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\'What the heck!!!!\'

Location:- Cassandras home

Cassandra POV~

” Aan! Aan! Aan!!…. There you
e. Aan, You
e big enough to fit in that small wardrobe. ” She said bending to my level.

” But mom you always find me here, ” I said getting out and reaching for her hand.

”No sweetie, Ill find you anywhere no matter where we are, ” she said placing me in her lap comfortably ” You know how? ” she questioned and I raised my eyebrows in curiosity.

” Because you live here in my heart and I live here in your heart, ” She said pointing her index finger to my heart.

” Mom!! Don fool me. I studied in school that the heart is a human organ with helps to pump blood in the body. Its essential for living but no one can live in it. ” I said being all proud of my intelligence. She burst into a laugh, pinching my nose playfully.

” Aww, my baby is soo intelligent ” She cooed lovingly.

We both were laughing. I was in the safest place in the world- my moms embrace. I was happy with her, by her side, her face, her smile, her eyes. She is a living angel but without wings. I love her so much….. ” I love you mom ” I murmured.

” I love you to- ” she flinched and her hold was tightened around my small frame. I can hear big steps marching toward us. Her heart was beating up and so was mine. A wave of fear and dread washed over us.

She stood up with me still in her arms. We got out of the room into a dark road. She put me down holding my hand in hers.

” Listen Aan, baby!! We are going to be with dad soon, Okay!! Until then hold my hand tight. Okay? and be by my side. ” She said bending down to my level, holding my face in her palms. I nodded and she drop her hands to hold mine.

We were running in the dark alley, I was never been there before, It is dark and scary. I just want to be with dad. My leg hurts probably moms too. I can see her bleeding ankles. The background noise was getting closer and closer. Heavy steps marched everywhere, dark chuckles echoed in the empty alley. ” They are here, boss!! ” Someone screamed that made mom freeze in her place. She pushed me behind the boxes that lay somewhere in the dark.

” Shh…Don cry Aan, Mommy is here to protect you. ” Am I crying? I did even realize but tears were streaming out of my eyes. ” Do mom a favor, Sweetie. Stay here, as quiet as possible, until dad comes to get you. Okay? ” She questioned with a face that I can read. I have never seen this expression before.

I jerked my head from left to right

” N-no…m-mom…don g-go…Mom..don leave me…Mo-MOM…Pl-please don …..Mom!!!…MOM!!!….Moo.. ”

” CASSY!! CASSY!! GET UP!! Cassy!!! ”

I peeled open my eyes to find Jasmine wearing an expression, a face…a look I normally avoid seeing. Pity!!! Her eyes and face were filled with pity for me. I hate it when people feel sorry for me.

” Hey!! ” I stood up slowly, leaning against the headboard and wiping the tears from my eyes.

” Cassy!! ” She whispered in concern. Clearing my throat, ” Good morning Bae ” I said with a possibly big grin confronting her pity.

She scooted closer to me, holding my forearm ” Cassy, tell me honestly. You still have those nightmares. ” She asked in a tense tone.

” No Jas- ”

” Don you dare lie to me!? I heard you scream from the corridors and I came running just to see you struggling in your sleep. You
e shouting mom again and again like a maniac. ” She took a long breath to calm herself down ” Cassy, just look at yourself… you
e soaked in sweat, teary-eyed, pale face. Putting a smile won cover your fib ”

A sigh escaped in defeat from my mouth ” fine, I do have nightmares once in a while, mostly when Im stressed or far from home. But, its fine- ”

” NO, its not. Yo- ”

” No Jazz, It is…at least I get to see mom once in a while. Feel her warmth, her smiling face, her embrace. You know how my dreams are…always the same. ” I said the last part in a whisper.

” I know…but still we should tell your dad ”

” No please, you know how much I miss mom. and it will only make dad get worried over nothing. Please Jazz, don tell dad ” I begged her with watery eyes.

She pulled me into a hug ” Fine, I don ” she said rubbing my back ” but promise me youll come with me for your regular check-up. ”

” But I don need one. ”

” Ofc! You don . Nevertheless, you have to… its been a year since you last went for a checkup ”

”Ill think about it ”

” Okay then I also think if I should tell your dad or not ”

” Fine, Ill go ”

” Today after the meeting ”

” Okay ” I replied releasing a deep breath. ” You smell like strawberries. Don tell me you had pancakes without me ” I questioned her pulling away from the hug.

” Ofc! not. I just helped Ms. Grace ” she replied solely.

” Oh, Hottie is home!! ” I asked raising my eyebrows.

She chuckled nodding her head in a yes. I jumped out of the bed walking toward the bathroom. ” Just give me 5 ”

In no mood for a shower, I dashed into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and rinsed my face. I ran down the hall to the living room. It took me exactly 4 minutes and 43 seconds. Im at Dads house, so it takes a while because this place is no smaller than a mansion.

I came to a halt in front of a woman with her back toward me and realized that Jasmine was close behind me. ” Hey!! Hottie ” I said in a seductive yet teasing tone. With a smile on her face, she rapidly turned around to face me.

” Oh my baby, ” she said opening her arms and without wasting a second, I ran into her embrace. I inhaled deeply, filling my lungs with her motherly scent, which was different from my mothers yet soothing. Her hands were still on my shoulder as I drew away from the hug.

” Oh Hottie, don baby me when you
e the baby girl here, ” I said flashing her a wink just to receive a sharp spank on my arm.

” Whom you
e calling a baby girl, Im already in my 60s. ” She said scolding me.

” Ouch!! Babe, age is just a number ” I said rubbing my arm ”And you know, Mr. Robin was asking for you. ”

” Robin? ”, She questioned.

” Come on you know him, the one who came to pick me up for the airport, you even offered him coffee… ” I said with a grinning smirk.

” Oh, Mr. Robin he is quite handsome for his age, ” Jasmine said playing along with me.

” Yeah exactly, and I confirmed he is just 58 years old. He is a perfect match for you hottie ” I said with a wink.

A heavy sigh of annoyance escaped her mouth and she marched towards me with a blank face ” You little menace ” she said twisting my right ear.

” Ouchhh!!! Hottie that hurts ” I said trying to pull away from her.

” Serves you well!! Lemme teach you a lesson. You shameless brat- ” She started chewing out but dad jumped in between.

” Oh Oh Ms. Grace, please be gentle with my daughter, ” He said pulling me out of his grip.

” Mr. Miller, let me remind you AGAIN that, Although I did not give birth to this little menace I raised, fed, and take care of her. So, I have all the power to punish her and as per of your daughter thing. ” She took a step towards dad folding her arms over her chest.

” Casper, you just help her build a Barbie collection. ” We all burst out laughing at her savage tone.

” Come on, Ms. Grace not you at least. You know my condition at that time. ” Dad said whining like a child, making us all bust in a laugh.

Everyone is happy, like genuinely happy. This is my family. My world, My everything.


Location:- In Car

My fingers are interlaced, laying on my lap, and my right thumb pressing against my left. Tho the car AC was on but Im sweating hard. Im nervous not because we were going to meet The Grayson guy, but because of why we were meeting in the first place. My secret team, my act of hacking into the Berlin headquarters security system. What action will he take against me? Will he blacklist me from the industry? Will dad-

” Cassy!!! ” A whisper halted the running horses in my head. Dad said, putting a hand on my hands, stopping me from digging a hole in my left hand with my right thumb.

”Its okay. Theres nothing to worry about until he turns into a werewolf ” He said trying to lighten up my nervousness.

I chuckled and nodded my head. ” thats it, we
e sorted then, ” He said taking a deep breath. I can see his nervousness which he is trying to suppress. I can drag dad into my mess. I can . I-I should do… After a moment of silence in my head. ”Dad!! ” I called him. ” Can you please do me a favor? ” I asked him.

” Just name it, ” He said with a smile.

” But promise me first, youll let me do it, ” I said keeping a hand out for him to seal the promise.

He looked straight into my eyes. I don know what he was looking for as he peered into my eyes for a few seconds. ” Nope, I can , ” He said turning in the other direction.

” Come on dad ” I put my hand on his forearm to drag his attention back to me. ” I won ask you to take me to Disneyland ” I whispered with puppy eyes and a pout.

” Fine, Tell me, ” he said with a defeated voice.

I sat straight, taking a deep breath ” Dad, lemme face him alone ”

” NO! and why?? ”

” Dad you said we should face our fears, so lemme face him alone. I fear him. ” I said whispering the last part.

” I know, I taught you to face your fears but not alone, you have me. Lets do this together ” He said in a single breath.

” NO… no dad, please you promise ” I gave him puppy eyes. And he sighed in defeat.

” Please dad, Just for this once ” I pleaded with him.

” Fine but you
e not allowed to make any decision, Am I clear? ” He said strictly.

” Aye Aye, Captain, ” I said saluting him just to ease the tension. He chuckled in response pulling me in a hug.


Location:- Graysons Office

The car came to a halt after 45 minutes of driving, and I exited. For the last time, I checked my reflection in the car window. I was dressed simply in black pants, a black blouse, a grey blazer, and black sneakers. Putting together a semi-formal look. After all, why not? Im simply an intern, not an official member of the team, and Im with my father, who is dressed in a three-piece grey suit. Okay, he appears to be a consummate professional. Is it possible that Im underdressed?

” Lets go, ” He said strolling toward me. ” What happened? ” he questioned after reading my face.

” Do I look weird? ” I asked, he took a step back, looking at me from top to bottom.

” Nope, you look perfect as always, ” he said with a smile. I nodded realizing a deep sigh of nervousness.

We walked into the building and were greeted by a lady. Her name, which I don recall, was given to us. We
e now on the elevator. His office is located on the twenty-first floor. The floor number was displayed on a small screen on the elevators left side. My heart rate rises in tandem with each increasing number.

17…18…19…20..21 DING!! I flinched. Blinking my eyes twice, I stepped out of the elevator walking behind my dad. Not exactly sure but my BPM must be over 120. I halted when dad placed a hand over my shoulder ” All the best… Im right outside ” he said with a smile and I just nodded trying to flashback a smile but failed.

The lady motions for me to approach the large brown wooden door. Im right in front of it. I took a big breath and exhaled slowly.

Cassandra Miller, You did what you did, fully aware of the consequences. So just accept it and face the consequences. Dad can be dragged into this mess, telling myself and I walked in.

Bring it on!!!


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