Let’s do it right

Chapter 2 ;the child who knew nothing

All starts with a desire of a poor couple with six children to get them educated so they can live a more comfortable life so, they worked hard and got their children admitted to school now comes the problem how to pay their fees coming form a poor family they didn have anything more than the land they practised farming on and some jewellery the lady had .Eldest son grew up before time and took the responsibility of his brothers education along with his father and grandfather 3 of them got good jobs after their education and 2 quitted their education in middle cause they were distracted and were not interested in studying all the counselling and advising was of no use so at last the parents gave up on them leaving them to do whatever they can to earn their living but the story is not about these 2 its about one of the 3 who made their parents expectation true. The middle brother studied hard got a good job and was married to a lady chosen by his parents for him both of them where capable enough to make good earning still the lady had to quit her job to look after the family no doubt the family had made a lot of sacrifice for the son but they were harsh on her . A joint family it was with 2 elder brother in laws and their wives along with her father and mother in law , things were hard for her to be according to everyone while her husband was out working . A number of misshappenings took place , the fortune she got form her father was stolen , she fell terribly ill and others refused to help her , her sister in laws left her to manage everything alone and to the worst miscommunication between husband and wife left her tormented . She dealt with all that things become a little normal but she developed hard feelings for the family members and even for her own husband .now she was pregnant with her first child and here comes the social obligation of giving birth to a son being unfortunate she gave birth to a girl . Things get more dramatic of all that a lady would hear for having a girl child can relate you thing we have moved to 21st century where in world things like this happen but thats the sad truth that things like this still exist .after sometime the husband took her and his child with him to where he was posted life was more peaceful there . Though the mother got alot of criticism but the child was loved and cared by her grand parents thats what she believed .growing up was fun with no realisation of worldly things its just pure emotions and no tension, enjoying to ones fullest . But things can be like that forever you grow up and now starts the struggle its not your headache until you don recognise it .my parents say i was good till 5th standard but after that i was more into extracurricular activities giving no heed to my studies . Just got passing marks in few subjects but was good in others and even for my parents it was not that important as they thought i was still a child would do better when i would grow older . But that was a time when i got most dreaded experience of my life . A below average student thats what i become at the end of 5th grade and the friends i had were no less than a nightmare .

When they realised i didn had any goal and knew nothing of the world and was neither good at studies i was marginalised like literally yes it did happen all the toppers at one side and i, at the edge . Since they were the monitors i had my name written in every single list of falsifiers got scolded by the teachers moreover teased by everyone else in the class since they were the popular once , the toppers . I frequently got into fight with them but i don blame them for all that happened i was responsible for it to as being a hot headed person i always gave them opportunity to defame me . But things got on my nerve when my things started being stolen , notebooks torn to pieces

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