”What the hell is on today with me and headaches…again urgh… ” this was the third time Asher was being assaulted with a headache and this time the intensity was a lot less as when compared to before It seemed like the initial headache was always the opposite to the one after waking up.

This time, he didn even get a chance to resist and helplessly got put into a dormant state.

Asher tried to move his body but, he found out he was tightly held in place by something unable to even move a finger.

”Wh…who is there?….Pl…please let me go… ”

Asher tried moving his body but to no avail.

”Doctor, his condition has still not stabilized, we should still keep him in check, maybe he still has some internal injuries. ” A hazy female voice sounded in Ashers ears.

What are they even talking about? And why isn the doctor not healing me?!! I will ** him up once I wake up!!! Asher grumbled in his heart.

”Forget about him. We have received orders to let him as he is, the longer he stays in bed the better it is for us. ” The doctor said as he smiled and wrapped his hands around the nurse.

”What are you doing? What if someone sees us? ” the nurse grumbled coquettishly.


Ashers blood pressure started rising not because of the show of romance right beside his paralyzed body, but because of what he heard the doctor say. Someone was plotting against him? But who could it have been, all of these thoughts were going inside Ashers mind. He had always been in the shadow of his parents and they have kept him away from all the schemes and harm. He was a naive, newborn child in front of all those old foxes.

”AAH! doctor! something is happening to him! What should we do? ” Seeing the condition of Asher the nurse panicked.

”Calm down…He is fine, maybe he had a nightmare. ” the doctor calmed the nurse down and they quickly left the room.

These frekin…*Huff**Huff*…calm down Asher, calm down. It looks like these people think that I am asleep, but I am clearly aren so how? Asher was getting more and more restless, the feeling of being unable to do anything when someone is talking beside him had him felt something that he had never felt before.

The sense of helplessness. He had been able to do anything he want and move the world with his fingers before and now, He was lying on a bed like a dead doll, chained, unable to do anything.

How did my life come to such a low point? Where I was wrong… Asher got lost in his thoughts and finally, he fell asleep.

-Next Morning-

”Doctor is he awake? ” A heavy yet old voice sounded through the room which made Asher awake.

Is it uncle Brian?! Ashers closed eyes lit up and now he was fully awake and also a bit excited.

If it is uncle Brian, he will help me get out of this hospital and teach those doctors and the person who did this to me a lesson! Finally, I can get out of this hell-hole. Asher was very excited to get out of the dormant state he was physically in.

”No mister Brian, he is still in his paralysis state. ” The doctor replied.

”Yes! Uncle Brian Frick him up! ” Asher cheered in his mind.

”Thank God! ” A happy-sounding word from Brian was like a storm that swept away all the color from Ashers face.


Ashers pulse started to rise as a bad promotion rose in his heart.

”Is everything fine doctor? Why is his pulse suddenly rising? ” Brian asked in a concerned tone.

”Don you worry mister Brian! This is normal after the trauma he has been through, maybe he is just having a nightmare. ” The doctor quickly checked Ashers condition and gave Brian his report.

”Then its fine…nothing should happen to him… ”

Phew, for a moment, I thought about something unpleasant. Asher regained his calm after listening to Brians words.

”yet. ” Brian completed his sentence and walked towards Asher who was lying on the bed bent down and said, ”Asher son, we had it planned to finish your whole family in one go but, I guess there was some miscalculation in the plan. Oh, Poor Asher, I feel bad for you, It would have been better for you to die than to live like this. I hope you will not blame this old uncle of yours, it was already destined for you to either die or live like a fool. Now then, wake up quickly so that we can end your suffering in one go. ”

After whispering this to Ashers ears, Brian turned around and walked out of the room with the doctor, all that was left in the room was Ashers paralyzed body and his shocked mind.

Mom, Dad was it really fine for me to survive?

-To Be Continued-

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