“Okay. Bye girls, ” Renny said good bye.

Renny looked at Alexs tall body which was leaning against the corridor wall. Oh … God created such a perfect man, just standing up and he looked like a sculpture in Renns eyes.

Renny trotted happily down the corridor and stopped right beside Alex. Alex smiled sweetly welcoming Rennys arrival, making Rennys heart beat wildly. Ah.. what a cute and sweet guy.

Alright.. before continuing the story, lets get to know a little about Alex first. Who was Alex?

Alex was the son of the Duke of Zen, Fanno Lennart. Hmm… How come his family name was as same as the Royal family name? did he have a relationship with the Kingdom? Yup, Alexs father was the younger brother of King Jared Lennart, and he served as Prime Minister of Wei nowadays.

Alex had known Renny since childhood, this was because Rennys daddy worked in the Kingdom administration center. When she was a little girl, Renny often accompanied her father to work and met Alex there. They often played at the state administration office.

”Daydream? ” Alex waved his hand in front of Rennys face. Renny flinched, Ah, did Alex catch her admiring his handsome face

”Nope. Ah… are you all right to come here every day, Lex? ” Renny asked, she was also surprised because Alex was a special program class student that only children from noble family could enter. Even though in the same building, the facilities and the teachers were very different from the regular class program.

”Is there something wrong if I come? ” he asked.

”Nothing, ” Renny answered perfunctorily. Not because she didn want to answer long and broad, but because her tongue was numb. Somehow recently Renny felt awkward when dealing with Alex. Now, Alex is no longer the little boy she used to know. Now Alex had become a handsome guy with a million charms. And that made Renny always misbehave when walking with him and also run out of words when looking at his face.

”Your cousin is choosing a wife. Aren you following him to create a contest too? ” teased Renny.

”For what? My future wife doesn have to be able to take care of the Kingdom. Besides, Ive already found the best candidate as my future wife, Ren. ” Alex looked at Renny with a gentle look in his eyes.

”Who? ” unfortunately Renny still did not understand Alexs codes.

Alex came closer to her, their face almost touched each other but Alex turned. His lips near Rennys ear. ”Secret. ” Alexs whisper in Rennys ear made goosebumps run down her spine.

”Uh.. what the heck? ” Renny pushed Alexs body slowly. Her heart was going to explode, it was beating so fast!!

”Ha… ha… ha. Lets eat, hurry up before the bell ringing. ” Alex held Renny on the shoulder and went to the canteen.

”You strange nobleman, how come you like to eat a commoners food? ” Renny joked.

”Noblemen are also human! They still like to eat rice. ” Alex flicked Rennys forehead slowly.

”Ouch…. ” Renny stroked her painful forehead, Alex giggled and blew air to reduce the pain.

”Lets go, Im hungry! ” said Alex to Renny after that.


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