L’ho Lasciata

\'Prepare your ears, Shawty!!!\'


I followed Authur without giving it a thought. We ambled upstairs and he stopped in front of a brown door. ”Shawty! This is your room ” He said with a grin. ” And thats mine ” He pointed to the door on the opposite wall. Now that explains his grinning.

” Okay, ” I said with a small nod. I lifted my hand to hold the doorknob but I noticed he was still holding my hand. I jerked my hand and mumbled idiot before slamming the door in his face.

I don like him calling me Shawty . Its annoying. I took a deep breath and wandered around the room before plopping on the bed.

The walls are painted light grey and the room follows the color palette of grey, white, and a pop of pink in the duvets cover and its matching pillows. The room is spacious and with minimal furniture that includes a queen-size bed, a study table opposite the bed, and a bookshelf next to it. I noticed some books and tiny indoor plants on the bookshelf. The best part of the room is the big window on the right of the bed. I walked towards the window. The window edge has enough space to sit and some plants are resting on one side. I slide open the window glass and a gush of cold wind blows in giving me shivers.

I looked out of the window, warping my hands around. Bari is a beautiful city. I never came here before. I didn know much about the city but all I heard was that its a beautiful city with the perfect balance of historic and modern architecture. I closed the window as it was getting cold.

I walked back and saw my luggage lying in one corner. I took a deep sigh because my luggage just include a small travel bag and my backpack. I should have listened to Jasmine and gave some time for packing my clothes as well. I grabbed my backpack and sat down on the carpet. I took out my laptop and connect it to the charger on the study table. There was a small note on the table with a sim card.

Use this number while you
e here.


I went to grab my phone and then I realized my phone is still in airplane mode. No wonder, why it was so silent. I change the sim and notifications started popping up. Ignoring them I grabbed my AirPods from the bag and called Jasmine. She didn pick up for the first time. I called her again and she picked up after 5 rings.

” Hello, May I know who is this? ” She questioned.

” You already forget me, Honey! ” I said in an annoyingly enticing tone.

” Cassy? ” she questioned.

” Bingo!! ” I confirmed with excitement.

I sat down on the carpet unpacking my clothes. For the next 20 minutes, I arranged my clothes in the wardrobe.

” Jasmine, theres a walk-in wardrobe in my room and I have only 5 hoodies, 3 jeans, and 2 vans, ” I explained to the view in front of me. ” It looks so weird ” I chuckled.

” You better go shopping and get some proper clothes, ” She said cutting me, ” I told you, again and again, to stop working and pack your clothes but you never listen and ended up with only those. ” she chid mockingly.

I convinced her and went to the bathroom, I turned the tap on to fill the bathtub. I need a long bath to get rid of my sore back. We were still talking about the company and work. She informed me that dad left for Russia for some business. We have a business in Russia that mom and dad started together, I suggest he turn down the business over there but he wants to keep it. Its stressful for him to handle the company and business at the same time but he still wants to keep doing it because it was moms dream. Although, I never went back to Russia after moms death.

I told her about Authur and she said laughing that its a good thing, now there is someone to annoy me because its always the other way around. We hung up after some more chatting. I removed my ear pods and sank more into the bathtub. My chin was touching the water, it was relaxing but then a thought made me jerk up.

” Why the ** do you get nervous around him ” I groaned and got out of the tub.

I admit that I got scared during our first encounter. It was dominating, he bullied me. Its been a long time since I was bullied. Especially after that incident, Dad made sure that no one dare to harm me in any form. I was always on guard. Dads bodyguards are always with me although, they never came in my way. I quietly followed dads order to keep bodyguards with me because deep down I also knew when anxiety gets the best of me, I become helpless.

Halting my head horses, I walked out of the bathroom and dressed in black jeans and a dark olive green hoodie with black vans. I slide my phone into my back pocket and walked out of the room. Its almost noon and Im **in hungry.

I walked down to the kitchen but stopped and turned towards the living area. First, I should turn on the TV. My eyes were fixed down from the couch to the glass table in search of the remote but I can spot one. My eye held up and I noticed there was no TV in the living area.

Woah!! So filthy rich but can afford a TV. What the heck? Even Jasmine has a theatre room in her apartment. Oh yes, the theatre room. He must have one but on which floor?

I spend the next 20 minutes and 32 seconds finding a theatre room in this villa. But nothing so far. I can back to the kitchen to find something to eat. Im starving now. I started opening the drawers and cupboards one by one.

”Empty?…Empty!…Empty!!!….Empty!!! ” Theres nothing, not even a baby spider.

Turned and walked to the full-size double-door refrigerator, Just to find beer cans stacked in, from top to bottom.

What the heck? ”, I groaned and slammed the door closing the refrigerator.

” Shawty! ”I turned around and Arthur stood behind me. ” What happened? ” He asked softly.

I took a few steps toward him ” Are you guys from Area 51 or do you just survive on beer ”. I stop in front of him leaving a proper distance between us. He angled his head in confusion ” Cause theres nothing to EAT IN YOUR FUCKIN HOUSE ” I almost screamed at the end.

” Oh! ” He made a small sound with his mouth formed in O which made me more annoyed.

” OHHH!! ” I copied him in an irritated tone.

” I mean we usually don eat in the house. I can order whatever you want to eat ” He said in one breath.

” Oh! Okay. ” I calm down a little. ” And I can find the theatre room. I was looking for it ”

” Because we don have one ” He replied simply.

” Then a TV? ” I asked.

” Nope ” He replied simply again as if it was not a big deal.

” What? How can you not have a television in this big house? How do you guys even live without TV? ” I screeched

” Because I never knew TV is important for survival, ” He said sarcastically.

” Not for survival but a source of entertainment is a must ” I corrected him.

” Come on Shawty! I can watch porn on TV ” He said monotonously.

I paused for a moment to process what he said. ” What the heck? Arthur!!! You
e such a disgusting man. ” I said in a strident tone. His idea for watching porn on TV was sickening.

” Shawty, don tell me you
e a holy soul and don watch porn and all, ” He said menacingly.

” Ofc! I do, but that doesn mean I- ” I shouted back at him but got interrupted by a disembodied voice that came from behind me.

” Whats going on? Why you both are always shouting like a 5-year-old? ” I stood still not wanting to face him. I noticed a menacing smirk on Arthurs face.

” Shawty wants a TV to watch porn, ” He said with a sly smirk.

My eyes popped out and my mouth hung open. He didn …He **in didn say that in front of Grayson. ” Seriously, Arthur? Its your sick idea to watch porn on TV and now you
e putting that on me. ” I said astounded.

” Is that true, Ms. Miller? ” He asked me and I turned to face him.

” You believe that. Mr. Grayson ” I said with the same tone and an irritated expression.

” No, I mean you want a TV. ” He said in a flat tone.

” Yes, I want one, ” I said calmly.

” Okay, Ill order one, ” He said in the same tone ” Anything else? ” He asked.

” Food! ” I answered.

” Okay, Arthur order whatever she wants, ”

” Can I go and do some grocery shopping? ” I asked almost in a whisper. His eye turned towards me and I quickly held my head low. Why am I scared of him?

” Okay, Arthur will take you, ” He said and turned around to leave.

” But I can go by myself ” I replied making him halt. He turned around and said with a fake smile. ”Ms. Miller, either Arthur will take you or Arthur, you can order whatever she wants. ” with that he left.

” So, Shawty!!! ” Arthur asked raising his left eyebrow.

” I guess I can handle you for an hour or two, ” I said with a sigh escaping my mouth.

” Great, Wait here for a minute ” With that, he went upstairs. I plopped down on the couch.

Exactly after 3 minutes and 29 seconds, he came down wearing an olive green denim jacket that resembles my hoodie.

” What!!! Are we twining now? ” I said deadpan.

” Maybe!! ” he said walking towards me with a grin.

” Arthur, You
e an annoying creature, ” I said in an irritated tone.

Ignoring my comment, he grabbed my arm and dragged me towards a door next to the kitchen. We climb down a flight of stairs and entered another door. Its a garage. And it was NOT at all like a normal one. One after another, cars were lined up. All luxurious and expensive. SUVs and beautiful sedans were screaming money. Some of them were from a limited edition. The one I only saw in pictures. I was mesmerized by the view in front of me.

” Holly Molly, ” I said like Ronald Wesley.

” Shawty! Choose one ” He said with a smirk. I turned my head sharply to face him.

” Are you gonna give that to me? ” I asked with excitement. I can bet my eyes are shining. Don be judgemental. Im not greedy, I just have a special soft corner for cars. I want my collection with some rare expensive cars.

” No, Shawty! Well drive in that car ” He said in a flat tone.

” Oh! ” Sad but okay. My eyes landed on black beauty and I took a few steps.

” Woah!! Bugatti La Voiture Noire, 8-litre W 16 Engine with 1479 Horsepower and up to 1600 Newton -meters of torque. ” I took a deep sigh of admiration escaped my mouth, standing in front of the car.

” How do you know that? ” he asked standing next to me with a puzzled face.

I smiled ” I have a little obsession with cars. ” my eyes fixed on the cars.

” I thought you own one ”

” Only 18.7 million dollars. ” I gave him a tight lip smile ” I don have such money to spend on a car. ” A sigh escaped my mouth but I quickly changed my mood.

” Can we ride this? ” I asked him.

He took some big steps back dragging me by my hand. ” No way, Shawty. Alex owns this car. Hell kill both of us if we used his car without permission ”

” Choose from here to there ” He motioned his hand from one point to another that covered more than 13 cars.

I walked towards a grey Ferrari with yellow stripping.

”Oooo!!! Ferrari Monza, 6.5 Litre V12 engine capable of 809 horsepower and 530 pound-feet. Not bad. Huh!!! ” I gave him a smirk.

” It got scissors doors. ” He added.

” Holy Christ!! Can I drive, Please? Please!!!! ” I started begging, giving him puppy eyes.

” But I - ”

” I have a driving license, Yes, Yes, I do ” I continue begging.

” Okay fine, ” He said in the defect. I practically ran towards the driving seat. The interior is breathtaking. He took the passenger seat. He punched the address and turned towards me.

I was still busy admiring the interior and the other features. He leaned toward me and pulled the seat belt from the back of my seat. I froze when he came so close to me. My eyes locked into his. I got lost for a second but instantly got back to the clicking sound of the buckle.

He strapped himself ” Lets go, ” he said with a grin.

” How to start this? ” I asked with a smile

His face turned pale and his smile fade away. ” Cassandra, You know how to drive, right? ” He asked in a worried tone.

I busted out on his reaction, turning the engine on, and I set the gear. ” I can promise but Ill make sure you won end up in a hospital, ” I said with a smile. I hit the gas pedal and drive out of the garage.

This beauty is a beast!!


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