Karma Academy

Lowest Level Human

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

”Ugh…what is that noise? ” Asher grunted as he slowly opened his eyes.

”I am awake? *Sigh* it looks like I am finally awake…What now? Should I just run away? ” Asher looked around to see that there was no one in the room and even the lights were off, only the moonlight from outside the window was dimly lighting the room enough for Asher to look around.

”Now that I think about it, what was that weird dream I had? ” Asher thought of the weird dream that he had before.

*Ding* {Hello Host #0}

”Who? Who is there? ” Asher shouted towards the unknown voice.

*Ding* {Its Me Mario} [Auth:- JK lol]

*Ding* {New World System Ready To Serve The Host}

”Again with this voice! This was the voice that I heard when I was asleep. ” Mal scratched his head in confusion and looked around.

*Ding* {It Was Not A Dream, It Was You Connecting To The #$##%$&^ World System.}

”Yup, I knew it, I have gone insane from the concussion. ” Asher looked outside the window with sadness and defeat on his face.

*Ding* {Checking Hosts Current Condition…Nothing Out Of The Ordinary Found, After The Fusion, The Host Has Been Given One Time Heal.}

”Come to think of it…its not hurting anymore. Yesterday, the doctor was saying that many of my bones and even internal organs have been damaged, so how come don feel anything now? It isn like I have lost any sense of my body, Of all it feels better than before, I feel healthier than before! ” Asher jumped out of the bed feeling full of energy and power, the power he had never felt before. The feeling of his hands clenching, and the powerful beating of his heart made him convinced of everything was real.

”System? ”

*Ding* {Yes Host #0?}

”Aargh…can you stop with this dinging sound? It is annoying the crap out of me! ” Asher roared as he held his head. The sound was reminding him of the row of headaches that he had been feeling for a few days now.


”Thank you. Moving on to the next topic, what kind of a being are you? where have you come from? What do you want from me? ” Asher started asking all the questions that he had in his brain.

{I Am From The #$##%$&^ World, And I am Here To Help You Buy And Explain About Various Abilities You Can Buy From The Karma Store.}

”Lets just forget about the word you said you came from before, firstly, tell me more about this Karma Store and how it can be a help to me? ” Asher asked.

{Because Of An Anomaly, You aren Authorized To Learn About The #$##%$&^ World Just Yet. And For The Karma Store, Is A Place Where Homo Sapiens Can Buy Various Abilities Using The Karma Points They Have Accumulated In Their Entire Lives.}

”Karma Points? Do I have those? ” Asher asked in excitement as he heard about being able to buy various abilities, the feeling of helplessness started to fade away from his brain and heart and a newfound seed of hope and confidence sowed itself in its place.

”I Have A GoldenFinger Without Even Getting Reincarnated or Transmigrated! Take That You Shitty Novel Heroes!! ” Asher roared in delight.

{There Are 120 billion+ Users Of The System, The New World System Isn A Private Property Of The Host. The Host Has 3 Karma Points In Total.}

”… ” ”Fuck! There Aren Even 12 billion people in the whole world let alone 120 billion! Who are you messing with? And is 3 karma points a lot? ” Asher ignored what the system said about there being 120 billion people and asked about his karma points in anticipation.

{It Can Be Used To Buy Some Lv 1 abilities.}

”What are you waiting for quickly show me some! I cannot stay here for long, I have to get out of here undetected as fast as possible, show me some stealth skills first. ” Mal asked in a hurry, he knew that there weren any CCTV cameras in his room as all the shit talk he had been listening to for the past 2 days could have been used against his enemies, so they had already removed all the surveillance devices from the vicinity of his room.

{Stealth Skills start from Lv 3 Abilities. These Are The Following Skills That Can Be Bought With Hosts Karma Points…

1. Cat scratcher (Sir I am The No 1 in the world when it comes to scratching the belly of cats.)

2. Fresh Odor (I don smell!! You are the one who smells!)

3. Numb Tongue ( I cannot taste anything, good for eating shit)

4. Night Vision (Night vision in a place where there is never night? )

5. Strength enhancement Lv.1 (I wasn able to lift that thing and neither can I now…)

6. Speed Enhancement Lv. 1 ( I am speed! JK! I am a tad bit faster than a turtle now ^^)

7. Intelligence Enhancement Lv 1 (1+1 is 2 Eureka!)

8. Insect repellent (I don need a repellent for insects if I am the one right?)

9. Sweets For Life! ( Cannot get diabetes no matter how much sugar you eat)

10. Makeup artist (If I want to change myself then even my Mom cannot find out who I am! except for the people with system ^^)

”… ”

”Are you **ing kidding me right now? ” Asher who was getting away from depression got thrown back into jail of anxiety and depression again.

{No I Am Not Kidding Host #0}

”There is something whole with the skill list that you guys have put up. ” How can these be called skills? Except for night vision, everything is useless! ” Asher roared in his mind.

{This List Has Been Made In Accordance To The No Of Karma Points The Host Has.}

”… ”

”So, its my fault again? ” Asher asked in a low voice.


”… ”

”Fine then tell me how to earn those Karma points? ” Asher asked as he slapped his head in annoyance.

{You Cannot}

”Sonnovab****!!!!!! ”

-To Be Continued-

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