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Is It fine to Stay Alive?

Is he up?…. I think he is fine…

”Ugh! My head… ” Asher groaned as he slowly opened his eyes to see a group of people looking at him with a bit of concern.

”Whe…where am I? ” Asher asked in a low voice.

”You are dead, and I am your ancestor. ” The man with a clean french cut beard looked at him as he smiled.

”I see… ” Asher sighed as he said as he stood up.

Looking at the expression of Asher people around him sighed and started going back to work.

Asher was looking at the ground absent-mindedly, suddenly he heard a voice it was ethereal as if bells of heaven were ringing. As he looked up and saw a goddess walking up to him with a smile on her face. She came up to him, held his face, and looked at his eyes.

”Asher, are you fine? ” She asked him in a concerning tone.

”Um…Is this heaven? ” Asher was stunned by the sudden physical contact with the goddess and some words slipped out of his mouth reflexively.

”Pfftttt…Heaven? There is no heaven in the cosmos, and this the place you are in is what we call After Life. ” The girl shook her head as she smiled.

”After Life? ” Asher muttered a few words then suddenly he stopped.

”M…my parents? Where are my mom and dad?! ” Asher started shivering as tears welled up in his eyes.

”Parents? What are you talking about? There are no parents in this world. Asher are you really fine? ” the girl asked.

”No…No! I want to see my parents! ” Asher squatted down holding his head and started mumbling.

”Looks like the situation is a bit too dire. I should take him to the orphanage. ” The said in a low voice. She held her hands up and with a wave motion, she lifted Asher up in the air, making him float.

”What?! What is this? How am I flying? ” Asher screamed as his face darkened.

Now he doesn even remember my Telekenisis ability? It seems like he truly isn right in his head, I should take him to the professor. The girl thought as she shook her head.

”Don worry Asher! After some configuration, you will be back to normal in no time. ” The girl smiled at Asher.

”Config?!! WHaaaaattt!!! ” Asher wanted to say something but was interrupted by the sudden burst of air he felt on his face.

”We are here~! ” Before Asher was able to understand what was going on, he found himself in front of a huge tower. He had seen the biggest building in the world before but, even that building was nowhere near the building he was in front of right now. It looked like it was touching the boundaries of the Earths atmosphere.

Asher was now lost in his mind and was thinking about all the random stuff of the world. The first thing that came to his mind was, did he get reincarnated? Without the truck kun? Or is he still asleep? But he shook off this thought because he was very sure that the wind he felt earlier was real.

It seems like I died and got reincarnated. Mal nodded at the chances of this being a different world and silently glanced at the girl who was standing beside him.

It looks like she knows me…I should probably stick around here, that way I will be able to know more about this world and the current me, though this persons name is the same as mine in my previous life… Asher stopped thinking as a thought flashed across his mind.

”Aren I too calm about this situation!!? ” Asher gulped.

One thing Asher was sure of was that he of all people cannot be this calm, before, even if there was a bit less salt in his dish, he would have thrown a tantrum and maybe even would have fired the chef and now, he was taking all of this reincarnation bullshit way too easily.

Seeing that Asher was lost in his own world, the girl beside him sighed. ”It seems that Asher has truly lost it… ”

After waiting for 5 minutes, finally, it was their turn to enter the building. With a swoosh, the scenery around them changed and when Asher opened his eyes, he was sitting on a chair and there was a man wearing spectacles and his head full of greyish white hair, just like Albert Einstein, from his previous life.

The bespectacled man was staring at him while smiling. Looking at his expression, Asher shuddered and he reflexively held his hands on his chest.

Looking at his reaction, the man smiled even more.

”That girl bought me here to sell me to him, I am sure of it, thats it, I am about to get defiled the moment I reincarnated, what kind of reincarnation is this? I may not be a decent person but, I am a man of honor! I will rather die than fall into this Albert Einstein ripoff guy! ” Asher had made up his mind and he was looking abound to find something to end himself quickly and easily.

”Asher… ” The Man called out to him.

Hearing the voice, Asher started getting lightheaded.


”Ugh…Again with this headache!… ” Asher felt a similar splitting headache as he had felt a few minutes ago and just like before, he slowly opened his eyes, not to see a group of people looking at him, but a white light just like he had seen in the hospitals.

”Wh…Where am I? ” Asher muttered.

”Sir!, The patient is awake!!! ” Asher squinted his brows because of the loud noise and slowly lifted his head up only to feel an insane amount of pain all over his body.

”Woah! Calm down, son! You have broken 15 of your bones in the rib cage and a few others all over your body. Along with that, you have also damaged some of your internal organs. So, obviously, its going to be painful. But also, you are lucky to survive after injuring your body to this extent. ” A man came beside Asher and pushed him down.

”Is…this..A…afterlife? ” Mal asked the man who looked as if he was a doctor, in broken words.

”hahahahahaha!! No this is Earth. ” The man started laughing and shook his head.

”Earth? ” Asher was lost and confused about reality and dreams.

[Ding! Achievement Unlocked! BACK FROM THE %$$^&%# WORLD The System Will Now Bound To The Hosts Soul.]


This time Asher felt a pain like no other! It was a million times worse than what he had felt before and the pain he was feeling was not from his physical body but, from something else within. Being not able to resist the pain, Asher fainted.

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