King Kai

I want her

The foot steps of a man descending down the stairs caught everyones attention. They couldn help but watch as the man descended down the stairs majestically. He walked to the middle of the dance hall so that everybody could see him and also hear what he was about to say.

”is he the prince? ” A maiden asked

”I don think so ” The other replied. They were confused if they should greet or not. They couldn tell if he was the prince because the mask he was putting on didn reveal his complete face. They only see his eyeball, nose and lip. They other part of his face were hidden.

”What is he doing? ” Doris asked confused. He said he wasn the prince and what the ** is he doing there. Doris scratched the back of her neck feeling a bit uncomfortable.

” Goodday everyone ” He greeted with a warm smile

”Its really nice to see how you guys look fully prepared for this Royal Ball ” He continued

”Nevertheless, you guys look awesome and its really difficult to choose who I would take as my bride. ” He said as he took off his mask completely from his face.

Everybodys mouth formed o. They couldn believe he was their Prince. They all bowed down.

”Greetings Your Highness ” They greeted.

”Rise! ” He ordered

Doris couldn believe what she was seeing. All along it was the prince that she was talking to?

She pinched herself be sure that she wasn dreaming. The Kai turned out to be the prince!!

”…o….. ” Doris Exclaim.

” As I was saying, the reason for this ball was for me to find a bride. Most of the maidens here are from a Rich family and you all look stunning ” The prince complemented her

Suddenly a growling sound was heard by the prince. It came from his tummy. its been long since he satisfied himself with what he wants. Desire for food suddenly filled his eyes. Prince Kai controlled himself as he was about to say who he wants to be his bride.

The guest in the hall began to murmur.

”He will choose me ” An Ebony skinned girl proud said

”Of course not, Its me ” The other challenged.

The maidens began to murmur that the prince would choose one of them. Doris was just still shocked by the ordeal. She didn know if she should happy or sad. Its just felt as if there was rollercoaster in her tummy. Her thought was disrupted as the Prince cleared his throat to speak again. The maidens heart began to pound waiting for the Prince answer. The prince gaze fell on Doris who was scratching her hair continuously.

”Ive came into conclusion that, Doris, the girl with a Silver gown will be my bride ” His voice echoed and Doris almost fainted when she heard her name.

The Prince pointed to direction of Doris and everybodys attention was on her. Doris heart was beating really hard that she could hear the sounds.

”Did he just mention my name? ” She asked herself as she pinched herself continuously.

”She? Is she a match to me? ” A girl said loudly with complete anger

”Ew, the prince has a bad taste ” Another Maiden said

”She already danced with the Prince earlier. I guessed she did that to win his heart, showing hm that she is really good in dancing ” Doris could hear another voice.

She could help but squat on the floor as she used her hands to cover her ears. Tears dropped down. She didn know what to feel, Is it happy or sad? Her heart kept thudding faster.

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