King Kai

I am a Monster

Leticia made her way home to tell her daughter the good news.

”Mom, you are back early today. Did someone get into a fight with you today? ” Doris asked her mom looking worried.

”No My daughter. God has truly blessed us today. The prince is a God sent. ” Leticia jumped in happiness.

”Prince? What happened? ” Doris asked looking confused.

” The prince told his knight to check about your background and finally they met me. They bought all my goods and left. ” Leticia laughed

”Did you tell them about me? ” Doris eyes widened in surprise. Nobody has ever bought her mothers market in large scale before. The news was really surprising for her.

”Of course I did! You must marry him my dear. We can finally become rich. We can lose this opportunity ” Leticia sounded selfish

”So you want me to marry him because of his money right? Doris creased her eyebrow

”Forgive me dear. Thats the only reason I have now, since I can force you to love him. I really don want you to suffer any longer ” Leticia frowned looking like a failure

”Its enough Mom. We might not have any other way to succeed apart me getting married to the prince. I will marry him mom ” Doris said as she remembered how furious Betty was at her before. She couldn help but chuckle on how Betty will react on her wedding day. A devilish smile crept her lips.

”When I finally become the Princess, Everybody will bow down to me and nobody will dare harm me. Betty will smell her butt! ” Doris thought and she couldn help but wish it would all happen right away. She has some people who she would punish for making she and Mums life miserable.

”Really dear? ” Leticia eyes widened in surprise. Her daughter finally agreed to marry the prince?

”Anything for you Mom ” Doris smiled as she hugged her mother.

Leticia smiled.


Hours past by and the next day came. Everybody was busy as usual making way to have money. Doris has gone to market and her mom was left alone at home.

”knock ”

”Come in ” Leticia yelled from the inside. She thought it was a normal visit from her neighbors coming to complain to her about her daughter or about useless things. To her surprise it was the Prince of Alvatonia.

She could easily recognize with the Crown on his head and the three guys following him. She could recognize two of his guards.

”Good Morning maam ” The prince greeted and Leticia quickly snapped out of her thought.

”Your Highness ” She bowed

”Rise ” The prince said with a gentle voice.

”Pls have your sit ” Leticia welcomed them. Her mind were filled with happiness and thoughts. She didn know why the Prince was her but that only thought that she could think of was Her daughter Maybe the Prince came to ask her hand in marriage from her. Thats so thoughtful of the Prince!

Thank you maam. ” The prince smiled as he sat down.

”This isn like the prince. Woah, he is smiling seductively just to win the womans heart? This is kinda weird. The prince looks Soo humble. Hes doing everything in his power to have this Doris of a girl in his arms. Why does he want her? He must have his selfish reason! ” Lucas thought. For the first time, he and his beast were on the same thinking level.

”He have must find something interesting about this girl, thats why he wants her ” Lucas thought.

” Im sure your daughter must have told you that she is the one I have chosen to be my wife ” The prince started. Leticia nodded in agreement.

”Im here to tell you that I would like to proceed in the marriage. My Father wants me to bring me woman soon because Im the only one remaining that hasn have a wife yet. ” The prince lied.

The father never disturbed him in having a wife. His brothers made jest of him that he hasn seen a girl who could love him wholeheartedly because he was a Monster. If there was any word bigger than a Monster, he was sure that they were ready to call him that. His brothers are aiming for the Kings throne was he is dead and thats why they all got married on time because they can predict whats gonna happen next. His mother wants him to be the King because he is the rightful heir to the throne and the rest were just his half brothers. The king didn marry them legally and his father had already blessed him when he was still a baby that he is going to be the king after his death. But his devilish brothers wouldn stick that into their mouldy sense.

”I understand My prince ” Leticia said after a while.

” Did your daughter agree to this? ” The prince asked

”Yes. I….I persuaded her to ” She said

”Thank you maam. I want the wedding to proceed quickly. I want her to be my wife soon enough. I need both of you in the castle tonight ” The Prince said.

”Your wish is my command Your Highness ” Leticia bowed

The guards brought in goodies and other stuffs the Prince had brought along with him. Leticia couldn help but thank him. If there was another word she could use to express her gratitude she would have said it.

”I won fail you sir. My daughter will be a good wife to you Your Highness. ” She said with a wild smile

”Okay maam. How bout you call me by name Kai. its better that way since we would soon be a family ” Kai suggested.

The guards jaws dropped in disbelief. They couldn believe that it was their almighty Prince. At first he displayed generosity at the Royal Ball. But his generosity here was quite too unexpected. Nobody dared call him by his name even his own mother.

”Holy Smoke! ” Lucas said and Gideon and Leon gaze were on him.

Meanwhile, Leticia used her palms to cupped her face. The happiness in her heart kept on jumping on her chest. She just wished that she could shout her lungs out.

” Thank you Your Highness ” She bowed

”My would be wife isn home right? ” The prince said

”Yes. She went to sell some goods in the Market. ” Leticia said

Prince Kai frowned a bit and he breathed out.

”I have a new house for you and I have something else for you to keep yourself busy if u insist on working ”The prince said as he inched the back of his hair

”Thank you so much, Your Highness ” She bowed

”I need both of you in the palace tonight ”Prince Kai said

”Okay sir ” She said

He handed some cash to her.

”We will leave now ” The prince turned to the exit.

”Thank you Your Highness ” She said as she smiled.

Lucas, Gideon and Leon bowed and left.


Several hours passed by and Doris was home. She could notice some changes and even the atmosphere felt different. She entered the house and She saw her Mom busy arranging some items.

”Mom? ” She called

Doris felt something about her moms attitude. She felt really happy but why was she happy.

”Welcome dear. How was Market today? ” She asked

”Pretty good I guess. It wasn like before ” Doris said.

”The prince came over and he said we should come to the castle tonight. He said his guards would be here to pick us up ” Leticia started. Doris noticed something about her. Why would she smile just mentioning the prince name? Did something happen?

” Thats good to here. Now, the problem is that I don have nice clothes to out on ” Doris sat on the sofa

”No problem about that dear. The prince brought many Items for us. Including clothes, jewelries, cosmetics, food stuffs, money and many more. He even has a house for us ” Leticia said as tears of joy rolled down her eyes. Her long bared suffering was going to end soon. She smiled as tears rolled down. Meanwhile, Doris couldn believe her ears. The the Prince actually do that? Was their suffering already coming to an end? Doris jumped on her Mom, hugging her tight.


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