Flashback II

ess? The time is running so fast. ” Jayden asked, making the man even more shaking. He was afraid of Jayden, who didn ? Jayden was the most powerful man after King Jared. Jayden could kill him in one snap of his fingers.

”I… Im working on it. its not an easy thing to hack Royals program. ” he stammered, this middle-aged man trembling.

”If it was easy the kingdom wouldn stand this solid, You idiot! ” Jayden took back his billiard stick. Ready to play again.

”I will do my best, Prince. ” cold sweat dripped from his temple.

”Good. If you succeed, Ill close your case. And youll be released from death row immediately. ” Jayden placed the stick between his two fingers and realigned the tip before gently poking the white ball again.


The black ball went into the hole after bumping the white one.

”Yes, As… you wish, Prince. ”

”Kai, take him out…! ” Jay waved his hand, motioning for Kai to escort his guest outside.

”Yes, Your Majesty. ” Jaydens loyal aide Kai Romanov bowed and guided the man out of Jaydens secret room. The room was dim, the lights came only from indirect lamps and hanging lamps above the billiard table. Jayden took a sip of the liquor before continuing his game.

”Must succeed, I must have you. ” thought Jayden, his eyes shining with optimism. He looked at the tattoo on his left wrist and kissed it. Alphabet R.


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