L’ho Lasciata

\'I have to do this!!\'

Location:- Graysons Office

Cassandra POV~

I was hit with cold and dark vibes the moment I walked into his office. My gaze began to wander around the large grey office. It is furnished simply, with a glass wall on the right side of his table. The wall in front of his table houses a mini-library full of books. Mostly with dark covers. Does he love reading or its just for the vista? God knows!!!

My attention shifted back to the lady when she said ” Mr. Grayson, Ms. Miller is here ” I scan her from top to bottom, she is flawless. ” Thank you, Stacy. You may take your leave now ” Anodyne voice came from the other side. Okay!! her name is Stacy, and she nodded and marched out of the room. My gaze returned to him when he cleared his throat to get my attention.

”Ms. Miller, please have a seat. ” I nodded and took a seat in front of him ” I was expecting your father too ” He asked in the same anodyne voice.

” Oh, yes. He came along but he is waiting outside because I need to talk about something before we formally start this meeting ” I tried not to shudder as I said everything in a single breath.

He nodded ” Please go ahead, Ms. Miller, ” He said closing the file in front of him and placing his hands on them, fingers slightly intertwined with each other.

I took a deep breath and opened my mouth, but no words came out. I shut it and tried to speak again, but the words never came out of my mouth, as if they were stuck in my throat. I eventually pressed my lips together in a thin line, probably looking like a fool, opening and closing my mouth again and again. Confessing my secret in front of him is like being stripped naked right here. Im embarrassed, worried, and-

” Ms. Miller, you there ” With his sudden voice, my horses froze in my mind. I raised my gaze, only to be encountered with an emotionless expression that irked me.

I squeezed my eyes shut, lowered my head, and balled my hand on my lap into a fist. I bolted open my eyes, staring straight into his stunning yet menacing hazel eyes. I began speaking after 7 seconds.

” Mr. Grayson, I did what I did ” I took a deep breath again, it is harder than I thought ” thoroughly aware of the consequences. I did everything on my own and it has nothing to do with my father or any other employees working under me. Whatever the fallout is, Im ready to face them but I request you to not drag my father or any other employee into this. They can be affected in any way. ” I said everything eyeing him.

He took 10 seconds to read my face before he spoke ” Okay, Ms. Miller ” he said giving a small nod ” I don know on what grounds you telling me this but I ensure you that your father or any other employee working under you will not be affected by this project. ” He said giving me a serious look. I simply nodded.

” If you
e done, I would like Mr. Miller to join us, ” He said and I nodded again in a yes.

He picked up the receiver of the phone and ordered to send dad in. We waited for dad for exactly 2 minutes and 15 seconds before he showed up. Grayson guy got out of his chair to shake dads hand. And, yes, I do keep track of time. Being a hacker has some unintended consequences; my mind is constantly calculating something, usually in time intervals.

Dad and Grayson are conversing, and I took advantage of the opportunity to check him out. His brown hair, which complimented his eyes, was gelled backward for a clean formal look, and yet two long strands manage to fall on his brow. He cocked his head to the right, pointing to something, and I caught a glimpse of his side profile.

I must say that he has a sharp jawline, and the veins popping on his neck make him look ho- ugh!!! No way, Cassy. What exactly are you thinking? Shaking my head a little, my attention got to their conversation.

” Its an honor that she caught your attention, ” My dad said flashing me a smile.

” No Mr. Miller, don belittle her. Her attitude towards work and her achievement made me curious to personally meet her ” He said with a smile.

Woah!! This creep has the ability to express himself. His face is much softer now than it was earlier. My gaze is drawn to him, and I notice he is perfectly wrapped in a navy blue tailored suit. I noticed his biceps and chest muscles bulging…must be a gym freak!! I rolled my eyes, halting my horses and getting in attention back on their conversation.

” I noticed her while representing meeting in the Berlin Headquarters. Later I checked on her project, and her strategies were impressive, I want to work with her and luckily I got this project. ” He said with a business smile.

” Oh, Mr. Grayson, it will be a great opportunity for her. She will learn a lot from you. ” Dad replied excitingly.

” No, its a two-way thing. I will also learn a lot from her as well. I can see her promising nature towards work at such a young age. ” He replied. ”Here are the details of this project and the contract. Shell be coming with me to Italy. ” He said sliding a file towards dad.

Italy!!! Id been there before a few times and last time for a business party with my father. I got lost because I don know Italian and took a wrong turn. Fortunately, I was found in 20 minutes as there was a tracker in my car.

” Cassy, sign here, ” Dad said passing the pen to sign the contract. I did without looking at it. Dad closed the contract file and slide it toward Grayson. He signed and we stood up to shake hands.

” All the best, Mr. Grayson with your new project, ” My dad announced sticking his hands out towards him.

” Thank you, Mr. Miller. ” He said shaking hands with Dad.

” Looking forward to working with you. Ms. Miller ” He said holding his hands towards me. I quickly took it, with a business smile.

” Cassy, can you wait outside? I need a moment alone with Mr. Grayson ” Dad asked me. I nodded and walked out of the room.

I have no idea what they
e talking about. Im genuinely relieved that this meeting was not about my secret tech team. Also, I didn hear anything about the project because I was preoccupied with my thoughts, but Dad will explain everything to me later. All I recall is that we
e going to Italy for a few days. Ill be fine there, even though its a long way from home, but since Dad will be there with me, I have nothing to worry about.

Dad walked out with Grayson after 7 minutes and 43 seconds. We left after saying our final goodbyes. We entered the elevator, and Dad squeezed the life out of me with a tight hug. ”Im soo happy for you. You absolutely nailed it. Cassy, Im proud of you ”With a proud smile, he stated I can see him smiling but I feel it.

” Thanks, Dad, Im satisfied too, ” I said with a smile pulling away from the hug.

” So Italy are you excited, ” he asked. I can tell he is more excited than I am.

” After getting lost the last time I went there…..nope, Im not, ” I said with a sarcastic smile.

” Oh, Come on, I already talked with him, hell take care of your safety and security, ” He said folding his hands.

” When are we leaving ” I questioned

” Tonight at 7 and what do you mean we since when I started going with you on your business trips, ” he said picking out his phone from the blazer.

” But- ”

” No buts, its a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Not everyone gets a chance to work with a board member ” He said placing his hands on my shoulder. ” Tho, Im gonna miss you and your giggles while you
e gone for 3 months an- ”

” WHAT!!! ” I literary shouted.

” What? ” he slowly asked with a confused look.

” 3 what ” I questioned.

”Months…. 3 months ” he simply replied.

I froze in my place for 3 months….3 FUCKIN MONTHS!!! away from home. The last time I tried being away from home for a week, I ended up in the hospital due to a severe panic attack, and on top of that, Jasmine found out and overreacted, forcing me to sign up for 4 months of physiological sessions. I can … No, I just cannot. Besides that, I have my own projects planned, and my semester exams are in just three weeks. I have my own-

” Cassy, what happened, ” Dad said halting my mind horses bring me back to reality. ” We already discussed the duration and you agreed with it. Whats with this sudden change of mind ” He queried slowly, blending to my height.

” No dad, I- I can , ” I said and the elevator dinged open. I dashed out of the elevator, running towards the other one, which was about to close, but I made it in quickly.

I heard Dad yelling behind me, but I didn pay attention. This is impossible for me. Not because of my panic attacks or anything, but plainly because I don want to. I-

My phone starts ringing, I picked up the call.

” Cassy, come back now. Don ruin anything. ” He ordered.

” Dad, please lemme clear a few things with him. I won ruin anything. ” I argued.

”Cassy!! ” He yelled.

” Please dad, Ill meet you later in the office, ” I said before hanging up.

The elevator made a similar ding sound. I stormed into his office without knocking, just walking in.

” What the heck!!!! ”


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