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Frog in a well:- A person who doesn know about the situation outside the well that they have been in and they think that this is the world.

Similarly, now that Asher had firsthand witnessed the 360 change in his attitude and listening to the words of his Dear uncle, he was finding it difficult to accept reality.

Was uncle Brian the one who planned this accident? But why would he do that? I don remember any fights between him and my parents…and he was also very kind to me so why??? Asher was constantly thinking about various scenarios in his mind as to why Brian was doing this.


”Asher my nephew!!… ” A sissy voice entered the room this time.

Uncle Lucas? Surely he won betray me right? Asher thought to himself.

”Why! aren you dead yet? ”

”You surely are one pesky little cockroach ”

Uncle Lucas was also with Uncle Brian? Although Asher was a bit dim when it comes to using his brain, he was not an idiot. [Auth:- Whats the difference?] He figured out that both of his uncles were the ones who planned their demise.

Lucas unable to hear Ashers thoughts started talking and complaining about various things to Asher. ”Asher do you know that your father used to treat us like we weren even his brothers, he always used to make us overwork in the excuse of making us worthy. Fuckin BS, all he wanted was a slave that could have worked for him without any complaints…!

I know that he used to make you two overwork but, he himself was the one who used to wake up till late and correct your mistakes, and even when you guys used to work, he too used to be busy working all day, and you are telling me because of this you killed him?!! You killed my parents because you didn want to work?… But, then again, who am I to judge you? I too used to run away whenever he used to call me for work, Asher sighed listening to his uncle ranting.

”Not only that, he was in charge of all the cash flow of the company. Why not give your brothers something too? But no! he was selfish and arrogant, thats why we decided to end him and get what should have been ours as his elder brothers. ” Lucass shrieked as he completed his sentence.

”And as for you…heh! it doesn matter whether you live or die, what can a useless person even do? hahahahahahahaha! Well then, it was nice talking to you nephew, I will see you when you will wake up.

I don want to wake up…please whatever is happening with me keep it going, I will not be able to handle this situation… Without Asher himself knowing, he had started to change, the change was like as if someone has switched him on, it was instantaneous yet it didn feel weird to Asher himself. The change was not something physical, it was his mentality, the shocks that he had received back to back made it possible. Yet there was something foreign in the change as if someone gave him a light push to the other side.

One by one many of his relatives and even his friends came to visit him.

Adam! its Adam and others! They came! They should be here to see me right? To pray for my well-being and to give their condolences to my parents…right?! Ashers eyes lit up as he heard his dear friends come in.

”Tch our Piggy Bank died…he should have at least given us a few thousand dollars before dying! ”

Looking at the dormant body of Asher, Adam spat in anger.


Following him, other people also cursed Asher for a few minutes then left.

”Asher you should make better friends. ”

”A man is known by the company he keeps… ”

”Asher! They are not your real friends, they are just there for your money… ”

”Asher you should come with me some time and learn about some basic stuff related to our company, you never know when all of this will come in handy. ”

All of the things that his parents used to say started coming back to him, but now it was too late to do anything. He was a failure in his life, running away from responsibilities, only thinking about his interests, never listening to his parents, and running towards an unreachable goal when he couldn even walk without a walking stick (parents, money.)

I should have listened… Asher was regretting his decisions of the past.

Suddenly he froze as if someone had hypnotized him, then a wave of ringing sound hit his brain.






{An Unknown Error Has Occured…}

{The Host Homo-Sapien #42696621654564s Has Been Detected In The #$##%$&^ World…}

{Registering #42696621654564 To The #$##%$&^ Worlds Server…}

{Registration Failed…}

{Trying Again…Failed}



{An Unknown Entity Has Forcefully Registered The Host #42696621654564 To The #$##%$&^ World}

{Connection Successful!}

{An Anomaly Has Been Made…}

{The Hosts Serial Number Is Being Altered…}

{#42696621654564 Changed To Anomaly #0}

{Best Of Luck To Your New Life}

-To Be Continued-

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