Karma Academy

Escape and The Oath

1 hour Later-

”So you are saying that there is no way to earn Karma Points? ” Asher slapped his face trying to calm down.


”And why is that? ”

{Karma Points Are The Points That One Accumulate In Their Entire Life And Are Used After Ones Death, And One Cannot Die Twice Thats Why The Number Of Karma Points One Can Have Is Limited.}

”But I am not dead… ” Asher asked in confusion.



{Host Is Found To Be Not In The #$##%$&^ World System.}


{Unable To Find A Suitable Correction}

*Ding* {A New Plugin Is Being Installed By An Unknown Source}

*Ding* {A New Feature, Karma Points Collection Has Been Added}

*Ding* {Plugin Has Been Installed Successfully.}

”??? ”

”What happened? ” Asher was a bit dumbfounded after listening to all the notifications.

{A New Feature Has Been Added After Looking At Hosts Situation.}

”Karma Points something…is this something that will be able to help me somehow? Should I care about it? ” Asher asked in a hurried tone. He saw the time on the clock and it was going to be morning in 2 hours, he didn have enough time to leisurely sit and talk to the system.

{The Host Is Found To Be Not In The #$##%$&^ World System, And Thus Has Been Given An Additional Ability To Earn Karma Points For As Long As The Host Is Alive}

”Yess! Thats what I was waiting for! Now tell me how to earn Karma Points? ” Ashers eyes lit up and his mouth curved into a smile after hearing he has been given such a cheat.

{Karma Points Can Be Obtained After doing Something Significant Or Something That Changes Ones Life for The Better.}

”Thats very vague…I can give some money to a beggar, would that be enough for me to earn Karma Points? ” Asher raised his eyebrows and questioned.

{Technically Yes, Karma Points can Also Be Lost Depending upon What The Host Is Doing.}

”So, does that mean the more good thing or significant thing I do the more Karma Points I will earn? ” Asher asked.

{Technically Yes.}

That means I can do nothing as of now to earn Karma Points…should I destroy this place? That would be something significant right? But then that can backfire on me, people will definitely hear huge pieces of equipment being thrown apart, Asher thought to himself.

”Can you show me those abilities again? The ones I can buy…? ”


1. Cat scratcher (Sir I am The No 1 in the world when it comes to scratching the belly of cats.)

2. Fresh Odor (I don smell!! You are the one who smells!)

3. Numb Tongue ( I cannot taste anything, good for eating shit)

4. Night Vision (Night vision in a place where there is never night? )

5. Strength enhancement Lv.1 (I wasn able to lift that thing and neither can I now…)

6. Speed Enhancement Lv. 1 ( I am speed! JK! I am a tad bit faster than a turtle now ^^)

7. Intelligence Enhancement Lv 1 (1+1 is 2 Eureka!)

8. Insect repellent (I don need a repellent for insects if I am the one right?)

9. Sweets For Life! ( Cannot get diabetes no matter how much sugar you eat)

10. Makeup artist (If I want to change myself then even my Mom cannot find out who I am! except for the people with system ^^)

”Tell me who the hell was the one providing the explanation for these skills? ” Ashers mouth twitched looking at the insane explanations.

{Host Is Not Qualified to Know}

”… ”

”Moving on…I guess I have to choose abilities among these for now. It is good to know that I can re-earn these karma points. ” Asher swiped the options looking at them one by one and of course, he ignored the explanations.

”Oh Yeah! I totally forgot! What are the prices of these abilities that you have shown me? ” Asher facepalmed thinking that he had forgotten about such an important thing.

{Everything Is For 1 karma point.}

”… ”

”Why are these so expensive?!! You are telling me in my 18 years of life, I have only earned karma points enough to buy these shitty abilities?? I thought these would cost around 0.1 karma points or something at most! ” Asher looked outside the window into the sky with a bitter expression on his face.

{As Said Before, Karma Points Can Also Be Taken Away If The Host Does Something That Gives hin (-)Negative Karma. So, Looking At All The Experiences Of The Host 3 Karma Points Is Still a lot.}

”Just say it to my face that I am a useless human scum who hasn even done something worthy of a Few Karma Points!! ” Asher fell to his knees biting his lips and roaring in regret and rage.


”Lets forget about it. For now, I have to choose these abilities and get out of here as fast as possible.

After thinking about it for a while, Asher choose these 3 skills

1. Speed Enhancement.

2. Night Vision

3. Makeup Artist.

”Night vision can help me see and move swiftly in the darkness, speed enhancement will make my escaping a tad bit easier and makeup artist is the most important skill that is going to help me get out of here as efficiently as possible without being caught. ” Looking at the abilities Asher has chosen, he nodded in satisfaction and asked the system to buy them for him.

{The Abilities Have Been Bought. The Balance is 0 Karma Points. Happy Shopping!}

{Some Abilities Have Been Detected, Should The System Begin The Integration Process?}

”What are you waiting for? Yes! do it now!! ”


Another headache blasted inside Ashers head making him dizzy.

”You sadist son of a bitches again with this headache goddammit!!! ” Asher held his head and stuffed his mouth with the bedsheets to stop himself from making any huge commotion as he was going through internal torture.

{The Abilities Have Been Successfully Integrated. Congratulations On Becoming Lowest Level Human}

-To Be Continued-

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