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Earth? After Life?

There are people who think that we have one life and also there is no proof of being heaven, hell, or the afterlife. So, lets just enjoy what we have and they like to live their life to the fullest not missing anything they want to do.

Asher, is the same, thinking about living his life to the fullest and not thinking about anything, I mean why should he think about anyone or anything? His father earns more than enough, he has a company to inherit, even if he does not know a thing about business and economics, he can still sit and eat for the rest of his life easily right?

Well, you know life is not that easy, it can be cruel to some people, and it can be worse than hell.

25th January 2022

Today Asher Oliver turned 18, now he is at the legal age to do many things he couldn have done legally before.

”Asher! Wake up! Its already 10 pm! ” A sweet and concerning voice resounded through the house.

Through the sunlight coming from the windows, one can see a youth very handsome with straight eyebrows frowning as he slowly opens his eyes to see a beautiful face in front of him, she has similar eyebrows and lips to that of Asher and she was looking at him with a bit of anger on her face.

”Good Morning Moom~, ” Asher said while yawning and getting reading to sleep back again.

”Not so quick young man. ” The voice sounded again as she pulled the quilt off from Asher and with a smile on her face she again looked at him and said, ”This is your last chance to wake up, or else… ”

”Okay! Okay! I am awake okay! Now please can you get out of my room I have to freshen myself up a bit. ” Asher said as he got off the bed.

Ugh! I have to listen to my moms nagging also on my birthday…I am grown up now, I can do whatever I want to do! Asher sighed.

Asher was 5.10 with a thin build and fair face, the only thing lacking was his physique as he was a bit lanky. He was basically any girls dream, tall, handsome, rich. But, alas, the girl he liked Kristina was the daughter of the chairman of a huge company, much richer than his family.

She had it all, she was very beautiful, intelligent, diligent, and talented in many things and there were many people who wanted to have her heart, but they couldn match her brightness. There was also a Fanclub made for her by many of her suitors. In her Fanclub Asher was just another rich nobody, he was not talented in anything or he had never tried doing anything for real. His exam scores were bad, he was not good at sports.

Asher didn care about anything other than flaunting his wealth around to impress people and make fake friends, who were only there for his money and nothing else.

After freshening up a bit and wearing the clothes his mother prepared for him, he came down to the dining table where his father was sitting reading the newspaper and his mother was serving breakfast.

”You are 2 hours late… ” Ashers father said in a stern voice as he looked at his son.

”Ah…It was because I came back early yesterday and was a bit tired. ” Asher said as he sat down.

”I have told you many times, that you should leave those friends of yours, they are not diligent in anything other than spending your money. You should make better friends, as the saying goes The Man… ”

”A man is known by the company he keeps! I know I know, you have told me this many times. ” Asher laughed as he said.

”But you still don listen, what is the use of me saying if you aren going to listen? ” father Oliver sighed.

”Leave him alone darling! At least for today, see you haven even wished him happy birthday yet. ” mother Oliver rolled her eyes at Ashers father as she kissed Asher on his forehead.

”Happy Birthday Son! ” father Oliver wished Asher.

”Dad! You have wished me happy birthday but where is my present? ” Asher looked at his father with stars in his eyes.

”Yes yes, about your gift, as now that you have grown into an adult, your mom and I have decided to finally take you to the office with us, that way you would be able to learn about business and slowly take over the company. ” Father Oliver said as he looked at Asher with expectant eyes, but what he saw was dark clouds on his face.

”I…I don want your company! I don want to work! Can you always take care of me as you have always had? I can live fine without even working, so why should I? ” Asher started ranting as he looked at his parents with fear in his eyes.

”I am not telling you to run the company now, I am just telling you to start slowly… ” Ashers father said as he shook his head looking at how immature Asher was being.

”Yes son, we are here with you, right? So calm down and come with us, today we will just roam around the building to meet the staff and other simple stuff. ” Mother Oliver said with a smile.

”O…Okay! I will go with you. ” Asher said in a low voice.

Maybe if I start going to the office, Kristina will like me!! Yes! You are a genius, Asher! This is what was going in Ashers mind when he agreed to go to the office with his parents.

-Half an hour later-

Asher along with his parents sat in the car on the way to Oliver Inc.

”Asher listen, son, we are worried about you, whats why we scold you, you have to become a good person and a person who people look up to, then only you will be at the peak. We want to see you become an excellent person. ” Ashers mother smiles as she lovingly pats Ashers head.

”I know mom… ” Asher said as he smiled, but something else was going inside his head.

While they were smiling and talking about how to celebrate Ashers birthday, The car they were in, started going faster and faster.

”Hey! Driver! Why are you driving so fast? Slow down! ” Ashers dad roared as he looked back from the window at the driver. [Auth:- They were in a limo the one where you sit facing each other. And there is a window between the rear seats and the driver for privacy.] But what he saw was an empty seat and a brick attached to the accelerator.

He quickly looked outside the window to see that they were going towards the end of an incomplete bridge. Seeing that Ashers dad was looking out, Mother Oliver also looked outside, and seeing where they were, she screamed.


The phone with which Asher was playing, also slipped from his end as he started chanting things.

”We will all die, I didn even get to sleep with Kristina, Its over! ”

They were so engrossed in their chat that they didn even notice that they were going in the wrong way, and part of the reason was the frosted black glass the windows were made up of.

”Shut up! Asher! You too Ashers mom! We have to think about something quick because we don have much time left! At the end of the road, there is a huge mountain, where they were going to dig a tunnel and by the speed, we are going, we won be able to survive if we crash.! ” Father Oliver quickly analyzed the situation.

Asher and his mom calmed down a bit, but still panic and grief were in their eyes. Asher tried to open the door but to no avail.

Ashers dad and mom looked at each other and nodded solemnly.

They looked at Aher and said with a smile, ”Asher our son, be a good person and work hard, make us proud. ” Asher was confused as to why they were telling this to him now, but what came after that shocked him even more.

Both of them picked him up and threw him outside the window at the foliage. The last thing while being thrown out, Asher saw was his mother crying and his father hugging her after that he blacked out.

—-To Be Continued—-


My grammar can be bad at times as English is not my native language so please guys bear with it for some time, I will get better with time.

This is my first Novel! I had this idea for quite some time now, but I never had the chance to write it until now!]

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