Karma Academy

Hell, Heaven or Afterlife (Author\'s Note)

Now what?… I have to make a plan and leave the city as soon as possible. Just until I am confident about coming back and then I will take what they had left for me. Asher made a plan which included finding a place somewhere where his uncles people won be able to find him and after that silently leave the city and develop somewhere far until he was confident enough to take the whole Oliver family by himself.

”Come to think about it, I remember mom telling me about an apartment, it was for me to live alone by myself and learn to do things on my own. At that time I ignored her, telling her that I don want to live away from mom and dad but, the truth was that I didn want to live away from luxury…*Sigh* its too late to regret now.

”Now, talking about that apartment, I don think any other person other than the three of us knows about that place so it should be fine. ” Making his mind, Asher tightened the grip on the backpack and started running.

”If I remember correctly, the room was in the penthouse apartments building…It is around 4 km from here near the Pacific Mall. Walking there should be fine for me now as I have a better physique now and also an agility skill… ”

-10 minutes later-

”Looks like they had everything ready for me in the house even the clothes, the only thing left for me is to get some cash somehow…I should probably go to an ATM and get the money situation sorted out. ”

After taking a bath and on an empty stomach Asher fell asleep. Maybe because he was awake the whole night or because this was the first time he had slept peacefully after the accident.

”Asher… ”

”ASHER!!!… ”

Huh? I have heard this voice somewhere…I don remember where… ”

”Asher stand up! otherwise, I will throw you in the illusion chamber!! ”

The moment Asher heard the word Illusion chamber a chill ran through his spine. He was sure that he had never heard this word in his entire life but still, somehow the word felt so familiar yet unfamiliar to him. a sudden urge took over him as if telling him to wake up or else he wouldn get a chance to wake up so easily.

Slowly Asher opened his eyes to see a familiar face in front of him it was Albert Einstein!!

”Albert Einstein?? ” Asher muttered in a sluggish voice.

”Yes? ” The old man in front of him smiled.

”… ”

I have seen this smile before…I remember it was in my dream but, wasn that a dream? How come I am here back again? Can a person continue his dream? Is that possible? Am I dreaming about that dream again? But wasn this guy a pervert and where is that girl who sold me to him? Did she leave after taking the money? There were many questions going through Ashers head at that moment.

”He doesn seem to be alright…I guess he went through a huge shock, well its not something that I didn expect. Any person will go insane after finding out that he had such little karma points… ” Albert sighed as he shook his head.

The person sitting in front of Asher was really Albert Einstein. After he died on earth, he came here, and because of his huge achievements, he was rewarded with an immense amount of Karma Points which further strengthened his position in the After Life [Auth:- I did some editing in the previous chapter and made it so that the people living in The #$##%$&^ World System calls their world The After Life.] and now, he was one of the few High humans in the After Life also the dean of the huge building that Asher saw in his dreams before.

”So…what should I call you? ” Asher made an awkward smile and asked the person in front of him.

”You can call me Dean… ” Einstein replied with a smile.

”Dean? As in the dean of a university? ” Asher asked.

”Yes, I was given the privilege to become the dean of the After Life Academy or what people call us The Karma Academy. ” Einstein stood up from his seat and moved towards the window as he spoke.

”Karma Academy…wait what? Karma Academy?! ” Asher spoke in surprise as he sprang up from the sofa he was lying on.

System! What is this Karma Academy? Is this related to you? Or am I really dreaming? But this feels too real for a dream! Asher whispered in a low voice. He wasn able to accept what was right in front of his eyes.

Did I isekaed in my sleep? Did someone come to kill me when I was asleep? But then what about my revenge? What about my oath? A flash of despair flashed in Ashers eyes and he closed them trying to keep his emotions in check.

”Sigh… ” After a minute, Asher opened his eyes with a sigh.

”Huh? ” Looking at the change of emotions in Ashers eyes, even Einstein was surprised. Looking at his resolute expression, Einstein smiled and nodded his head in appreciation.

”You should hurry…your class is about to start, it wouldn be good for you to be late on the first day of your class. ” Einstein pushed Asher out of the room.

”And remember one thing, even if you don have anything you could gain with the number of karma points you have, still, you shouldn give up! Miracles only happen if there is a spark, you can be that spark, and maybe you will be able to become someone decent in these 5 years. don feel bad about yourself, don hate yourself because reminiscing about the past, again and again, wouldn make you better in the present. Learn from the mistakes you have made and be a person tomorrow. ” Saying this, Einstein closed the door on Ashers face leaving him dumbfounded.

”What the F&%k he was talking about? ” Asher muttered.

”Asher? ” Another familiar voice sounded in the desolate hallway where Asher was standing making the voice echo a bit before reaching Ashers ears. Hearing the voice, Asher turned back in a daze to see a familiar figure in the distance.

”Asher are you fine? ” The figure walked toward Asher and asked in a worried tone.

”Uh? Y…yeah? I am fine… ” A broken sentence escaped Ashers mouth which also pulled him back to reality as he looked at the figure in front of him.

The figure was tall. just a bit shorter than Asher. She was wearing a uniform that looked to be a vintage western school uniform in style. The uniform was in complete contrast to her pink straight hair which was now tied in a ponytail. She had a slim build with excellent proportions which complemented her perfect face. Like her hair, her emerald eyes also were completely different from her clothes but, they seemed to draw one in. Miraculously, her hair and eyes didn make her look weird but they complemented her beauty even more.

”Then what are you waiting for? Hurry! We will be late for class! ” The girl without even waiting for Asher took his hand and started running.

”Wai…Wait!!! ” Asher screamed but to no avail.

-To Be Continued-

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