King Kai

Royal Ball

Everyone seems busy preparing for the royal ball at the castle. The prince is about to choose a bride for himself. The maidens of Alvatonia are getting themselves fully prepared to be the choosen one from the prince. No one doesn want to give a damn chance to be oppressed. Fashion designers of the kingdom are very busy sewing cloths given to them by the people.

”You seem less concerned ” Leticia told her daughter who seem relented with the preparations. Her daughter is really a beautiful girl who is of age to get married. she considers this as an opportunity to find her daughter a husband and also an opportunity to finally get rid of their poverty.

”Yes of course mom ” Doris heaved a sign. The look in her eyes looks full of worries and depression.

”If I may ask, why? ” The mother asked calmly wanting to her reasons.

”Mom, come to look at it, our family standard is nothing compared to people around us. we are low lives and yet you are urging me to go the royal ball. We can be disgraced, I am no match to the people going to that ball. Im not even special!! ” She poured out. She really can fit in with people who would wear expensive wears and expensive perfumes and jewelries.

”Stop thinking low of yourself dear. Even if we are no match to them, Luck can be on our side. Okay dear, I will go to the market right now and get you a beautiful wear. How bout that? ” She asked her daughter with a warm smile, wanting her approval.

”Luck? Luck is only 47 percent. Im not beautiful compared to other girls outside and I don even have any specialties in me. Im the only maiden in this kingdom that doesn have a magic or any creature I belong to. ” She yelled out in complete pain. Tears starts dripping from the corner of her protruding eyes.

”Calm down Doris. You might not have magic, but you might come to know of it later ” She persuaded her daughter with a worried voice

Doris saw her worried her mother was and she doesn want her mother to start thinking.

”Okay mom. I will attend the ball. You can get the clothes for me. ” Doris agreed and she forced a smile on her facing while cleaning her tears.

”Thats my daughter. ” She hugged her daughter.

Leticia really loves Doris because she was her only child. Despite how poor they are she did everything in her power to send her daughter to school. Her father died because of the rise in Blood pressure. Doris is the only one left for her. Her daughter did everything in her power to help her mother both financially and emotionally.

After the hug, Leticia quickly grabbed some money in her save box and went to the market. Leticia wants her daughter to be the same as others even if she has to be buy them in credit.

A Silver sparkling dress attracted the sight of Leticia when she arrived at the market. She knew that with the texture and design made on the cloth, that she wouldn be able to buy the clothes cause her money wouldn be enough. Leticia gazed searched around some shops to see if she would see an attractive cloth apart from the one that cut her but no one. Some the clothes we already used and dull. she couldn buy it for her daughter. Leticia made her way to the shop who had the silver sparkling dress.

”Um, hello ” She greeted with a warm smile. She was nervous within.

”Good Afternoon maam, How may I help you? ” The fair Lady greeted back returning a warm smile.

” How much is this dress? ” Leticia nervously asked.

”Its ¢25,000 maam ” The said with a humble smile.

”….. ” Leticia gasped with utmost surprise.

The fair Lady was confused with the woman reaction. In there mind, she thought the price was cheap and now the woman reaction made her rethink.

”What is it maam? ” The lady asked in a confused tone.

”Oh, Im sorry. I don have up to that ” Leticia said in a low and disappointed voice.

”Thanks for your time anyways. ” Leticia said as she started to withdraw. Perhaps her daughter was right anyway, they would never be a match with people whos gonna attend the royal ball. The royal is gonna be tomorrow and yet the clothes she was gonna wear wasn ready. She really hates herself for now even able to provide an expensive gown for her.

”How much is with you maam? ” The fair Lady asked

”Im with ¢ 7000 ” She said embarrassingly

”Thats low maam. Who wants to out it on? ” She asked

”My daughter ” She replied sharply, hoping for some miracle to happen.

”What if u take it on rent with that amount and return it in the next 4 days? ” The Fair Lady asked waiting for disapproval.

”Really?!! I would love too ” Leticia eyes was filled with happiness. Finally her daughter was going to attend the ball. The miracle did sort of happened. Leticia gave her the money in happiness. The Fair Ladys eyes widen in surprise. Perhaps she did need the clothes.

The Fair Lady quickly rapped the cloth in a fancy nylon and gave it to her.

Leticia walked home happily.

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