L’ho Lasciata

\'I did wrong!!!\'

Location: Cassandras office

Cassandra POV~

I opened my eyes to a familiar touch.

” Cassy, wake up ” Jasmine was slowly shaking me. I pushed myself up and sat straight rubbing my eyes. she sat next to me. I fixed my hair with my fingers and turned toward her.

” Do I look presentable? ” I asked her.

” Presentable!!!… you look like Bellatrix Lestrange, ” she said with a small laugh.

” Really, am I looking that horrible ” she nodded a yes with a pout.

” Okay, Ill go freshen up quickly, ” I said walking towards the small room attached to my office.

”Take your time and also change your clothes. You still have 20 minutes before the meeting starts ”

She said with a smile plastered on her face ” Ill get you a coffee and something to eat. ” She said while walking out of the room.

I didn say anything and silently walked in the door. This room was added later because I slept at the office most of the time when working late at night. The room features a single bed and a little wardrobe in the opposite corner of the bed that holds my extra clothing and shoes, as well as an attached bathroom. I stepped into the shower and felt the warm water flow down my body. Winter has already arrived.

Jasmine is my assistant, dearest friend, and partner in crime; in a nutshell, she is my sister. We first meet in school, when she bullies me for my little stature, quiet demeanor, or some other reason. Shes always trying to set up a fight with me. But I kept my cool until I saw a man assault her on the street one day. I dashed over to her and shoved that man away from her. When I turned around, she was weary and covered with bruises, her lips were bleeding, and her body was shaking in panic. I took a step closer to her, trying not to frighten her. I approached her, but she just stared at me with wide eyes and a disfigured face, pointing behind my back, unable to form words.

I walked out of the shower wrapping a towel around me. Standing in front of the mirror. I noticed a scar on my left arm which is barely visible now. I traced my finger on the scar with a sweet smile on my face.

I turned around just to receive a shoving knife. I tried to duck it but failed, getting stabbed in my left arm. I groaned in pain but before I could react he pushed me to the ground, stabbing Jasmine in her abdomen. She fell to the ground and that man hover over her to stab her again but before that, my driver came kicking him off of Jasmine. I crawled over Jasmine holding her in my arms. I never encountered that much bloodshed in my life span of 16 years. I was scared.

After a few minutes, my driver came running towards us after knocking that man out. He picked Jasmine up and ran towards the car. I followed him behind we all got in the car rushing to the hospital. The last thing I remember was my driver talking with someone over the phone before the world went all black.

Later, we found out that man was Jasmines stepfather who started abusing her after her mother died. Jasmine was quiet for almost a week when she was in the hospital. She didn utter a single word but her silence was screaming in my ears. I asked dad to keep Jasmine with us. He approved and then we started living together, until one day she finally gave in and cried her heart out. That day, I discovered a different version of Jasmine. A softer version.

We lived together for 3 years in my house, later she decided to move out to her own place and now I practically live in her apartment with her.

” Are you ready to go? ” I snapped out of my thoughts and turned towards the door. Jasmine popped her head from the side of the door with a big smile that made me smile too. I turned my feet towards her taking a few steps.

” Do I look presentable now? ”

” Absolutely!! Now lets go, your team is here ” She said handing me a cup of coffee. I followed her to the meeting room.

I took a sip and look down at myself. I was wearing Nike sneakers with a pair of skinny jeans and a baggy Blue-grey tie-dye hoodie. I walked into the meeting room just to face infuriated faces glaring at me. I slowly stepped in sitting in my chair.

”I-.. ”

” No, I just want you to answer why… ” Alex said cutting me in between.

” why to give a day off when you eventually gonna call us back, ” Rose said cutting Alex.

” listen.. ” I got cut off again.

” No, YOU listen, baby boss, you fooled us, ” Edward said pointing his index finger towards me and thats it… they all started shooting words at me. I tried again to speak but then again Edward interrupted me.

10 minutes passed and they are still shouting at me. Im losing my calm. My right palm curled into a fist and bang my fist on the table getting up from my chair, shouting ”ENOUGH!!! ” I screamed with a sigh following right after, my head hung low. I can feel them zeroing at me in shock.

”Guys, Im sorry that I have to call you back but this is really important. I can deal with this shit alone ” I said in a serious yet calm tone.

”What do you mean? ” Mini asked.

I nodded to Jasmine to distribute the copies of that email. They started reading and the room fell into silence. A pin-drop silence until Jack uttered, ”What the Fuck!! ”. He is a silent Knight of our team. His fingers talk more than his mouth does.

” I hope youll understand whats going on… ” I said and all heads turned toward me.

” But why? Whats the reason for the meeting? ” Alex asked.

” I have no idea ” I replied.

” what are you doing to do? ” Mini asked.

I took a deep breath ” First thing we have to find out is if I ever crossed paths with him or did something that could get this attention ” I said and theyll nod in unison.

” Yes, and it won be a difficult task to do…Cassy was not traveling much. She just went to Berlin for 3 days and returned this morning. ” Edward announced.

” Yeah, so the chance is least for her to encounter Mr. Grayson. ” Alex added.

”and Mr. Grayson last visited NY was exactly 7 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days ago ” Rose added with a sad face. I zeroed her in with a confused look.

” and how do you know that? ” I questioned.

” Oh, I keep tabs on Mr. Grayson, ” She said with a smile this time.

” Tabs!!! You stalk him, girl ” Mimi said in a mocking tone. ” She is crazy about Grayson ”

” How? ” Jack questioned.

”Oh that my cousins brother works in his office. And he told me his last travel was…. ” Her eyes opened wide as she realized something. She grabbed the table and stood up from her seat. ” Shit!! He was in Berlin ” She murmured but it was loud enough for us to hear.

”When??? ” Alex asked turning her toward him. ” I don remember, I have to ask my cousin ” she replied.

” Then call him now ” Mini demanded.

” Okay ” Rose grabbed her phone and walked towards the other corner.

Everyone eyed her without uttering a single word. The room fell in silence but the horses inside my head were running hastily. The memory of the days that I spent in Berlin is running like a movie in my head but with no sign of Grayson. I never saw him in person. Neither did I hear his name in Berlin headquarters.

” He was there but he left the day Cassy landed in Berlin. ” My horses halted when Rose announced.

” What time did he leave? ” Mini asked.

”In the evening, and Cassy landed in the morning. What did you do that day? ” Rose questioned and every glaze turn over me.

” I landed around 10 in the morning, then I checked in my hotel and went straight to the headquarters for a meeting which started around 12 and we finished at 4. Then we grabbed our quick lunch in the dining room and went back to the meeting room and I was there till 9 pm after that I came back straight to my hotel. ” I reported.

”Then the chances are 60% that he noticed you, ” Alex said and others nodded in agreement.

”We have to find out exactly when he left the headquarters and what he did while he was there ” Mini stated.

” It won be a difficult task, I have some friends in the headquarters. They can help us. ” Edward said.

” We need your phone to track your activities ” Jack mentioned. I nodded and pull my phone out of my pocket.

”Here, ” I said sliding my phone on the table towards Jack but Alex grabbed it in between giving a menacing smirk.

”Oh, your phone!!! Password?? ” He questioned in excitement making me roll my eyes.

” 1512, ” I said in a flat tone. He raised his left eyebrow giving me a duh look ” thats your birthdate ”

” So!!! ” I said with a boring look which made his eye roll and his head swing left and right.

” Anyway, Your phone is in our custody. ” He said with a smirk. I know what his looks mean and what he is referring to.

” Seriously, Alex!!! I was so **in occupied with my project to even think about it. Watching it…..is too far ” I said in an annoyed tone ”and Im not like you with a one-track dirty-minded brain always thinking about that, ” I said scrunching my nose in disgust.

” Don act innocent just because you
e the youngest one here. Ill see how innocent you are ” He said in a teasing tone.

” Guys we have a serious problem here. You can fight later ” Edward interrupts jumping in between our childish fight.

” Okay then, we have 2 tasks to achieve ” Mini announced clapping her hands to seize our attention. ” First we have to find any links between Cassy and Grayson and second we have to find what Grayson did that day before leaving the headquarters ” She finished and everyone nodded in unison.

”Add one more ” Jack spoke and our glaze turned towards him. ” We need to find out about Grayson. We know nothing about him except the fact he is a Board member ”

” Hmm True, it would be hard to dig up information about him but make sure we don do anything illegal. We can afford any problems right now. ” I said the last part more like a warning. ” You guys can start working, call me if you need me ” They all nodded in unison and left the meeting room leaving me and Jasmine alone.

” Cassy, you should eat something its almost lunchtime. ” She said taking a seat next to me. ” No, Jass not now, Im gonna take another nap. Ill be in my room.

I stood up to leave but Jasmine stopped me pulling me into a warm hug. ” Its okay Cassy. Things will be fine. Maybe a good opportunity is waiting for you. Be positive, don stress yourself. ” She said rubbing my back. I just shook my head on her shoulder. She pulled me away holding my hands. ” Im not stressed its just jet lag. Ill be fine after a good nap. ” I said giving her a reassuring smile. She nodded ”Okay take some rest and call me if you need something ” I flash her a wink with a menacing smile to lighten up her mood.

I was back in my room, dropping on the soft mattress, and staring at the ceiling of the room. The room was quiet but the horses of my thoughts were galloping wild in my head. One after the other.

Why does everyone think a good opportunity is waiting for me? Jasmine? Dad? I have a bad feeling about this. I tried to force myself to sleep throwing away my thoughts out of the window. Driving myself into a deep slumber.

Good or Bad…Ill deal with it later!!!


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