L’ho Lasciata

\'Bring it on!!!\'

Location:-Cassandras office

Cassandra POV~

A vibrating sound jolted me awake. It came from the small closet beside my bed. I opened my eyes to find myself in a dark, cold room. Right now, Im not in the mood to take any calls. I drew the warm blanket over my head that definitely Jasmine had placed on me, curling up in my bed.

Even after 5 minutes, the sound of the phone buzzing was audible to my ears. I sighed deeply and sat up straight on the bed, kicking the covers aside. I switch on the little lamp beside me. Walking to my closet and I unlock the laptop bags zipper, bringing out a slim device with Potters caller ID flashing on the screen.

” Hel- ”

” What the FUCK is going on? What in the HELL took you so long to pick up the DAMM phone? And are you even aware that your phone is connected to numerous devices? Why the FUCK a board member wants to meet you??? ” He spouted out everything in a single breath. ” The hell!!! You **ing answer me right now ”

” I WILL…if you let me speak ” a deep sigh escaped my mouth. ” First of all, I was sleeping and your call interrupted my beauty sleep and that took me so long to pick up your call. An- ”

” wow ahh!!! How can you sleep right now ” I was again cut in between.

” Will you please… For the ** sake hear me out ” I gritted before he continues.

” And, I gave my phone to the tech team to go through it. Im aware of the fact that my phone must be connected to multiple devices. And lastly, as you already know board member Alexander Grayson called me for a meeting. I have no idea about the purpose of this meeting. ” I took a deep breath ” Before you ask…I have bad feelings about this meeting. He was there in the headquarters in Berlin ”

He took a long pause and I knew he was trying to digest everything ” Does he… ” He paused again.

”He? ” I questioned.

” Does he know we hacked into the security system of headquarters ” He whispered slowly put loud enough for me to hear.

His phrases made a cyclone of thoughts in my mind. My mouth hung open up. And all I could respond was ” Fuck!! ”

I took a pause that felt like hours thinking about what he said. I snapped back to reality when I heard him calling me ” Kira!! KIRA!! You there?? ”

” Y-yeah, Ill call you back ” I hung up before hearing his reply.

Kira, yes, it is my code name. My team named me after the character of a famous anime series- Death Note. My name sounds completely alien to me. This time I made a blunder. Doomed!! Im **in doomed!!

Indeed, curiosity kills the kitty. We were eager to put our talents to the test and challenge ourselves by breaking into the Berlin headquarters security system. As expected, my competent team was able to break through the firewall and gain access to the server. It was jam-packed with data and information that might be exploited for good or ill. But before I touched anything, I ordered my team to log out and leave no trace of our presence on the server.

My team did their best to disguise our traces, but there are millions of ways to find us down, and for a board member, its a piece of 10 layers of velvety chocolate cake.

”Ahhh ”, a deep sigh escaped my mouth. I lean my head against the hard headboard of the bed.

My lust for cakes even in this crisis. I squeezed my eyes closed, thinking hard.

Hacking in a system is not a crime until you are caught red-handed. Im sure he knows what I did. No wonder why a board member wants to meet me out of the blue. Should I tell Dad before he found out? Ill be blacklisted from the organization probably from this industry. What will happen to dad, he was not involved in this. I did everything on my own. It was my mistake, neither dad nor my team did anything wrong. I should face the consequences. I shou-

” Cassy ” I heard Jasmine almost whispering while entering my darkroom.

I turned my head towards her as he clicks on the lights making me squeeze my eyes with the sudden brightness. In a few blinks, my eyes were back to normal.

” Your dad wants to have a word with you, ” She said walking toward me and sitting on the bed next to me. I was reading her every move. Her sunshine face was low and dull as if some stole her radiance.

My problems shouldn affect the people around me. I quickly changed my expression into a mischievous one. I wrapped a hand around her waist and pushed her onto the bed cuddling with her.

” And what if I just want to cuddle my sweetheart, ” I said in a flirting tone to tease her.

”Oh, girl! Go get a **in man for all this, stop being cheesy with me. ” She said in an annoying tone, pushing me away.

” Bae, you
e enough for me. I don need anyone else. ” I said in the same flirty tone getting closer to her with a notorious grin on my face.

She rolled her eyes ” I know you
e straight but sometimes I doubt that you have feelings for me. ” She said raising her eyebrows.

I sat straight on the bed, sliding my fingers behind my neck in a sexy yet annoying way, ” Ofc!! Baby girl, I do have feelings for you. I want to take you to my red room, make you strip in front of my eyes, and spank your ass with my assorted whip collection until you moan my name ” I said trying hard to control my laugh making her cringe.

She got up whipping a slap on my arm with a disgusting yet satisfying look on her face ” Ohh, you and your dirty 50 shades of Grey stories. Im NEVER gonna moan YOUR name. And you better get ready before your dad calls for the fourth time. ”

My eyes widened at her last sentence ” what dad already called thrice? ”

” Yes, he did!! ”

” Hey!! You should have told me earlier ” I said running toward the bathroom.

” As if you let me speak ”

” What about our dinner tonight? Dad is coming with us, right? ” I shouted rubbing the creamy face wash in my palms that Jasmine bought for me. It smells delicious.

” Nope, He had an appointment. ” She said shaking her head.

” What? ” my voice was muffled as it came behind the face towel Im using to wipe my face. ”Not again!!! ”

” I know but work is important. You know that ” she mumbled.

”Yeah, I know ” I took a deep sigh ” Any updates from the tech team ”

” Nope, your dad halted all your commands ”

”Why? ”

”Hell answer that, lets go now ”

I nodded and followed her.

Dad always cancels our dinner plans. It doesn even affect me anymore. But whats with the tech team? Why did he cancel all my commands?

We passed my office door walking towards the elevator, as we entered she pressed the button to the 14th floor. I should tell dad everything before he finds out himself. It would be better if he heard it from me. I will be less hurti-

” Yeah! Whats going on in your tiny head ” she said shaking my shoulders, I noticed I had a serious look on my face but instantly I changed it into a grinning face.

” Thinking about you moaning my name, ” I said shoving a wink and making her cringe.

” Oh, You
e a disgusting little piece of shit, ” She said annoyingly making me burst into a giggle. The door opened and she walked past away from my side. I followed her.

Thats how Im, I never leave a chance to tease her. And it took me a second to change my mood. I have good control over my emotions. A lot of things changed inside me after that night. Im no more a little girl crying waiting for her mom.

She knocked on the door twice and then we entered the massive room with a white, brown, and gold color tone. Its massive yet modest with a white table in front of a glass wall and wall-sized shelves holding uncountable books. Yes! Dad loves reading.

We walked and sat on the couch in front of him. He was checking some files but kept them aside the moment he noticed us.

” Firstly, I want to apologize for tonights dinner plan, ” He said in a slow voice almost whispering.

” Come on dad, Its fine. I know work comes first ” I said with the same tone.

” But I promise- ”

” Oh Dad, Let it be, Im so done with your promises you rather buy me a Barbie ” I cut him in between with a menacing tone and all of us burst into laughter.

Actually, ever since I was a child dad used to gift me a Barbie whenever he fail to keep his promise. So, until last year I own a big, original Mattel Barbie collection when I finally decided to give it to charity.

” Oh, Cassy I thought you donated your Barbies, ” he spoke. His voice broke because of laughing.

” Yes, I did, ” I said giggling.

” haha Cassy, Ill go and get something to drink, ” Jasmine said patting my shoulder I and dad watched her leave the room.

I turned towards dad just to face a serious expression. ” Cassy, how can you be so careless? How can you ask to dig for information about a board member? Huh!! Thats highly amateurish of you. ” He said in disappointment, placing my phone that I gave to Alex early this morning on my side of the table.

” Im sorry dad, but can you listen to me? I want to sh- ”

” No, Aan. You listen to me, ” He said shifting closer to me and placing a hand on my shoulder. I froze in my place over his choice of my name Aan

” I know you
e scared but- ” a deep sigh escaped from his mouth, head kept low. ” Aan, I can lose you. I already lost your mom, m-my better half. The love of my life and now you
e my last hope to keep me going. So please, don involve yourself in anything illegal. Digging information about higher authorities is illegal. It will take seconds for him to find out who did it. And you know that, don you? ”

I nodded my head slightly not making eye contact with him. He kept talking and I held my head low. He was right, I did wrong. Now and even in yore. But I intended to just keep dad safe. He was right we lost mom and I don want to lose my dad. Actually, I don want anyone to slightly hurt him. Not even a-

” I love you, Aan. ” I snapped out of my thoughts when dad pulled me into a hug placing a kiss on my forehead. I hugged him back. ” Im sorry, dad…I love you too ”

” Its okay….just be thoughtful next time and lets face the Grayson guy together. We shouldn be scared of him until he turns into a wolf ” He spoke up with a laugh.

I pulled away facing him ” Don worry dad, I know how to combat a wolf ” I said with a wide smile to make him laugh and we both busted in a laugh.

” Then thats it, we have nothing to worry about, ” he said giving me a fist bump.

” Go home, and rest well. Ill be there for breakfast tomorrow morning ” I nodded with a smiling face and stood up. Bidding our goodbye, I left his office, walking out with my head hung low. Deep down I know…

I did wrong!!!


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