L’ho Lasciata

\'Alexander Grayson!!!\'

Location:- Cassandras office

Cassandra POV~

FUCK!!! DIE!!! DIE!!!




OHH YES!!! YES!!!..






AHHH!!! YES!!!!

WOAH!!! I won.

I leaned back in my chair to take a few deep breaths. I yawned with my mouth wide open, rubbing my eyes alone in my office. This game console is far too engaging… After such a long time, I finally get to play with it. It took longer than expected to complete the project. Im too exhausted after the flight. I returned to New York from Berlin this morning. I really need to get some sleep.

I shifted in my seat a little, attempting to get comfy on my gaming chair…too lazy to move. After a little more shifting, I was comfortable and closed my eyes, ready to fall asleep.


My eyes were opened by the loud voice of the door opening. I turn to face the door, only to see my father standing at the door frame. His necktie dangled low, his face pale and strained, and he was breathing heavily. He was holding a sheet of white A4-size paper in his hand. I stood straight, turning my heels towards him, taking a few steps as he stomped as quickly as he could toward me.

”What on earth did you do? ” He inquired, resting his hands on my shoulders in a quiet, tensed tone. I look at him in the eyes, trying to figure out what he meant, but nothing comes to mind, so I slowly shudder my head and ask him ”what do you mean dad? I did what? ”

He took a big breath and handed me the white sheet, saying, ”Read this! ” I took the sheet and began moving my gaze from left to right. It was an email. My eyes grew bigger and wider as I read. ”No way, Dad!! I-I…. ” Its difficult to form words while trying to understand everything and its cause.

I said after some thought ”No way, Dad…no way. I didn do anything to earn this. ”You sure? ” He inquired while sitting on the couch in my office. ”Yes, dad. I was engaged with the project you assigned to me. Apart from that, I do nothing… ” Trying to think more clearly, I said, ”Yeah, dad, I did nothing. ”

He sighed and added, ”Then we should wait until he tells himself. ” I shifted my head to face Dad, my gaze fixed on him.

” No dad, I can just wait…maybe I didn do anything on purpose, but something obviously piqued his interest enough that he wants to meet us in person…I should be ready ” before my father could respond, I went towards my desk, reached for the intercom, and pressed the button ”Jasmine, in my office now! ”

I turned to face my father. He seemed more relaxed now than when he first arrived. My attention was drawn away from Dad and toward the door when I heard a knock and saw Jasmine emerge.

” You called me Cassy… Hello there, Mr. Miller. ” She quickly bowed when she noticed dad. My father responded with a modest nod and a smile.

” Yes, Jasmine. I want my tech team in 15. Call them in the meeting room. ” I said walking to my chair.

” Tech team!!! In 15 but…. ”

” But what Jasmine, please make it fast I don have time to waste, ” I said cutting her.

She took a step towards me and replied. ” but you
e the one who asks them to leave this morning saying oh! My hardworking team you guys should rest…take a day off…enjoy!!! ” She said in a mocking tone ” and now you want them in 15 ”.

”Ahhh ” I facepalmed myself ” Please Jasmine, call them and ask them to come back in an hour… its urgent ”. She sighs and nodded yes before walking out of the room.

” What are you trying to do? ” Dad asked in a relaxed tone. ” Im gonna find out if I ever crossed paths with him…I can just sit idle and wait….and why are you so relaxed dad? ” I said the last line in a little annoyed tone.

” Because my daughter said she did nothing, ” He said shrugging her shoulders proudly ” and you believe that…even Im not sure dad…maybe unknowingly I did something… ”

” No, you didn . I saw the honesty in your eyes before, right now you
e just scared of the fact that we got that email ” he said cutting me in between with full confidence.

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