L’ho Lasciata

\'Only for 3 months!! \'

Location:- Airport

Alexander POV ~

I was leaning on my car door waiting for her. Its 7:53 pm shell be here any moment. My men already reported to me that she left her office for the airport. Im happy about the fact she chose to do this project, tho I literally blackmail her because she was pissing me off but I get what I want.

If this was the start, I don know what Im gonna do for the rest of the 3 months. She is not an easygoing person. When Capo requested me to keep her daughter for some time, I thought it will be an easy job but now I already used my Ace card in our first official meeting just to make her come with me. For all I know, I can force her to do anything. I need to find out better and more peaceful ways to deal with her. It would be a lot better if Capo had a son.

I was in my thought when a car stopped and a bizarre person stepped out of it. She looks filthy. She was wearing a black van with a grey jogger and a matching hoodie and hair tied up in a bun that appears to be a birds nest. She marched towards me holding a laptop in her hands and an open zipper bag on her right shoulder.

” Who the hell are you? ” I questioned her in mockery

” I- ” She said but then closed her mouth giving me an Im so done look and took a deep breath. ” Im Mona Lisa, You didn recognize me? ” she said raising her eyebrow and then relaxing ” Ohh, Actually because of some…some… ” I tilted my head, I know she wanted to curse but she squeezed her eyes trying to control her urge to curse out. She relaxed her shoulders whilst realizing a deep sigh.

” because of someone, I couldn get enough time to shave my eyebrows, ” she said with a pout. ” But never mind, youll get used to it ” She shrugged her shoulder and walked away from me, leaving me in confusion, What on the earth does that mean..

She climbed up to my private Jet, trying her best not to fall because of all the stuff she was holding. Ah- Okay! she was about to fall but the steward standing next to the door caught her.

I marched up and grabbed her laptop from the stewards hand who was smiling at her and then from my other hand I grabbed her hoodie and dragged her inside. She was shouting and trying her best to get out of my grip but I didn let her go. I pushed her onto a seat and placed her laptop on the table next to her.

” What the hell was that ” She fumed but I chose to not answer her. I took my seat and fastened my seatbelt. If looks could kill, I would have already died by now under her fuming gaze.

She took deep breaths to calm herself down and then she grabbed her headphone and started working on her laptop completely ignoring my existence.

Its been more than 3 hours, she is still working on her laptop and Im trying to concentrate on my document but I can she is such a distraction. She is so much into her work whilst making random sounds. Tapping her fingers on the table or her leg on the floor, hitting the laptop or mouse. There was a moment when she called her laptop a bitch.I already wasted 3 hours not anymore. I should go to my room.

I closed the file and was about the get up from my seat. ” Ohhhh, Im done ” she growled whilst stretching her arms. She got up from her seat and walked toward me ” Im going to the restroom ” she announced.

” And? ” I said as a matter of fact.

” Can you please order dinner for me, something veg? ” She said walking back to her seat and grabbing her backpack. She didn have her dinner yet. It was almost 11:30 pm.

” You didn have your dinner yet? ” I questioned.

” Nope ” She answered simply walking past me.

I ordered a salad with some light dressing. Its already late so it would be easy to digest. The steward placed her dinner on her table before she came. I choose to sit for a little while.

She came back. She looks better than before. I guess she fixed her hair. She sat on her seat and was about to dig in but stopped. She glanced at the food and then toward me then again at her food.

” What? ” I questioned breaking her rhythm.

” Do you think Im a goat? ” she said in a sarcastic tone.

” I thought you were Mona Lisa ” I simply replied. She gave me a death glare that I ignored.

” Excuse me, ” She called a steward

” Yes, How may I help you? ” he asked with a smile.

” I would like to change my order. Ill have a Margherita pizza with a sprite and for dessert, Ill have two…no three scoops of mint choco chip ice cream. ” She said with a grin.

The steward nodded and left with the bowl of salad. I stared at her and she noticed.

” What? ” She questioned.

” I don know about goats but you
e definitely eating like a pig, ” I said lifting my eyebrows once.

She chuckled sarcastically ” Oh, you see thats a good one but I already skipped my lunch and I don wanna ruin my dinner, So Ill take that as a compliment, ” She said ironically which was not at all funny to me. How is this girl even functioning without lunch and its already too late for dinner? I decided to not taunt her anymore and let her eat whatever she wants to.

Before I could reply, her laptop started buzzing. I guess its a video call. She grabbed her headphones and placed her laptop on her lap.

” Hottie!!! ” She yelled out. ” Bae, I miss you. ” Does she have a boyfriend? Her records have nothing about this.

” Its not even 24 hours and Im already missing you. ” She said with a pout.

” Dinner? Yes, just order. ” She said with a grin.

” S-Salad!!! Yes ” She is such a liar.

” Hehe, Okay, okay. I order a pizza. You know me well ”

The way she is talking is making me cringe. I stepped out, towards my room. I took a shower and went straight to bed.


I woke up because of turbulence. I checked the time on my phone and it was 5: 37 AM. I got up from the bed straight to the bathroom.

I walked out of my room, freshly showered and fully dressed in a suit. I took my seat and turned toward her. She was sleeping in her seat uncomfortably. Even after some severe turbulence, she didn wake up. I guess she is a heavy sleeper. After 30 minutes, we landed safely. She is still sleeping. I walked out of the plane, leaving her behind.

Arthur was waiting outside, dressed in a dark grey suit, leaning against the car door, smoking a cigarette. I stepped down from the plane towards him. Snatching his cigarette and threw it on the ground.

” I said no smoking around her, ” I said whilst giving him a bro hug.

” She is not even here, Alex ” he gushed. ” By the way, where is she? ” he questioned looking behind me.

” Inside! ” I said gesturing my head towards the plane. ” She is asleep. Bring her when she wakes up. Im leaving first. ” He nodded and opened the car door for me. I climbed up and the driver drove off to my villa.


Cassandra POV~

” Mom!!! Dad!!! ” I called out for my parents. I am alone here in a cold dark room. Its so silent that I can hear my heartbeat. I don know this place. ” Mom! An is cold. Where are you? ” I called her again in an apprehensive tone

No response.

I sat down on the cold floor, wrapping my arms around myself and head leaning low on my knees. I just want mom and dad. I want to go home. ” There She is!!! ” A foreign voice came from the dark and heavy steps marched towards me. Someone threw a bundle of cable ties next to me.

” Tie her up ” a grating voice commanded and two men walked closer to me, forcefully tying my arms and legs with cable ties. I tried to move but I can under their strong grip as if Im frozen. I started shouting.

” LEMME GO!!! ”


” MOM!!! DAD!! MOM!!! SAVE ME ”

My voice sounds brittle, eyes turned into pools of tears about to burst any moment. ” Child! We aren doing this to let you go. ” A disembodied voice came from the dark.

” Lemme go, ” I said and a dark chuckle filled the room making me jolt. I started screaming in the hope that mom dad would hear me.

” Lemme go ”

” Please let me go ”

” Please let me go ” I begged again and again.

” lemme go!! Please lemme go ” I continue repeating myself but stopped when I heard. ” HEY! GET UP. ”

” GET UP! GIRL ” I jolted and sat straight on my seat, head hung low and hands covering my face not wanting that person to see how horrified Im. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself.

” You okay? ” a deep voice with multiple emotions. Annoyance mixed with a dash of anger then garnished with a small amount of concern. I pinched the bridge of my nose trying to control my emotions. His tone made me a little angry tho. I ran my fingers through my hair flipping them back whilst lifting my head to face him.

”I-l-… ” Damm!! He is hot. His black hairs are perfectly gelled backward but two hair strands manage to fall on his right forehead. His beautiful grey eyes are dull and have redness. Does he take drugs or any other narcotic thing? He is dressed in a tailored made dark grey suit with no tie and the top two buttons are opened giving me a perfect view of his toned torso. He is all muscles, his bicep and upper thigh are bulging out of the perfectly fitted suit. He –

” You okay? You
e screaming lemme go ” he said halting my mind horses, with the same tone which bring back my little anger which got mesmerized by his beauty earlier.

” Yeah! I had a nightmare. You know an army of frogs was attacking me. ” I said with a serious face.

” What…Whatever! ” He made a weird confused face that satisfy my anger.

” Grab your stuff, we
e leaving ” and here he does again with the same tone.

” But who the hell are you? ” I questioned.

” Arthur, Alexanders friend, and your incharge. So, just grab your stuff now ” He said, same tone and eyes strolling on me.

” I don need an INCHARGE to keep an eye on me, ” I said raising my hands in the air to make inverted commas.

” Look Shawty, I don have the whole day to waste with you here. So, just **ing grab your stuff and follow me. ” His voice is penetrating but not enough to scare me.

” Firstly, I am not going anywhere without brushing, and secondly ” I paused and took a deep breath ” Who the hell you
e calling SHAWTY!. Im **in 57. ” I said the last part standing straight in front of him. But he was already towering over me. I bet he is over 6 feet. He took a step covering the distance between us. A sleek smirk stuck on his face ” I can see that Shawty ” he said in a teasing tone.

I turned my heels to the right, ignoring his mocking, and started walking towards the restroom. ” Shawty, I don have a whole day ” I halted when he called and turned to face him but he grabbed my wrist, and the next moment I was on his shoulder.

” WHAT THE FUCK!!!! PUT ME DOWN!! NOW!!! ” I shouted at him throwing my wrist and legs to hit him.

He tightens his grip on me. ” Keep it low, Shawty, You left me no option. Stop hitting me or else Ill drop you ” He spoke up with a menacing laugh.

I continue punching him ignoring his warming. He walked down, I don know where but I heard a car door open and before I could do something, he tossed me in the back seat. Luckily, he didn hit my head but one thing is clear.

He is a BITCH!!!!


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