Im just your average teenager. In a magical world.I go to school at NC. In this world our magic is called tiers. There are low tiers, mid tiers, elite tiers, high tiers and god tiers. I don Have tiers so I get bullied for it.

One day at NC, I saw Jacob (an elite tier power level 7.9) in after school detention. Jacob was a fighter and would not give up. He was also really stubborn. His blue gold hair, his seafoam green eyes. He was one of the people who protected me.

I may be the prettiest girl and the tallest person in school. I set the world record for being 7ft 8in.But just because Im pretty and tall doesn mean I am worshiped, because of my personality Im picked on by Clyde ( the king or high tier. His power is electricity 8.5 level.)Conner( a mid tier. Power healing, level of 6.8)and dustin(an elite tier power controls pain of others,level of 6.5)Conner just hangs out with them because he doesn want to get picked on, and how I feel bad for him. Clyde was their little group leader. I don like Clyde. Plus Im one of the people who stand up to him. Jacob punched Clyde in the face trying to protect me, his flamed fists crushed against Clydes face. Jacob punched him because He slammed my hand in my locker and I dropped my book and then he kicked it. Then when I grabbed my books he slammed me into the lockers.

”This is why I don like you. You
e a bossy little bitch and when you don get something you want you throw a tantrum like a 5 year old. ”

”What are you going to do baby? Cry? ”

Then Mason Told someone to get me to the nurse but got up on my own.

” Im going to do the same thing I did in elementary. ”

Clyde kicked my shin and kneaded my jaw as I fell. The corners of my vision blurred but I could see Clyde on the floor getting punched by Mason as someone helps me off the floor. His hands on fire turning Clydes shirt into ashesI see teachers grabbing Jacob and pulling him off of Clyde.



The teacher yells. ”Get ahold of yourself. What would your dad think of this? ”

This triggered a memory. Masons dad was like a second dad to me. He was there when my dad couldn . And even when my dad was there he would still be there. Like at swim meets. When they were both there yelling in the crowd with my mom. Looking at them in embarrassment. But masons dad died a couple months ago.

This time I had the teacher by the neck against the wall, three feet above the ground.

”You will never speak of his dad again. ” As I finished talking I dropped him.

He fell to the ground holding his neck lightly. As he got up I felt a nauseous wave come over me I bent over while putting my hand on the lockers. I threw up on the floor.

”Go get her to the nurse. ”

One of the students said ”yes sir. ” As we walked away I turned back to see mason looking at Clyde with a dirty glare.

When we arrived at the nurses the student left while I laid in a bed. Mr jeens came by the bed I laid in to check for severe injuries. He was there for a couple of minutes before he went back to his office. Fifteen minutes later he comes back with a drink that looks green.

”Drink this then you can leave. ”

I took it and drank it. The texture was like cilantro. It tasted like carrots. As I was walking out of the bell rung. I lived a couple blocks away. I was at a gas station buying a couple things.

”Hello miss suky what can i do for you. ”

Oh Im just getting a couple things for jack,mason, and myself.

I go to the fridges and get 4 mountain dews, and 2 peace teas. Then I found dog treats. I grabbed 7 bags of dog treats. I went to the sweets and got a bunch of candy, a couple cans of pringles, and jerky. I went to the cashier to pay.

”Wow Jess this is a lot of stuff. ”

Shut it, Angus, Ive had a long day.

I was there for a couple of minutes as he scanned my stuff.

”Hey, can you drop this stuff off at my house? I have a feeling something is going to happen. ”

Sure thing uh your total is 63.55.

I reached into my pocket and grabbed my wallet and pulled out 200 dollars. ”Heres a tip.

”Oh my god thank you. ” He took the money and put it in the cash register.

”Thank you angus. ”

”Your welcome Jess. ”

I walked out of the store and turned the corner. Clyde Came storming toward me and shoved me up against a brick wall.

”Look who we ran into. Little miss freak. ”

Dustin said. ”What should we do with her clyde? ”

Clyde had a dark smile then he said to me.

”Im not going to hit her. I don want the dick to start hitting me again. It hurt like hell. Plus he turned my shirt into ashes ”

When he said that his smile went away.

”My favorite shirt. ” He said in a low, harmful voice.

I looked at him. Reading him trying to figure out his next move.

I said. ”You aren going to punch me? ”

He said. ” No Im not, dustin is. ”

Dustin said, sounding excited. ”Really. ”

”I don know about this guys, ” Conner interrupted.

”Shut up Conner. You
e either in or your out ”Clyde said rudely.

Then Dustin balled his hand into a fist then started punching like I was a punching bag. Each blow felt like a boulder landing on my. With each punch the pain spreads through my body. I screamed out in pain. I noticed Conner was gone 3 minutes into the beating. By then I already got a bloody nose and a black eye that came along with a lot of bruises.

”Stop. ” I weakly said.

”Oh what did the wimp say.

”I didn hear anything. ”

”I said STOP. ” When the words came out of my mouth something pushed them away like an unknown force. i saw someone behind a tree. He was just staring. When i fell to the ground I herd running foot steps I look up to see Mason with Conner and angus as I faded out of consciousness. I saw Angus and Conner go after Dustin and Clyde as Jacob picked me up and I was out.

I woke up in my bed. My dog was Lying beside me. I started to pet him Wondering why Conner did what he did. Jackal woke up and started to wag his tail. Sometimes I forget how big he is. He covered half of my body and the rest of the bed.

”Hey jack. ” I reached out to pet him again but with my other hand. To my surprise there was a brace all along my forearm. Jack whined at the site of my arm and licked it. Once he got off of me I got up and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw a really bad black eye. Jackal barked as I went into the shower. I took off the brace to see a bruise so big it was at the palm of my hand to my elbow. I stood in the shower for a while just letting the drops of water on my arm. I heard Jack bark again and it brought me back from my mind.

When I got out He was there waiting like always. I got dressed and ate breakfast and fed Jack. I gave jack a couple of treats. Stuffed 3 bags of candy in my bag, a can of pringles and 2 of the mountain dew I bought. I was drinking coffee when someone knocked at the door. Jack was barking at the door. I set down my cup and I walked to the door and opened it.

Mason said. ”Are you ok? ” Looking worried.

”Im in pain but I can last, ” I said while Jack was trying to go outside.

I finished my cup of coffee, hugged my dog and we went off as a normal day. Mason and walked the long way to school.

When we got to the mall we saw a limo with our names. The guy holding the sign was a tall black man with sunglasses. He wore a well tucked suit. He

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