carry me in his strong arms to get first aid thus the beginning of a sweet love story.. ahh so romantic. I actually had different scenarios in my head which I acted out in front of my mirror this morning.

I was really happy this morning, and the reason for my excitement was because the supposed dating rumor between Scott and Mandy has been proven to be false. They only went for a family dinner and the Williams family was also in attendance. A paparazzi just managed to take a photo of when Mandy was together with Scott and posted it online. I was super relieved and happy. Nothing could literally spoil my day and I probably spoke too soon.

As I arrived, I could already see some of the crew members. I was surprised a handful of them remembered me. I was really famous now you know, for my ghost scene. As I walked inside, I sighted Mira and her team. She was a signed actress with Wayne entertainment, so she had her own professional team unlike me who was not formally signed with any agency. Martin was not even here so I just walked in alone. Mira sighted me and I knew that things were about to get interesting.

”Are you alone dear ” she said in a disgusting tone. I didn feel the need to reply. She kept on talking though.

”Just like a stray cat you walked in here on your own. Where is your team? You don even have anyone to hold a fan for you, I feel so bad for you dear ” she said with sarcasm clear in her tune. I didn even bother to look at her, I just walked over and took a seat. I knew she didn like being ignored. She didn also like being confronted. She was such a weird and confused person. I was feeling happy today and I didn want anything to spoil my mood. She looked at me intensely probably thinking of what to say. I was now feeling uncomfortable with the stares she was giving.

”Oh, nice shoes you got there, its a pity its fake ” she said putting her palm on her cheeks while grinning.

”oh dear, they are just so obviously fake ” her assistant added. I looked up at the girl to see what she had on. Her hair was neatly packed in a bun and she wore a plain white shirt and short peach skirt with a mole heel. From what I could see, her outfit was not original and it was obviously second hand.

”I guess we go to the same store ” I simply stated looking right at the assistant. I saw her face turn red from shame. ”Useless ” Mira said but this time to her assistant after she understood what I had said. She scoffed and walked away with her tiny assistant trailing behind her. I was relieved she left. It was a complete waste of time to engage in a word exchange with Mira. I was not in the mood for any of that so it was the best choice to ignore her.

The director informed us that the shooting would start soon so I went over to get my makeup done while I looked at the script again. I was playing a supermarket ginie while Mira played the person to rub the lamp to summon me. So according to the script, she would wish for the best thing in the supermarket and I would summon the goods we were to advertise and Ill start listing why that particular product was the best. She would finally agree with me and take her wish product and she would be filmed enjoying it while I smile in the background like a moron. After all that, Ill wave her goodbye and return back to my magical supermarket lamp. This wasn supposed to take long but we have been shooting for three hours now as Mira kept forgetting her lines. This was one of her problems. She was a good actress and all but she always messed up her lines. This happened alot even during the shooting of ”Endless ”. I guess no one is perfect. We finally finished shooting and I was super exhausted. I went to get my makeup cleaned and get changed. On my way from the changing room I heard noises. It was from Mira and her minion. So the assistant girl accidentally stepped on Mira, so she got mad and poured water on her before raining insults on the poor girl. Everybody just stood and watched while the girl knelt there shivering. Mira angrily walked out and her crew followed behind her. I watched as the girl tried to wipe the flowing tears from her eyes. I walked up to her and handed her a face towel I had found to help dry her hair. She looked up at me before she slowly took what I had offered to her.

”Thanks ” she muttered almost inaudible. I heard her but decided not to say anything. I headed out as I was super tired. I took out my phone and called Emily to tell her all about my day. She told me she was at the mall and asked that I joined her. Emily was from a well-to-do household, so she had the money to go shopping all the time. I didn exactly have that luxury, but she promised to shop for me too. I decided to join her cause why not?? Ill be getting free whatever she was shopping for. When I got to the mall, i texted her so she could tell me exactly where she was and she did. According to what she said, she was on the fifth floor, but on getting there, I realized she was not sure which floor she was on due to too much shopping. She was actually on the seventh floor so I decided to head there. I had called her before to ask for directions but I never ended the call. We would meet soon but we kept talking like we were far away from each other. We talked about the Scott issue again even though we had already discussed it before. I found it fun repeating interesting conversations. I noticed that the way to the elevator was unusually quiet but I didn really mind.

”Did you see Scotts new post on IG ” Emily asked.

”Of course, I was the first to see. Hes such a snack ” I said smiling to myself. I pushed the button on the elevator as I waited for it.

”God, the little part of his exposed chest has my head spinning ” Emily said as she giggled.

”I just want to pour oil all over his bare skin and hug him shirtless ” I said while laughing foolishly and as I was saying these words the stupid elevator opened right at that moment. I was probably too loud that the persons in the elevator must have heard me. I was surprised when it opened fully and I saw him.


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