L’ho Lasciata

\'This beauty is a beast!!!\'

Location:- Somewhere in Italy

Arthur POV~

La Cagna !!! (She is a bitch)

I threw her in the back seat making her hiss in pain. She opened her mouth to speak. ” NOT a single word, Im done with your bullshit for the day. Now, not even a single word till we reach home, or else youll face worst ” I said in a frantic tone.

She shifted back in her seat as far as possible. I took my seat beside her and ordered the driver to take us home. I lost control over myself because of her feisty behavior. My back **ing hurts because of the punches she was throwing at me. She looks like a homeless girl, besides the fact, that she just woke up from a nightmare but something about her is very attractive.

Her big caramel-brown doe eyes are beautiful and filled with purity. Her brown hair is tied up in a messy bun and not to mention that beautiful lock resting on her face. Her chubby rosy cheeks even tho she is not fat. Behind these baggy clothes, she has a beautiful body. I can bet on this. When I grabbed her, I could feel a thin waist and a toned torso. I guess, she workout.

Maybe proper training. The way she was throwing punches was not usually what a lass could do. They were more professional and on some specific points. No wonder why my back hurts so bad. Cagna!!! (Bitch) She is discovering the world outside the window like a small kid. She looks relaxed, completely opposite from earlier. A chuckle escaped my mouth. Alex trades his favorite blonde chic with me to be Shawtys bodyguard and to protect her. I shook my head in dismay.

The ride back home was silent, she didn utter a single word. I like how she follows my order. The car stopped in front of the villa. We stepped out. I noticed her eyes wandering around, her mouth held open in awe. I walked towards her grabbing her hand.

” Welcome home, Shawty. ” She gave me a death glare. ” Lets go in, Ill show you around, ” I said with a satisfying smile. I dragged her into the living area and her eyes opened fully wider than before. Im enjoying her reactions.

”Shawty! ” I called her and to my surprise, she just hummed in reply rather than giving death stares. I guess she is getting comfortable with her new name. Shawty suits her tiny self. I like when she gets annoyed. She is feisty not like the other bitches whom I ** almost every night. She got some kick, its gonna be fun for a while. She is still gawking through the living room. Our villa is spacious with basic furnishings and the aesthetic of the living area is black and grey in contrast to brown and black wood furniture.

” Shawty! ” I called her again.

” Enough with that, ” she said deadpan.

I gave her a satisfying smile. ” Listen, this is the living area and thats the kitchen, ” I said pointing to the opposite side of the living area. ” We have 4 bedrooms on the first floor, an indoor gym on the second floor with a terrace garden. Then on the third- ”

” I don give a **, how many rooms you have in this mansion. Just tell me the hotel name ” She said in a sassy tone cutting me in between.

” What hotel? AND its a Villa, not a- ” I tried to correct her but she cut me off again.

” Yeah, same shit. ” She said rolling her eyes. She is pissing me off.

” Listen here Shawty! Im trying to be nice to you and - ” I said my voice dripping with annoyance.

” Wait, ” She said rubbing her right index finger on her chin as if she is thinking about something. ” I don remember asking you to do that. ” She said in a sassy tone. ” Now tell me the hotel name. Did you book one for me or not? ” She questioned.

” Fuck being nice ” I mumbled to myself. ” You are living here, in this villa, ” I said holding my anger.

” Im not, ” She said deadpan.

” YOU FUCKING GONNA LIVE HERE ” I shouted with annoyance.

” WHO SAYS? ” She rivals my tone.

” ALEX SAID ” Im screaming now.

” WHO THE FUCK IS ALEX ” she is screaming too.

I paused when I saw, Alex, standing right behind her. Oh damm, I know this look on Alexs face. Shawty is in trouble.

” Thats me ! ”


Alexander POV~

I was in my office when I heard some noise. I walked out and found out Arthur and Ms. Miller were shouting in the living area. I walked down the stairs. The closer I get, my anger gets scorching up. Ms. Miller is swearing, even after I clearly instructed her not to.

” WHO THE FUCK IS ALEX ” She yells, adding more to my anger.

” Thats me, ” I said deadpan. She froze in her place. Thats good at least she is aware. She didn budge so I continue ” Whats going on here? ” I asked her stepping in front of her but she was still frozen in her place.

I turned towards Authur ” Shawty, doesn want to stay here. ” He replied pointing his fingers toward Ms. Miller. I turned to stand in front of her. ” Ms. Miller, whats the problem? ”

She blinked a few times ” Mr. Grayson, I-I ” She paused, her head hung low and she took a deep breath. I guess to calm herself. Is she scared of me?

” I agree to work with you, not to stay with you. ” She said with confidence.

” What are you talking about? Ms. Miller. Your dad suggested this and I agreed with it to ensure your safety. ” She was staring at me with a confused face.

” But I- ”

” No buts, Ms. Miller. I already assured your father. Now I can back off on my words ” I said cutting her in between in a serious tone.

” Am I clear? ” I asked and she nodded in response.

” Arthur ” I gestured my head to him. Telling him to take her upstairs. He nodded and took a few steps towards her. ” Lets go, Shawty ” He held her hand and headed upstairs.

”Ms. Miller, have rest for the day. Well work starting tomorrow ” I informed her.

” Okay, Mr. Grayson ” She murmured before turning around to leave.

Whats with Authur calling her Shawty? And holding hands. I guess they are getting along with each other. I went to the kitchen to get coffee. Shell be safe here. Arthur will protect her at any cost. Her father trusted me for her life. Ms. Miller is everything he left with. Ill protect her. I guess three months are enough for Capo to handle the situation over there. Although, my men are helping him but still, the situation is out of control. Only if he could have informed me earlier. A deep sigh escaped my mouth and I walked out of the kitchen.

Only for 3 months!!


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