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For most of us, we have been taught to do good. For me at the very least, the reason was to reincarnate into something good in the next life. But what is the Afterlife? How are people so sure of being a
ext life? Some people say that if you have more good karma points, you will go to heaven and if you have bad karma accumulated under your name, you will go to hell.

The concept of karma points and hell, and heaven is very simple. Do something good and you get a karma point. The better the thing you do, the more karma points you get, and its the opposite for the bad karma points.

The question I want to ask is where did this concept even come from? Was it like a person came back to life from the dead and told everyone about it? Or we can see it from the telescopes we have planted around the world or even in space?

To be honest, we don have concrete proof of these things. It is good to do good and help others, but I don think it is good to scare people by saying things about going to hell or heaven. And how do you even justify good or bad? In some cases, the good you think can be bad in the eyes of others, and what if it really is bad and you are doing it just because you or the people with you think that it is good?

The concept of good and evil is made by society, if something is bad and many people are saying that it is okay to do, then you yourself will be moved to doing the thing even if it is bad.

[Auth:- I am 100% sure I was not drunk while writing all of this and also I am not depressed. 🙂 This can be counted as the basic theme? Maybe?]

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