”your what? ”

”I know your dad. ”

”Ok first thing first what the hell is happening. ”

”The guy out there, moul he also a friend of your dad. ”

”how the does he know so many people ”

”Well, Moul owns the airport in Hawaii but it wasn going well. Your dad gave him enough money to get the planes to move and soon his airport shut down the other air ports.

”and you?

”Ive known him since elementary school. He and I are good friends. ”

Then moul came in and said. ”The plane is about to land. ”

”go get in the seats. ”

We got up to find seats. I just sat on the floor when we landed. I bounced off the floor. When we came to a stop I got up and ran to the door.

”Well hold him off, go. ”

i nodded

When we got out of the airport We run into my parents.

My mom Said. ”What happened to you? ”

”Long story short we got kidnapped. ” Then the guy I saw on the plane spotted me.

”GET THEM. ” he shouted.

”MASON We have to go like Now! Mom,dad I have to go so bye. ”

”We are not done having this conversation young lady. ” My dad yelled.

”Love you too! ” I yelled back.

We ran to a parking lot by the airport and hid behind a car. Luckily the car was unlocked and Mason knew how to hotwire a car.

”Do you have your drivers licence? ” I asked.

He said, ”Of course. Why wouldn I? ”

”I was just saying if you didn have it we would be screwed. ”

”Not if cops don see us. ” He added.

So he hot wired the car and we drove off right before they caught us. We were on the highway before they caught up to us. We were going 10 miles above the speed limit and still going faster.

”MASON! They are right behind us. ”

He said, ”Im trying. ” He said as he slammed the gas pedal. When they reached us they slammed into us. Then the car flipped off the highway. We didn hit the ground. We were just sitting there a foot from the ground.

”M-M-Mason . ”

”I know Im seeing it too. ”

We got out of the car as fast as we could then the car dropped.

”Lets go Mason. ”

So we ran off. All of a sudden I felt this pain. I dropped to my knees covering my ears.

The man walked toward us saying: ”You shouldn have left. ”

He went to touch me then he ripped his hand back in pain then looked at mason.

DONT TOUCH HER OR YOU WILL BE IN A LOT MORE PAIN!!! He said as his hands were on fire.

”this is not over. ”

Then he Simply Walked away.

”What happened Jessie? ”

” I-I don know. Lets just go home. ”

We walked for what seemed like an eternity. When we got to my house no one Was there except jackal. He barked in excitement when he saw us.

”Well be back, guard the place while Im gone ok. ” He yipped in agreement. We went to Masons house and no one was there.

”So Where do we go? ”

”We will just stay here and go to school Tomorrow. ”

”Ok, good plan. ”

I layed down thinking about what was going to happen to us if she caught us. I stayed awake till 4 am. I was so tired I needed sleep but couldn get any. At 5 I finally fell asleep.

”Jessie wake up. ”

”What happened? ”

”Nothing, we will be late to school. ”

We got up, got ready and left. When we got to school Clyde wasn there Nor was dustin. I went to my locker and there was a letter Saying that the guy had both our parents in exchange for their freedom, Mason and I needed to meet him at the airport. I told Mason this and we went there after school.

”This could be bad. ” Mason said.

”I know but we need to save them. ”

I was walking alongside Mason. I looked away for a second then Mason wasn there. Then I heard this crackling noise. Electric ropes came flying at me. I dodged the 1st one but did not the rest. I came out screaming then fell to the floor. The Same guy came out walking toward me.

”Why do you disobey me girl. But then you don know the conscience. Put her in the van. ”

One of the guards started to walk toward me with a gun. I instantly thought I would die. He took aim and shot. I didn feel anything anymore. The net was no longer still on me and the bullet didn hit me; it bounced off of me and towards one of the guards. Then I realized it was a tranq dart but why didn it hit me. Then I looked and then I saw this bluish pink hue around me. The net was around the bubble. I stood up and fast, trying to find Mason. I looked everywhere for him. Then I saw him in the back of a truck just lying there. He was breathing too slow. I rushed to him before anybody could grab me. I realized he was chained to the truck bed.

”Jessie what are u doing get out of here. ”

My response was. ”I am not leaving without you. ”

Somehow I broke the chain. All of asuden Mason was getting shocked. It was all too much I curled up into a ball and screamed as loud as I could. My throat was raw when I stopped. I looked around and everyone was unconscious. Mason was ok and on his feet.

”What the hell just happened. ”

”I-l don know. ”

”Ever since he told you you have aura manipulation, weird things have happened. ”

”I know it is weird. Lets just hope we can get out of here alive. ”

So we left.

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