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\'He is a BITCH!!!!\'

Location:- Alexander Office

Alexander Grayson POV~

I walked back to my chair and started working. I have to finish this paperwork before leaving tonight.

I highly doubt what Mr. Miller told me. Ms. Miller is not a normal girl as her father thinks. She is unusual and impressive. Impressive because of her professionalism that I recalled from the Berlin headquarters. Unusual because what her father told me doesn resemble the information I got about her. Im still surprised that she didn even question staying with me in Italy for 3 months. I knew she have never done something like this before but then I doubt if she was attentive in the meeting or not because I noticed her gawking at my office and occasionally at me.

Okay, enough about her. I should focus on my work. The statistics of this year are so messed up. I have to focus more on this. This type of carelessne-


I flinched, I won lie I did. No one dares to enter my room without permission and like that. Who the hell-

”What the heck ” She busted. Stacy behind her pulled her out of the room.

” Sorry, Mr. Grayson, She entered without asking. ” She said in a scared tone. ” Ms. Miller, please leave ” She begged her pulling her arm.

” Oh, Just ** it!!! ” She spouted. Did she just say **!! I blinked my eyes and turned towards Stacy.

” Stacy, let her be. You can take your leave ” She nodded and walked out of the room.

”Ms. Miller, please have a seat ” I gestured for her to sit.

” No thanks, Mr. Grayson, and Im sorry for invading. ” She said not moving an inch from her place.

” Please sit if you want to talk, ” I said to her again to which she rolled her eyes and pulled the chair in annoyance. What exactly pissed her off?

” Listen, Mr. Grayson, I can do this project with you. ” She said in a serious tone.

” May I know your reason, You signed the contract hardly 10 minutes ago. ” I asked her keeping my calm.

” Yes, I did but I don want to do it now. ”

I took a deep breath ” Reason! I need a proper reason to consider your denial ” I said trying my best to not lose my calm. This girl is getting on my nerves.

” I-I ” She paused ” I have my exams in 3 weeks, I have to prepare for that and also the exams are going to be held at the University. So, I can leave now. Yes, I can ” She said shaking her head in a

” Ms. Miller, As per my information you study at the NY University of Science and Engineering, ” I stated and she nodded.

” Im one of the trustees of that university and If Im not wrong, exams are held online tho thats right you have to be on the university campus but thats not an issue. I can take care of it. This project is important to me and it has to start as per schedule. So, I hope we can proceed as planned. ”

” B-But…I-I can . ” She stammers but then her expression changes ” Mr. Grayson, I can and thats it. I said no already and as per my knowledge
o has only one meaning. ” She raised her voice.

I fumed at her tone but I keep my calm, angry won resolve it. ” I heard you already and asked you for a valid reason which you failed to give and you just can deny. You already signed the contract and if you breach the contract you have to face consequences ” I said rubbing my fingers on my temples.

” Fine, Send me the breaching amount and Ill sign a cheque tomorrow, ” She said walking out of my office.

This girl is something. I smirked, ” Wait, Ms. Miller, Im not done. ” She stopped and turned around ” I said consequences not just the breaching amount. ” I said with a smirk. She is really testing my patience but being cute at the same time thinking money can solve things. I promised Capo that Ill take care of her and keep her safe and I can go back on my words.

” What do you mean, ” She said with a confused look taking a few steps and stopping in front of my desk.

” I wish for things to go smoothly but never mind. Lemme do this my way. ” I smirked raised on my face. ” So, Ms. Cassandra Miller, ” I said leaning back on my chair. ” If by any chance, you failed to board the flight to Italy at 8 tonight, then Im gonna make a call to my tech team and order them to send the documents oh. Wait, My bad ” A dark chuckle escaped my lips ” The evidence that reveals how you and your hacking team break-in in Berlins headquarters. ” She froze in her place, her mouth hung open and her face turned pale. Im already enjoying this.

” And not just that, Ill make sure that your previous events of illegal hacking, forging documents, digging information and whatnot be the highlights of the news. That would be enough to drag you and your father to prison ” I said menacingly.

” I..I already told you dad has nothing to do with this. ” her hands balled into a fist and her eyes were seething with fury. Im enjoying it.

” Oh, I remember that but let me remind you, Ms. Miller, you
e just an intern and your father is officially in charge of all your projects. So, automatically, he would be blamed for everything. ” I said smirking trying my best to hide my enjoyment.

” You must be **in kidding me ” My smirk faded away. I froze at her words. I squeezed my eyes to get my control back on me. I stood up and walked toward her and stopped in front of her.

” Let me make one thing very clear to you, Ms. Miller, ” I said covering the distance between us. She stopped when her tiny ass hits my desk. I caged her placing my hand around her on the desk, and making her lean back.

” For the next 3 months, if I again hear you cursing like you just did. ” I stopped to take a deep breath looking straight into her eyes ” youll face consequences as a result of breaking my rules. ” I leaned closer to reach her left ear. ” and trust me, you can even imagine what the consequences could be ” I pulled back to face her. She gulped her face wide-eyed and she looked wan.

I stepped backward, fixing the hem of my right sleeve ” So, Ms. Miller I hope all your confusion is clear now. The flight is at 8, just pack your devices and essentials and the rest would be taken care of. ” I walked back to my seat. I can feel her glaring eyes on me. I opened my file again ” The door is on your right. You may leave now ” I said with a sweet winning smile.

She stormed out of my room. I want to get the work done asap. A smirk crawled up my face, knowing…She will come!!

Cassandra POV~

I walked out of his office. I fumed with anger. How dare he? That bitchy bastard knows everything. He knows every **in thing about me and my team. And what?? Im not allowed to curse in front of him. Who says?? that **in pig-head bastard.

I raised my middle finger before the elevator door closed, toward his office.

What am I doing right now? Calling that bastard a pig is insulting pigs. I should have said something back there. I should have slapped his unholy face when he was BlACKMailing me!!! That shitpouch how dare he tells me what to do and what not.

” He is an extorting WANKER!!! ” I shouted out loud in the elevator to release my anger. I squat down digging my face in my hands.

” Where the hell, Im learning these curse words ” I murmured to myself. I stood up when the elevator door dinged open. I walked out of the elevator but halted and walked back in I faced the camera and raised my middle finger, mouthing ** you.

Alexander Grayson POV ~

I busted into a dark laugh when she raised her middle finger and mouthed. ** you. I was watching her through the CCTV cameras. She has some guts to go against me. I must say she is very creative with her curse words and the fact she knew I was watching. Its impressive. It would be fun working with her.

I turned off my screen and went back to finish the paperwork.

Cassandra POV~

I walked out of the building and hail a cab. My head is not working, mind horses are unnerved.

I slowly leaned against the car door and started hitting my head on the window. I could feel the confused stare of the driver but I chose to ignore him.

In the name of Einstein, please my brain, please work. What the heck Im gonna do now? My projects, my schedule, my exams…..Ughhh!!! I planned to have a good rest after the Berlin project. Just focusing on my exams and after that going on a trip with Jasmine. That we wanted to go from last 2 years.

We were planning to visit Leh-Ladakh in India. Internet says its a paradise tucked away in the mountains. And indeed it is, covered with beautiful mountains and valleys. We decided to celebrate my 22nd birthday there but I guess now Ill spend my birthday working somewhere in Italy. Poor Jasmine, she already did all the shopping for the vacation.

Wait, Jasmine!!

I sat straight, pulled my phone out, and phoned her number. After 4 rings she picked up the call.

” Cassy!! Where are you? ” She busted.

” Jasmine, Im in a cab heading towards the office, I want the tech team in 15. ” I replied slowly.

” Okay, Ill call them. Are you okay? What happened? ” She questioned with concern in her voice.

” I have to leave for Italy tonight at 8 ”

” What!! ” In shock.

” For 3 months ”

” What!! ” In anger.

” Dad already agreed ”

” What!! ” In a defeated tone.

” I have to go. I already signed that stupid contract ” I almost whispered.

” What on the earth you were thinking while signing for such bullshit? ” She busted again.

” Exactly my concern. But the fact I was not thinking anything, I was so busy gawking at his office. Dad asked me to sign and I did without bother reading it ” I confessed.

” Cassy, ” she said in a sluggish voice ” Not to mention the fact your dad is extremely happy. He is dancing with Mrs. Brown in front of the employees, ” She said chuckling.

” Hey!!! Record it, I also want to see them. Now I can tease dad. Hehe, ” I said menacingly forgetting about my situation.

”Seriously girl!! You have better things to worry about ” She said deadpanned.

” Oh yeah, Ill be there soon, ” I replied slowly before hanging up.

It took exactly 7 minutes and 35 seconds to reach my office. I whole ride was just counting the time without thinking about anything. I hiked to my office.

”Cassy, Your dad is looking for you. ” I familiar voice stopped me. I turned around to find one of the employees Max standing behind me. I smiled back and thanked him. I turned my heels and walked towards the dads office. I knocked twice before walking in. Jasmine was already there.

” What did you do? ” Dad shoots a question the moment I entered.

” Nothing, We just talked ” I simply replied, head hung low, staring at my feet as if the whole universe exists in my feet. I was ashamed of myself. I was blackmailed and forced into a project just because he is aware of my past events.

”So? ” He questioned.

” So, things are going to go as planned ” I replied in the same tone.

A big sigh of relief escaped his mouth ”Good, Im proud of you, Cassy ” he pulled me into a hug. ” now go and take care of your things. You are leaving tonight. ” Another gentle squeeze before he pulled away. I nodded and walked towards the door but something inside me made me stop on my steps. I turned around finally looking into his eyes.

” Dad, ” I said and then hesitated.

” Yes, Cassy ” He questioned.

” Will Mom be happy about it? ” I asked slowly.

He paused and I admit that I haven mentioned mom from a long time.

His eyes softened ” Ofc! She is. She was and will always be happy and proud of you. ” He said while walking towards me and cupping my cheeks with a sad smile which I ofc! noticed. He kissed my forehead. I nodded once and walked out of the room with Jasmine following me behind.

I have to do this!!


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