Karma Academy


{The Abilities Have Been Successfully Integrated. Congratulations On Becoming Lowest Level Human}

*Huff* *Huff*

”Yeah, no shit! ” Asher muttered as he stood up and shook his head in frustration.

”It looks like all thats left for me to do is get the hell out of here…Lets see first what I can use now…System open the ability page for me! ”


A Purple colored screen appeared in front of Ashers eyes where The borders and the words were written in yellow.

{Host:- Anomaly #0

Name:- Asher Oliver

Race:- Lowest Human


1. Night Vision

2. Agility Enhancement

3. Makeup Artist

4. Driving (Intermediate)

Status:- Confused, Sad, Angry

”Driving? I don remember buying this skill. So why is this showing in my status panel? ” Asher asked in confusion.

{It Was The Skill Already With The Host, And Also, It Was The Only Skill Worthy Enough To Be Shown In The Ability Panel.}

”I see…Enough chit chat its time to move! ” Asher shook his head and started looking around his room to find things that can be of help for him to escape. In the medicinal Isle, he found many rubber gloves, masks, syringes, pain killers, bandages, and disinfectants, and after that, he found an empty duffle bag near his bed. God knows why it was there but a peculiar scent was coming off the bag. He threw all the things inside the bag and also threw some protein bars and water bottles from the fridge.

One thing he didn notice was his eerily smooth actions and decisions. The system not only cleaned his entire body but also kind of refreshed his brain. The shock that he had received after the passing of his parents and the attitude of his relatives and friends towards him had left him emotionally scarred.

But sometimes, scars are necessary, they may not hurt you but, they will remind you of the things that have happened to you over and over so that, you wouldn repeat the same mistake again. This was a major factor in his change of thinking in Asher. He wasn a moron, his parents used to say that he has been wasting the potential of his brain. And now, it was coming in handy.

After getting things ready, he sat down on his bed and started waiting for the correct time.

”Should I test out my other ability now? ” Asher looked around the room. ”I think its big enough to run a few laps… ”

Asher stood up threw his bag on the bed and got himself ready.

”1…2…3…Go!! ”

After running 3 laps of the room, he came back to the bed and sat down with a smile on his face.

”It was **ing incredible! ” Mal was so very happy with the results.

”I should be equal to Mr. Bolt! in terms of speed!! But how come such an awesome ability had such a bs description? Did I find an easter egg? A bug? ” Asher got excited and he clenched his fist.

{As Described, These Abilities Are The Lowest Of The Low. There Are Many High-Level Abilities that Can Even Make you As Fast As Light Itself.)

”I see…so that means that the concept of extremity in both the places is different. The abilities which can make you world famous here are nothing in the place where this system has come from. ” Asher nodded at his deduction and his eyes also glowed in determination and excitement.

”This Karma Points Collection ability has such a huge potential if used correctly, I look forward to all the things I would be able to achieve in this world! ” Asher said with determination.

Its time to move… ”

Asher took out a syringe from his bag and shoved it towards his face. This wasn him insane or anything, he was loosening up his face muscles to make him look older than he is by stunning his facial nerves. This was what he had learned from the ability of a Makeup Artist. It turned out that this ability wasn only limited to changing the face by the use of makeup but, there was also detailed information about changing the instruction of the body itself to change oneself.

This ability is useless in The #$##%$&^ World System because there every person was able to look into the information of the other person by the use of the system but, in the world where Asher was living, this ability was godly.

After loosening up his facial muscles, Asher took a deep breath, stuffed his mouth with a bedsheet and…


*oooffff Huffff huffff*

”This is insanity HAHAHAhAhA!! ” Asher laughed at his own state as he looked at the person standing in front of the mirror who looked entirely different from his real self. The person in front of him had a hunched back, a face full of wrinkles, and also the figure was slightly shaking.

”Dislocating my bones was worth it! Now no one will recognize me not even my friends or my uncles! ” Asher laughed inwardly and quickly stood with the bag and moved towards the window.

”2 or 3 floors…I think it would be fine to throw my bag from here…carrying such a big bag can make me feel suspicious. After throwing the duffle bag, Asher attached a fake syringe to his hand and held the glucose container stand with his other hand.

”Perfect! ”

For the last time, he looked at himself in the mirror and slowly walked out of his room. From another persons perspective, he looked like a 70-year-old grandpa who was walking around with the support of the glucose stand.

Asher looked around and slowly started walking towards the elevator.

”Sir this place is off limits! Why are you here? ” As Asher was going to press the elevators button, a familiar voice called out to him.

Fuck! Asher cursed as he turned around towards the voice.

His heart was beating like drums as he looked at the doctor in front of him. This was the exact doctor who was in charge of Asher. Calm down Asher! Calm down, you cannot get caught here. Asher took a deep breath and said in a deep old voice.

”I want to go to the park outside…the lift brought me here… ”

”… ”

Say something for gods sake!!! Looking at the person in front of him who was completely silent and was looking at him like an idiot, Asher panicked.

”Oh! I am sorry sir! Would you like me to send you down? ” The doctor suddenly smiled and asked Asher.

”Just tell me how to go down, I can go by myself hmmph! ” My acting is immaculate! Asher grinned inside but outside, he had a stern expression on his face.

”Ye…yes sure sir! ” With a wry smile, the doctor hurriedly moved forward and called the elevator for Asher (Old Man).

Asher looked at the doctor once more and slowly with the help of the stand, he walked towards the elevator.

”Finally! I am out! ” After reaching the ground floor, Asher at a somewhat quick pace walked outside. ”

”Now where did I throw the bag? Ah, yes! I found it! ” After locating the bag, Asher threw the glucose stand in the bushes, corrected his dislocated back, and with a mask on his face, he finally exited the vicinity of the hospital.

”I am finally out!!! ” Asher screamed inwardly. This was the first time he had something so difficult without his parents or other persons help.

”Mom, Dad I Asher Oliver swear to god that I will bring justice to you two and fulfill your final wish! I will make The Oliver Group the largest company in the world! ” Asher looked at the now rising sun as he took an oath.

-To Be Continued-

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